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On one nice day of May we were sitting at the tables outside for a common lunch. The hazel bushes had bent their branches, decorated by the sunbeams. The sky was clean and azure. The roses had burst into flowers and filled the silent space with its fragrance. Freshness and joy emanated from our faces. In front of the table of the Master a brother was playing a violin, and we were accompanying him. Little by little the brothers and sisters from the other tables gathered in front of the table of the Master. He asked for fruits to be brought and to be given to each of us. A conversation began.


Suffering is an Angel, which has two faces: one of them is ugly, and the other - beautiful. At first it shows its ugly face, and after that - its beautiful one. The Joy is the soft element, which always ties the pains of suffering. Sufferings are the preparatory period, and Joy is a picture, which is exposed and on which everything is beautiful. The bigger the suffering is, the bigger the Joy, which comes after that, is. Why do you sorrow? Because you do not understand. When you are in a big hardship, tell yourself: "Oh, dark night, which prepares the bright day, which is coming!" When we begin to understand sufferings, they will turn into Joy. After the suffering, something joyful comes for us, because we have worked. Suffering is work and if you do not understand, you murmur. Things never happen in the way we think, and they always arrange better and better. When Joy comes after suffering, you will be ten times compensated. Sometimes you think that the world has ruined and everything was wasted, but then you see that it is being built. You cannot accidently understand that magical law, after which things are ruined and built. You have to pass through a hundred of sufferings in order to be able to withstand a good joy and understand it.


Go to a tree, look at it and pet it. It says to you: "You stand upper than me!" and is happy for you. In autumn, its leaves fall. Is this pleasant to the tree? But when the spring comes, it dresses again. God tells it: "Your leaves have fallen, but they will grow again." The same law is valid for people. There is no an exception. Five or six months will pass and new leaves will bud. A mother goes out and the children are sad, but she goes to work and buys a warm loaf of bread and books and brings them to them. Sorrow is turned into joy. We shall rise to a life, which is over sufferings and joys. This will come, when our consciousness begins to work at a higher field. What is that, which is over sufferings and joys? Jesus mentions it in the following verse: "I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy." As long as you think in the physical way, you will have joy, which can be taken away by everybody, and sorrow will again come after it. Sufferings and joys will change one after another in you in this way. But when you rise to an upper consciousness, you will have Joy, which no one can take away from you, and namely, this higher category of Joy is over the exchange of the ordinary sorrows and joys. This higher category of Joy will be the permanent state of the New consciousness.


One sister asked: "Shall we wait for this Joy till we go to the next world?"


No, here on Earth, you can always have that Joy. To wait till you go to the next world is thinking in the physical way and while thinking in this way, it is impossible for you to have this higher category of Joy, which will come in man when his consciousness touches the Spirit of Jesus, when it touches Love.


Birds have come closer to us. Several times the Master threw crumbs of bread for them. After that he said that it is already written in their newspapers that unknown well-doer has fed them. He also told that everybody can do small good things like that.


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