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It was towards the evening and the Master has come out at the meadow together with several brothers and sisters. We checked the bees. After that we sat under the shelter and a conversation began.


Hardships make us more sensitive, and sensitiveness is needed for perception and understanding of Love. Suffering develops the roots of Love, and Joy - its branches. When Love comes, it cleans man from the dirt and we call that suffering. This is the objective side of Love, in order it to manifest from inside. When Life is becoming clear, we often understand the present life, but we shall have in mind the Whole life - from the beginning to the end, and not only a phase of its.


There will be exchange of suffering and joy until Love comes. Withstanding hardships shows presence of Love. Consciousness turns into Love through suffering.


Why do hardships exist? - God wants to show us that we suffer because we do not understand Love. Why did hardships come to Job? - In order him to try the internal Love. Why shall people suffer? - In order them to learn to love. One, who has never suffered, does not know what Love is. Suffering is soil, on which Love grows. And Joy is the fruit of the suffering. The more man suffers, the more sweet fruits he will gather. Suffering is a way to knowing of what is great, beautiful and sublime in the world. Man suffers for thousands of years in order to try a moment of Love. When Love comes, it eliminates all sufferings, hardships and misfortunes of the ages. Love will turn the sufferings of the past in a great symphony of the soul, in a great harmony.


Jesus withstood the hardships. This is Love: when you suffer to raise the others and help the mankind through your suffering.

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