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The violin is made of wood, which has suffered. But it is worth changing in order it to be a good instrument in the hands of a violinist. In the same way, in which the wood suffers, you will accept to become a good instrument in the hands of a violinist. Sufferings are a language of God. God speaks to you to correct yourself. You have killed somebody, robbed somebody and they all complain God and you feel the hard consequences from your mistakes. You correct yourself and become joyful and you rehabilitate before God. Hardships are given on the road of man for correction. If you want them go away, you have to eliminate the mistakes. Otherwise, one, who breaches something and cannot correct himself, is put in a gaol - in restriction, in suffering, in order he to rise. But there is a way, in which he can shorten his stay in the gaol, called suffering. If the material, which is foreseen for fifteen years, is passed successfully and learned by him for three years, he liberates himself within three years and the period is shortened. This concerns each suffering. To a sister of ours, which is very sharp, I told: "Heaven gave you that suffering in the legs, in order your mildness to be developed." Sufferings are not random. Somebody is very apathetic and hardships will be given to him, which will stir him up and take him out of apathy, in which he is. Man shall reveal the secrets of the sufferings, to learn why he suffers. He shall think that one suffering for the moment is a special privilege and happiness. Sometimes you have big suffering. You pay a lot, but the experience, which you gain, costs more. You gain knowledge, which costs too much. That experience enters like a golden thread in the process of your development and plays its role. When you enter the Spiritual world, you will understand that all troubles on Earth have been for good and you will correct yourself. Sometimes man is in low spirits, but his hardships are not as big as he thinks. In each lower life, there are bigger sufferings. Suffering is not so essential, because, when you suffer, you think that you will not forget that, but when it goes away, you find it to be a remote dream. But, one, who has suffered, may value things, and one, who has not, cannot value them. Somebody may complain of life on Earth, but these experiences, these wealth cannot be adopted somewhere else. On Heaven, in the astral world, he will gain what is typical of the relevant worlds, but what is typical of Earth, he cannot gain it there. That is why thank God for what you know. Today the road of human soul is such.


Many of you are convinced that you have to be raised carefully, not to get wet in the rain, and nobody shall say a word against you. You shall know that there is another side: you cannot gain experience until you don't have external contradictions. However, if you have external favourable conditions, you will have internal contradictions. We do not understand and think that sufferings are useless. They build the world. With joys we are already in an arranged world. A baked cake is put in front of you; ask it through what hardships it has passed in order it to be served on the table. All misfortunes in life are for people to draw close to each other; otherwise they would not draw closer. Somebody falls; you pass by him, help him and you take up with him.


The steamship is unloaded in hardships. It is being unloaded one day, two days, three days. When a sister is sad, let another one go and sing to her, bring her a present. After that let a second sister visit her, then a third one, ten sisters and she will change. A friendship will be formed in this way. One who suffers is a very strong person. Only a strong person may suffer. I speak about the conscious suffering - you bear the suffering and do not become downhearted. If you are weak, you have no choice; you suffer against your will. One, who suffers, becomes stronger, and one, who stands still, becomes fragile. Of course, ones, who want to become martyrs by force, make a mistake.


Up, in the Invisible world, man will feast these shakings, which were caused to him on Earth. Sufferings are tasks. Our sufferings are very small; they are a hundred times more exaggerated. Thank God. You have been saved from big misfortunes by the Invisible world for so many times. Rely on God, and not on people. In hardships you walk along a hair and if you are able to balance, then you are an expert. We understand the suffering of a man, but he shall solve one great problem in the world. God, allowing all hardships, has also given their solutions. There is no a hardship without a solution. God has given man powers to cope with all hardships, but man shall study the ways. One, who has not suffered, stays behind. Man's character is always formed through suffering. The more one has suffered, the more he has risen. When darkness comes, you will rest externally, but you will go up by your consciousness. Sufferings neutralize the sin. Those people, who have always suffered, become very elastic and resistant against all illnesses, and those, who have not, when an illness catches them, they go away. Tell yourself: "God punishes the one whom He loves!" The nice stones are cut by the stone-cutter, and he leaves aside the simple ones. If you are simple stones, they will leave you without sufferings. Now, the Divine sculptor works on you and sculptures a statue. You suffer, make noise, but when the statue is finished, there will not be such hits of Nature any more. Sufferings are improvement. They are a method of growth. When contradictions, hardships and sufferings increase, people think that it is bad, but it is a success, because you raise high - the struggle increases first, there are storms, but from then on a special, harmonious life comes.


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