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It was towards evening and we were in the garden with the Master. Some of us watered the vegetables, and others - the flowers. After that we went to the meadow to rest. The Master sat down on the bench, which was in the middle and we gathered round Him.


A hardship has occurred; tell yourself: "I will fulfil God's Will!" The act stops immediately and the suffering is over. If you enter in your soul, you will forget all your sorrows as if they did not exist. Your tears will disappear at once and you will wonder whether you have suffered or not.


What bad is there in that, when carpets are beaten for dust to be shaken out? Be happy for that liberation. Great teaching stands so in the world. It is possible a day to come when man's suffering will totally disappear. And this will happen when the Divine in man prevails over the human - we will be strong and powerful then.


There is a method for getting rid of the sufferings: when you suffer, you shall tell yourself that you will make somebody a favour. Think of the others, help them and your suffering will disappear. If you think that a hardship cannot be eliminated, you do not think rightly. You shall always know that there is a small hole let somewhere for an exit.


When a suffering comes once, it is at its place. When it comes again, it is not at its place. It means that you have not learned your lesson. Man shall see the good side in everything. In his evolution, man shall become aware of the unpleasant, but after that he will also feel the pleasant. You shall be tough and know that God will not allow bigger hardships than your power. He knows how much you can bear. Suffering is a law of concentration. After you have come out a lot and you have spread yourself, suffering comes, with which you concentrate and come back home.


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