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Towards evening, the Master came down to us and a conversation began for the acquisitions from hardships.


When people suffer they become more beautiful, their voice is more pleasant and milder. The more man suffers physically and psychically, the more beautiful and nobler he becomes. When we suffer, fragrance comes out of us in the Invisible world and they say there: "It smells so nice!" Light comes out of man when he is joyful and they say about him: "His clothing is so nice!"


If Jesus had not suffered, nobody would have recognized Him. Suffering made Him famous. Your hardships are small; you have not experienced the big ones. I have passed through them and I know them. I know what suffering is and I know how these problems are solved. You may apply the following formula: "God, make me perfect, in order to fulfil Your Will, to work for the coming of Your Kingdom and the hallowing of Your Name."


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