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When a person is connected to the good beings of all three worlds — tahe physical, spiritual and Divine — he becomes a MAGUS. It is enough for him to touch something with his staff in order to achieve everything he wants. He is connected to the living nature and it will listen to him and act, according to his will. Therefore he can heal all diseases, to resurrect the death, to see in the past and the future, to increase and decrease fertility etc. Just like fogs move gradually and reveal the horizon, the MAGUS opens all the closed secret doors of nature and makes us of all its forces and goods.




The Master was in a town in the country. As usual, all brothers and sisters gathered in the house, where he was staying. After having a long discussion, the Master went to another room to take a short rest, and the brothers and sisters continued their conversations on various occult and spiritual subjects. They came to the question who the Master was and what his abilities were. Many of the brothers had read some occult books and knew a thing or two about occultism. But these were the first years of the existence of the Brotherhood and the disciples did not know the Master yet. In their conversations, they reached the opinion that he was a man like them all, but much more intelligent, because he had read more. At that moment the Master returned to that room and asked them what they were speaking about. And without even waiting for the answer, he smiled and said: "You were talking about who I was and came to the conclusion that I was a man like, you, but more intelligent". And after that he added: "Now we're going to perform a test, which will convince you that I am not like you " He told them to lock the door, so they did that. As he was standing in front of the disciples, the Master suddenly disappeared and called to them from the hallway outside. The room was still locked. In the next moment he appeared once again inside among them, without the door being unlocked. This happened several times.


Brother Todor Chernev tells another similar story. One year, at the convention of the Brotherhood, a group of leaders wanted to meet the Master to talk. He was in the upper room and called to them to wait down by the stairs. They waited for a long time and kept looking up to see when the Master was coming. Suddenly they heard the opening of the door of the room downstairs, which was next to where they were. The Master appeared in that door and invited them to go in. Nobody had seen him go downstairs, and that staircase was the only way down. Then they realized that he had gone downstairs among them, using invisible methods.


Another brother had a similar experience. He was also standing at the lower end of the staircase for about two hours, and after that the Master called out to him from the upper to have some more patients. All of a sudden the waiting brother heard steps behind him and saw that the Master was coming in from the garden. He never saw him go down, and he had been standing right at the stairs.


At the end of World War I, the Master was interned in Varna, where he lived at the last floor of the "London" hotel. One early morning brother Manol Ivanov and brother Boris Zhelev went to see him.


Brother Manol recalls: "When we got there, the Master called to us from the window that he was coming down. Hotel's door wasn't unlocked yet. After a while we saw the Master among us, and the door hadn't opened. I went to check it - it was still locked. The Master came to us through a locked door."


During World War I, the Master was visited by guests from the country, and he took them for a walk in the pine woods, near the Observatory. When they reached a clearing in the forest, they were suddenly surrounded by policemen, who wanted to arrest the Master. At this moment he disappeared from among the guests and the policemen. Our friends tried to find him with their eyes, but he wasn't there. The policemen went away, and the guests returned to Master's lodging at 66 "Opalchenska" str. They found him sitting in the dining room by the table, drinking tea. When he saw them, the Master just smiled, without saying anything.


A similar thing happened to master, when he was once detained by the police. А brother went to look for him and the chief said that the Master was under arrest in one of the rooms and he was guarded by a policeman. The chief went with our brother to that room and opened the locked door, to bring the Master. But to the great surprise of the chief and the policemen, who was standing guard at the door, didn't find anybody in the room. The chief of police started shouting that he was going to punish the policeman, because he wasn't careful and let the captive escape. The policeman tried to explain that he had stayed at his post without interruption, and nobody had left the room: "You saw for yourself that the door was locked, didn't you?!" The brother went to 66, Opalchenska" str. and found the Master in the dining room. In this case he also just smiled, without saying a single word.


Another story, that took place in the same lodging of the Master in Sofia. At the ground floor of the house, just opposite the kitchen, there was another room. They kitchen and the room was separated by a corridor, which contained the cooker and the sink. Sister Vasilka was living in the small room, which was opposite the kitchen. One evening she was visited by a sister from the country and talked a long time about the teaching and the Master. Consumed by their conversation, they didn't notice how time passed. Suddenly the Master, who lived in a room on the upper floor, appeared in front of them. He was carrying a plate with some fruits. They were embarrassed, but the Master calmed them down and invited them to eat some fruit. The talked a little, and then, without them noticing anything, the Master disappeared. Then one of the sisters reproached the other that she left the door of the room unlocked. But Vasilka said: "Go on and check - you'll see that the door is still locked. The Master came to us in a different way." They were uneasy and excited under the influence of that visit. After half an hour the Master once again appeared among them in the same mysterious way and again brought them something to eat. This happened one more time. This example shows that the Master was able not only to go through walls and closed doors, but also carry objects with him.


Brother Zahari Zhelev witnessed the following events. A group of leaders came to the Master in Sofia. After discussing what they had come to discuss, the Master asked them: "Do you want to have some banitsa now?" They answered that they would like to have some, if good banitsa is to be found around. After awhile they saw a baking dish of banitsa floating in through the window, and then landing on the table, in front of the Master. Everybody was amazed. The master cut the banitsa into as many pieces as there were people present and gave everyone a piece. After they finished the banitsa, the Master smiled: "And now it's time for us to pay". So he took some money out of his pocket, them put it into the baking dish, it once again floated into the air and out of the window, where it had come from.


The master proposed that a field of the Brother—hood is sown with wheat. For that purpose, he invited a brother from the country to plough and sow it. The brother came and the Master instructed him: "Here's a bag of wheat, plough the field and sow it ". The brother ploughed and started sowing, but at some point saw that the wheat was about to end, just about a quarter of a bushel was left, and there was still a lot of the field unsown. The master was sitting in the middle of the field and looking intently to the East. The brother came to him and told him that the wheat was about to come and it wouldn't be enough for the entire field. The master seemed not to hear him, and continued to stand there as intently as before. The brother repeated what he had said, but the Master did pay no attention to him at all. The brother felt awkward and wasn't willing to insist anymore, so he thought: "I'm going to sow until I run out of wheat". So he continued, but what was his surprise when he found out that the wheat in the bushel, didn't decrease, didn't finish. It proved to be enough for the entire field. He was an experienced farmer and by only looking at the wheat, he was able to say how much of the ground could be covered with it. It was impossible that he lied in that occasion. The brother was convinced that in the state of complete concentration, the Master multiplied the amount of wheat.


One evening the Master was visiting a brother in Sofia and stayed there until midnight. At that time there was a curfew, and after that time no one was allowed to walk the streets freely. The Brother, who was a military man, offered the Master to walk him to his home, so that he is safe from trouble. But the Master replied that he didn't need anybody accompanying him, and went alone. When he was out in the street, a police dog came to the Master from somewhere, ran around him, as if he was a friend, and started walking right in front of him. On their way, the dog circled every post and continued along with the Master. He didn't stop at the posts, and no one asked him who he was, because everybody thought that, having the police dog with him, he was one of the chiefs, making late night inspections. They only saluted him and he passed them. When he got to 66, Opalchenska str., the Master entered his yard and the dog vanished in the night.


When we discussed that event with other brothers we could find but two solutions - this couldn't be mere chance by any means. The first probability was that the Master summoned that dog with his mind, to go and accompany him. And the second possibility is that the dog was just a thought-form, materialized by the Master, so that it is seen by the policemen. We had heard of such a thing, happening to Leonardo da Vinci, who walked the streets of Rome, accompanied by a lion. The lion was a thought-form.


A brother from the country decided to ask the Master for a book. He only expressed that request mentally. One day he came to Sofia and visited the Master. As soon as the Master met him, he gave him the book, saying: "You wanted that book and asked me for it. Here it is."


Brother Lambo from Yambol wanted to see the Master. He came to the Izgrev, but he was told that that day the Master wasn't seeing anybody. The Brother was very disappointed, because he had never met the Master. He asked in his mind: "Master, if it is possible, please receive me, if not - I shall go". But after a while the Master appeared at the door and called him with his hand. The brother thought that someone else of all people gathered was being called, but the Master pointed at him. Brother Lambo approached and this is what the Master told him: "You called, you wanted to meet me, didn't you? Now come in!"


Sister V.I. gives the following account: "During the war, after 9th September, my son went to the front and then a long time passed without any news from him. I went to the Master, who was at that time in the village of Simeonovo and I told him that my boy was at the front, and I hadn't heard from him from quite some time. I asked what had become of my son. The Master bent to the ground and started drawing a circle, he wrote something and then he lifted his head and said to me: "When you get back home, your boy will be there waiting". I was baffled, but I believe his words and thanked him. I said Good-Bye and headed home. When I got there, indeed I found my son there - he had just returned and his father was helping him wash. So the Master saw that my boy had come home and told me that.


Sister V.I. also tells this other story: "My boy traveled to Italy on an excursion, and I hadn't heard from him for a whole month. I was worried, so I went to the Master, and asked him: "Master, my boy went to Italy on an excursion and I haven't received a single letter from him for a whole month - I don't know if he is well, or has something bad happened to him?" The master was quiet for some time, he gazed in space and then he said to me: "Don't you worry, your boy is fine, he won't even prick himself on a thorn ". My son indeed got back home safe and sound and when I asked him why hadn't he written to us, and had kept us worried with that silence, he just looked at me and said: "Why do you worry, I haven't even pricked myself on a thorn!" When I heard these words I flinched. He saw me and asked: "Why did you flinch like that?" I told him about the words of the Master.


A brother was interested in a certain matter, he wrote it on a sheet of paper and went to 66, Opalchenska str., to see the Master, having the intention to read that to him and ask for an answer. However, when he entered, he was dismayed and ashamed to take out the sheet of paper and read it out laud to the Master. This is what the brother recalls: "I was standing there silent, and the Master was silent too, there was no conversation at all. However, while I was standing there, all the matters I was interested in, became clear in my mind - I received mental replies to my questions. This was a mental conversation with the Master."


Another brother went to see the Master with an unsolved problem. This is what he recalls: "I knew that the Master was able to read people's thoughts and that is why I didn't want to ask him my question verbally. We were eating at the table. The master was talking to everybody on the table, andI was looking at him and asked him in my mind: "Master, you know my question, what would you answer to that?" Suddenly he turned to me and started replying. His reply was strictly based on my question that I have asked in my mind."


At the end of World War I a brother got acquainted with the ideas in Master's Teaching. Once he was granted a leave, and on his way back from the front, before going to his home, he went to Sofia, to visit the Master. He decided that once he met him, he wouldn't speak until the Master called him by the name. He went to Master's home, said that he wanted to meet him and was received by the Master. The brother sat on a chair in the room, and the Master sat opposite of him. The master spoke to him, asked him where he came from and why was he there, what was his name, but the brother kept silent. The Master got up and left the room. After about ten minutes he returned and once again started talking to the brother, but he remained silent. The master went out for a second time and was back in five minutes. After that he returned to the room and said sternly: "Simeon, why don't you speak?"


After the Master mentioned the name of the man, who was a complete stranger to him, Simeon started telling why he had visited him.


Sister Kuna Hristova from Shumen tells the story about a group of young people. When the Master was interned to Varna, several students heard that he was a chiromancer and decided to go to him to have their palms read. But they decided that should he lie to them, they would beat him up. Among them was Eliazar Koen. As soon as they arrived, he met them laughing: "So you will beat me up, if I don't tell you the truth!" They were very embarrassed that he had read their minds. The Master started telling each of them about their respective lives, their performance at school etc. To two of them, he said that they were just wasting their time, for they were about to repeat that year in school, and to Eliazar, he said that he was going to finish school with honors. Everything happened as he had predicted.


The wife of a brother from the country, a postal officer, got seriously ill. After he got back home from work that evening, the brother immediately wrote a letter to the Master, explaining about the diseases and asking for an advice, regarding the treatment. He put his letter in his pocket, to send as with priority mail in the morning, so that it arrives fast. The next day, when he got to his work in the post office, even before he had managed to send the letter, a telegram arrived for him. He was immensely surprised to see that the telegram was from the Master and in it, he gave an advice on how to proceed with the disease. The telegram was a response to the letter, which was still in his pocket. The brother thanked the Master in his mind and immediately went back home, applied the treatment, prescribed in Master's telegram and his wife soon felt much better.


A woman from Varna complained to the Master that her husband drank too much and didn't do his work, and at home he only cursed and abused her. Her life got unbearable. She asked the Master to give her some kind of a medicine, so that she can cure her husband of drinking. The master replied: "There's no need of medicines -he has been drinking, but from now on he will drink no more". The women got back home, and her husband welcomed her, saying: "Woman, I have been drinking, but from now on I shall drink no more!" So it happened.


At the time, when a young brother, math student, was studying for his exams, he experienced severe pain in his foot. The place was swollen and gathered. A sister came to the boy and said: "The Master sent me to tell you that sister Dafinka has departed and he assigns you with the organization of the funeral". The brother explained that he was studying for an examination and had too much on his head, and, apart from that, his foot ached. He wondered he was he going to fulfill Master's order, but without thinking too much, he got up, got dressed and went out to do, what he had to do. From that moment on he completely forgot about his foot, and he wasn't walking, but running all the way to the municipality and the cemetery, according to his errand. Suddenly he remembered his foot and was surprised to find that it didn't hurt anymore and the swelling was gone. Thus he managed to do his errand as required.


On his way back he passed through the Borisova Garden and when he got near the observatory, he suddenly felt weak, and was unable to make another step. He sat by a tree, exhausted and faint. He sat there like this for half an hour. Suddenly he felt that he was regaining his strength and once again he headed quickly and easily towards Izgrev. That same sister met him there and told him that the Master has ordered the hearse was to be sent back and the funeral to be postponed for the next day, for the deceased had not been discharged yet. The brother realized that if he hadn't felt weak in the garden, he would have met the hearse and take the sister to the cemetery. It wasn't hard to realize whose forces had stopped him.


Stefan Kamburov witnessed something interesting. In the first years of the existence of the Brotherhood, the Master was in Stara Zagora. While he was walking down main street with several friends, they saw from a distance, a policeman, guiding a dead body at the sidewalk. The Master looked just briefly and told the brothers: "This man was killed, because he had killed two innocent people". After one week, these brothers, without the Master, were passing by an insurance company. The agent there was a friend of theirs and called them to have a coffee with him. There were a few more people waiting there on business - to arrange things, regarding their insurances with the agent. During their conversation, somebody mentioned the killed person that the brothers and the Master had seen a few days before. One of those present said: "I know this man. During the Balkan war, when our troops besieged Edirne, I was with that man in the same company. We entered one of the suburbs of the city, and there our soldiers discovered two young Turks of the age of 15-16, and they brought them to the company commander. He ordered them to be killed. The soldiers refused - nobody wanted to shoot, for everybody said that these were only innocent children and we could take them prisoners, but not kill them. Then the man you saw killed stepped forward and said that he was ready to kill them. He took them and shot them dead."


One year the Master was in the village of Koynare, near Byala Slatina. There he met the local priest, while walking along a street. They talked for a while and the Master told the priest that he looked very absorbed in thought. The priest replied that he had lost a 1000-leva banknote, he couldn't think of the place he had left it. 1000 leva were a lot of money back then. The master said: "Do not worry. Go home. On your table, there's a Bible. Open it on page so-and-so, there you can find your banknote." The priest quickly went home, opened the Bible and on the page, indicated by the Master, found the banknote he had lost.


Dimitar Chernev recalls: "Once my brother Todor Chernev was in Izgrev and I went to see him. There were also other leaders there and the Master had taken a telescope out so that they could observe the Moon. So I also got in the line to look through the telescope. While I was observing the Moon I felt somebody poking me in the shoulder. It was the Master, who said: "Wait for a moment, brother, while I adjust the lenses!" When he touched my arm, I felt something strange happening to me - as if electricity passed through my head, the feeling spread throughout my body, my consciousness changed and I started looking at the world through different eyes. Everything around me seemed fine, bright, beautiful - it just can't be described. And when my brother walked with me back to the city, I continued to see that beauty and my consciousness was bright and pleasant. This continued, like an echo for several months."


"When Stefan Stambolov was killed, the Master was staying with us in Tarnovo - sister Elena recalls. - He told us: "Stambolov was just killed!" We asked: "Is this in the newspaper?" "No the crime was just committed." In the same way he told us about the death of Minister Petkov - right when the deed was done."


Brother N.D. was returning back from the city to Izgrev, he passed the yard and went to the big hall.


The Master appeared from somewhere, cheerful and solemn, he approached the brother and with a raised finger, demanding attention, he said: "Do you know that today is the greatest of all days?" Then he turned round and went out. Baffled, the brother started thinking what the greatness of that particular day could be. He was asking himself whether something significant happened in the world - was a peace treaty signed, or did something else happen. It was April 16, 1942. He went to buy some newspapers, but could find nothing in them. A long time after that, probably 15, he came upon a book on the atomic energy. While reading it, his attention was attracted by the statement that on April 16, 1942 an American professor, working on the atomic energy, obtained the first chain reaction, which proved that atomic energy can be used.


In 1936 during the Council in Sofia, in Izgrev the entire Brotherhood consisting of more than 1000 people, was having lunch on the tables in front of the hall. Stoimenov, Dr. Zhekov and other brothers and sisters were sitting around the Master - a total of about twenty people. The Master was sitting in the middle of the bench. In the middle of the lunch, the bench suddenly broke and we all fell on the ground. Only the Master managed to get up quickly. Then we said to each other: "This is what a vigilant mind means!"


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