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During a private conversation of the Master, the difference between a torture and a hardship (suffering) was mentioned.


The suffering is not the last. There is something more terrible than it and it is torture. There is also something more terrible than torture, too. You'd better suffer than being tortured. What is difference between torture and suffering? - You become embittered with torture, you grumble, and with suffering, you are thankful and you do not become embittered. It is a law that suffering raises man, and the torture takes him even downer than he has been. Torture is when you go down towards the centre of Earth, and suffering is when they take you outside. With torture, there is no solution, and there is a solution with suffering. You are sentenced to a hundred years - this is a torture; you are sentenced to several years - this is suffering and when these years pass, the doors will be opened for you and you will go out.


When you suffer and murmur, this shows that you have deserved these sufferings and they are results from your mistakes from the past. And when you welcome them with thankfulness, this means that you suffer for the others as a victim. In suffering, you know that it is for good, and a torture is useless. You have no Hope with Torture.


The brother asked: "Master, give me material for spiritual work."


Do you want your things to go well? Each morning, when you get up, put your hand on the top of your head and say: "God, I want to serve you with my entire mind, with my entire heart, with my entire soul and with my entire Spirit."


I will give you another formula, which you can always say:"God, bless me, fill my soul with Your Love, in order to be able through it to solve my tasks."


I will also give a third formula: "God, I want to be constantly in contact with You."

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