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It was one of our common lunches, prepared on the meadow of El-Shadai. We all have sat in a circle, and the Master, as always, was on the side of the stony fence. The circle is a nice symbol, which have always united us and then the feeling of brotherhood - that great idea - connected us in one whole. After the end of the lunch, one of the themes of our conversation was what our attitude towards hardships shall be.


One suffers from one thing, another - from another and they come to me to complain. When conditions are heavy, I know that they can improve to become favourable. Sorrow is a profit, and Joy is a double profit. Have a broad heart! You are in a world, full of stars - everything is arranged and you have paid nothing. If you are discouraged, know that there are others, who discourage you; get rid of them. Tell these spirits: "I am mobilized, you will leave me alone!" Read each morning three verses from the Gospel of John and everything will pass. Settle the old scores and all these disillusions. It is not a problem that the one, Who have allowed thousands of blessings for you, has also given to you a small trouble for settling. A priest told me: "When I began to thank for sufferings, they went away." When you become to love hardships, they will go away. When you become to love the illness, it goes way. When suffering comes, we shall thank for it, but it does not mean that we shall become reconciled with that. No. We shall try to get rid of it, but while it is with us we shall be thankful and know that it educates us, awakes us and cleans us. The purpose of Life is not in suffering, in torture, in sorrow, but in health, Joy, Harmony, Beauty and Freedom. Somebody may say: "Won't it be better without suffering then? Can't it be without suffering?" It will be answered in this way to that: first, it can be without suffering, if you are clean. If you are not clean, it will oppress you; suffering will come then as a consequence to clean you. Second, it can be without suffering, if you do not make mistakes, if you do not breach the Divine laws of Nature. At the least breach, suffering comes as a consequence in order to teach you not to make mistakes. The breach of even the least Virtue leads to suffering, which comes to educate you. Third, it can be without suffering if you have alert consciousness, if your organism is perceptive to the new, to the Divine ideas, which come from above. However, if you have fallen asleep, if your organism is rough and unreceptive to ideas, which come from above, then the aim of suffering will be your organism to be cleaned, to be refined, in order it to become perceptive to the sublime ideas, which are for your evolution, for your upsurge.


Suffering will disappear forever in future. When? When man obeys the above three conditions.


Each new idea in man comes from the Sun. But, human organism is not so sensitive in order to perceive these sunny ideas and that is why when it is determined man to experience such a new idea, he passes through sufferings, in order his nervous system and organism to be cleaned and become perceptive.


That is why one law says that the birth of a new idea in man is preceded by suffering.


One brother asked: "Is this a law for the whole eternity? Shall man always pass through suffering in order to perceive a new idea?"


No. That law is valid only for today's phase of human development, for today's epoch. In future, when human organism is refined, man will be able to perceive new ideas, without the need of preliminary passing through sufferings. It is so with Angels now. And John speaks exactly about that state in the Gospel: "He will wipe every tear from their eyes." One painter exposes a genial picture and everybody admires it, but people do not know one little secret, and namely, that the painter has passed through a big internal crisis, that he has cried a lot and in the biggest darkness, the idea for that picture flashed and was born in him.


We sang several songs. After that the Master said:


When you wish, say the following motto:


"Belief, in which I live, will spread Divine harmony in the aspirations of my heart."

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