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And where's the power of a prophecy? I believe the power of a prophecy is in the accuracy of facts. A call true and accurate that prophecy, which brings light into human mind. Everything which brings light is true.




Master's own sister was about ten years older than him. After she was 18, her father got her engaged to a rich man's son, whom she did not love. She had another sweetheart, but her father said that he had the final word. The engagement party came and talked to the priest and the prospect bride in one of the rooms. At one point she got very sad and she went to the other room, where her younger brother - the Master - was doing his homework. She threw herself on the bed crying. He asked her what was wrong. His sister did not reply, because she thought that he was just a child and could understand nothing of her problems. She was to return to the engagement party, so she wiped her face and went out to go to the other room, across the corridor. In that corridor strings of maze were hanging and when she passed through them, one string broke and fell to the ground, behind her back. She started collecting the scattered cobs, and at the same time the Master appeared at the door and said softly: "Don't worry sis! As all these corncobs scattered, so will your things dissipate." She paid no attention to his words, but thought: "How does he know what is going on with me and why does he say it's all going to end?" But on the very next day, the one she loved arrived from Romania and she fled with him. Thus the engagement was dissolved and the words of the Master came true.


While still a child in the Nikolaevka village, the Master used to forecast the weather. When, before threshing the villagers wondered was the weather going to be fine, many of them said: "Priest's son said ..." Peter's forecasts always proved to be true.


Brother D.S. remembers: "We were camping in Vitosha with the Master and he proposed that we did something like a lottery - everyone was to draw a ticket, which the Master was to use for telling that person's life and future. I gave my ticket and he said: „Hold on to music, don't abandon it". I wondered why the Master spoke to me that way. At that time I was the director of a large company and I was making good money. But it so happened later that I had to leave the company and live on music. Then I understood Master's words.


In that "game", when a sister handed her ticket to the Master, he said: "In this life, you'll depend on yourself". She was surprised for she had a husband, who was taking care of her. However, after some time, her husband died and she remained alone.


While still a high-school student, E.N. was passing once near the fence of Izgrev and he saw the Master trimming the trees with scissors. The Master asked him from the yard: "Can you trim and cut trees with scissors?" E.N. didn't know the Master at that time, but he replied: "I know nothing of these things!" Then the Master told him: "You will be a good gardener, you'll be able to trim really well". The boy just smiled. Years passed after that, and when he started working with literature and critique, he understood what the Master meant in his prophecy.


Brother D.S. recalls that when he went to Paris to find a job, he was a part of a Russian music band. They couldn't find an engagement for quite some time, and he started to get despaired. He wrote to his wife to ask the Master, if he should return to Bulgaria. The Master instructed a reply to be sent that he should stay there, for a man was to lend him a hand and everything would be fine. The brother listened to that advice and was soon engaged, together with the entire band, to play in a resort, where the pay was very good. This happened after that brother accidentally met a person from that resort, who helped him.


The Master was visiting a friend of hours in a village. The brother asked him to foretell something. Then the Master said: "Next year on this date, don't leave your home! If you get out something bad will happen." The next year, on the same day, it started raining heavily and the house of that brother started leaking. He had to climb up on the roof to fix what he could, but once there he slipped, fell and broke his leg. Then he remembered Master's warning.


Verka, brother Georgi Kurtev's daughter, recalls the following: "When I was four, I got very ill. My mother had prepared the clothes for my departure. At that time the Master arrived in Aytos, but, since there was a sick person at our home, they lodged him with sister Gabrovska, who lived near-by. My father met the Master, but didn't say that I was very ill. After some time the Master asked how the child was. My father replied: "The child is very ill, but we've left it in the hands of God, so that God's will can prevail!" Then the Master told him: "Now, when you get back home, the child will be at the window, it will knock as soon as you reach the entrance door, and say to you: "Daddy, I am alive, healthy and feeling well!" When he heard that, my father immediately left and ran towards our home. And indeed I was standing by the windows, knocked on the glass and shouted: „Daddy, I am alive, healthy and feeling well!" My father went right away to the Master and confirmed that everything happened exactly as he said.


Sister Maria M. recounts that her grandmother had six children, one of which was Maria's mother. One of the elder daughters of the grandmother got ill and, after Dr. Mirkovich wasn't able to heal her, he made the following proposal: "I have a friend in Sofia, I must call him, he will heal her". So they asked the Master to come and he arrived. He ordered everybody out of the room, except for himself, the sick woman and her mother. The mother later recalled that the Master performed various motions over the sick, and she felt better, and after about ten days her health recovered completely. She lived 45 more years. After the treatment Maria's grandmother called up her other daughters to meet the Master - a holy man, according to her. Everybody kissed his hands and Maria's mother only shook hands and said her name, as is the custom when officially meeting someone. She was a social woman. The Master looked at her several times and said: "Two years from now your life will change radically". After two years her husband died, and she fell into deep melancholy, which continued a long time. She became interested in the teaching turned into a devoted adherent to the Master.


A brother was in Sofia on business and went to see the Master, before going back to the country. They met just before brother's train left, and thus, while talking to the Master, he often looked at his watch. The Master reassured him: "Don't hurry, you've got time!" But the brother saw that he had not a minute left, or he was going to miss the train. The Master just repeated: "Don't hurry, you still have time!" The brother was about two hours late and was sure that he had missed the train. Nevertheless,


after saying goodbye to the Master he went to the station. When he got to the platform, he saw that his train was getting ready to leave. He was the last man to get on it. There was some kind of a delay.


Sister Ilarionova tells the story about a trip from Tarnovo to the Preobrazhenski Monastery: "At a clearing near the monastery, my husband Kostadin wanted to separate from the others with the kids on a shortcut path. The Master strongly advised him not to do that, and to me - he directly ordered: "Elenka, you walk with us!" But Kostadin and the kids just laughed and started along that path, and we - back on the path, on which the Master lead us. We reached the Monastery before Kostadin, waited there for some time, but they didn't come. The parents of the children were worried, because the monks said that those shortcuts to the monastery were very dangerous - there were deep gorges. Then we all went out to look for them, but nobody replied our calls. At one place, beneath the rocks, we found the provisions they were carrying. Then the Master took with him two of the brothers, went away from us and approached a rock. The Master pointed somewhere deep down: "They are there!" One of the monks - a good climber - started towards that place with several students from a high school in Sofia, who were also visiting the monastery. They found them in a low place, clamped motionless near the rocks - they had reached a place, from which they could not find an exit. At the end of the excursion sister Nedyalkova wanted to use a carriage to go back home with her family, however the Master did not allow her to do that, for - he said - an accident was going to happen. The carriage was hired by others, but as soon as it left the monastery, the horses dashed at a gorge, separated from the road by a wire. People fell from the carriage and one of the horses was severely hurt on the wire. Then the Master revealed to us: "Right after you exited Tarnovo a spirit, wanting blood, started pursuing you. It was limited from the heavens with the blood of the horse, otherwise everybody would fall into the gorge."


One year some brothers and sisters started down from the Rila mountain, but the weather was really bad - gloomy and cloudy. It was about to start raining. They said their goodbyes to the Master, without showing their concern about the bad weather. However he calmed them down: "Don't worry about the weather. Not a single drop will fall on you. When you get on the bus, then the heavy rain will start pouring down." And indeed - they managed to reach the bus without any problems, and once they were on it, it started raining heavily.


Georgi Popov, a former student from the village of Gorska Polyana, Elhovo Region, told us this story: "At a council in Tarnovo, the Master was holding a speech at the community center. It was attended by brothers, sisters, citizens and priests from the city. After the speech one of the priests stood up and addressed the public: "Today at two p.m. here in the hall, there will be a public dispute between archimandrite . and Mr. Deunov". The Master spoke after him: "Today at two p.m. there will be no dispute here, because whoever exits this hall, won't be able to enter it after that, and whoever stays here, won't be able to go out!" Then he got down from the platform and left the hall, followed by all the brothers and sisters.


The brothers were camping near the vineyards of Tarnovo. The weather was fine - hot, clear, without a single cloud, what it is usually like in the middle of August. The master ordered them to tighten the tents and dig ditches around them, for it was going to rain. The Brothers looked at the cloudless sky, wondered, but still, although formally, they somewhat tightened the tents. At about one p.m. small white clouds appeared at the horizon. They started growing, then got darker and covered the whole sky. Then there was such a torrential rain that all streets of Tarnovo turned into rivers. This continued until four p.m. Of course there was no dispute that afternoon.


About seventy people attended the council in 1912. Brother B. Boev was also there. The council continued for three days and, when everybody said their goodbyes to the Master, he advised them: "When you go home, the first thing to do is to buy yourselves wood and flour!" He kept saying that and the brothers, puzzled, asked him: "Why, Master, is there going to be a war?" The Master replied: "Yes, there will be war. All of you will go to the front and all of you will come back." The war was declared the next month, and nobody expected such a thing. Only the Master warned them in due time. All the brothers from the council, who took part in the war, returned alive and in good health. When they were leaving the Master advised them to carry with them a transcript of the Good Prayer and Psalm 91 (90).


At the same council the Master showed a drawing to some of the elder brothers and sisters, and explained that it reveled the events which were to take place. A small fire was portrayed there - the war of 1913, and a larger one - the European War (WWI), and then - a fierce fire - the Second World War. Above all that the Sun spread its light over everything - this signified the coming of Christ. The Master told them this: "You'll see that this will happen". Then he added: "There will be a great quake. The entire France will be submerged, as well as a part of Russia and Turkey, and a part of Germany."


Before the great earthquake in Tarnovo, the Master was visited in Tarnovo by a sister, who told him, she wanted to stay for a few days in Sofia. As soon as he saw her, the Master insisted: "You must return to Tarnovo immediately!" She asked him to stay, but the Master was adamant. She obeyed and left. The earthquake happened soon after she got back to Tarnovo, and when she arrived at her home, she found a letter by the Master. In included a detailed description of the earthquake, which part of the city was going to be affected most severely, how many victims will be there.


Sister Elena Ilarionova was visiting her sister-in-law in Sofia: "I was invited to dinner and to spend the night at sister Gumnerova's home. At that time the Master was living in her home. He was at the dinner, and there were about twenty more people there. Someone said that he was going back to the country and I also mentioned that I was about to leave. In fact I didn't really want to go. Then the Master said: "Yes you have to go! Why are you staying here in Sofia, do you like the coal smoke or what? You should leave tomorrow!" I explained that I was staying in Sofia, to be able to communicate more easily with my husband and brother, who were both at the front. "Are you going to protect them? I am guarding them and Kostadin will come home unharmed, he will not lose a single hair from his head. What else do you want?" Then I asked the Master to protect my brother as well, who was at a very dangerous place at the front. The Master thought for a while and said: "Yes, your brother has to pay karma". I exclaimed: "Master I want him to come back home!" The Master said: "Alright, but your brother will come back, injured in the arm". And indeed my brother Ivan came to Tarnovo for treatment, together with other injured soldiers, before the war was over. He was shot in the hand in Edirne. Then the Master continued: Edirne will fall, and you should be in Tarnovo and meet its falling there". Then he took me himself to my sister-in-law's place, saying that I was supposed to leave the next morning. She felt sad, but the Master convinced her that I had to leave. The next day I was in Tarnovo, and after a few more days I received a letter from the Master, in which he presented to me a problem. He was asking if was able to solve it. I showed the problem to many friends of mine, but no one was able to solve it. Then we found out that in that letter the Master, through that problem, explained in what day, time and year was the earthquake going to happen, how long will the quakes last and how strong it was going to be."


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