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When you are before a week creature, you are somewhat pleased and no matter how strong you are, you are ready to help that weak creature immediately. You are ready to help it willingly. And when you help it, you feel kindness inside. This is what God used to do. God passes somebody and tells him: "Everything will be fine!"


There are a lot of things that can be said to people, but this is dangerous. No matter how dangerous it is, they must know that it's not only their current body, in which they can move. Everyone has another body, in which he can go out of his physical body and walk in space. This has been verified by everybody. How many times did you dream of going out in the evening and fly around! You see your body lying on the bed, and you are flying in space in a different body. With what eyes do you see that your body is lying on the bed, and at the same time you are flying in the air? In what body do you fly? We feel these things with our spiritual bodies.


When I say that some things cannot happen easily, I mean the physical body of man. In the physical body of man, things cannot happen easily, but in the spiritual body, many things, considered impossible, happen immediately. The impossible things happen to spiritual bodies, which are strong.




The Master himself was telling us that the students in America worked what not, so that they earn their living. Once, when he received some money after work, he bought himself a new suit. While he was walking in it on the street, he met a shabby and poor man. The Master stopped him, fed him well and gave him his new suit.


A sister was in a hard spiritual condition, due to insolvable personal issues, he faced unsurpassable obstacles and contradictions in herself. In this state she went to the lawn at the Izgrev and sat beneath the shed. It was late in the evening. She was feeling abandoned and lonely, and she was suffering that nobody was thinking about her and nobody was expressing any sympathy. She spent more than an hour and a half crying and in deep sorrow. About 11 p.m. at the fountain with the zodiac, which was at the entrance of the lawn, she saw an electric flashlight. The sister recognized Master's flashlight, due to the way it spread its light, but didn't even think that he might be coming to her. She was surprised when the light headed directly towards her and saw that the Master had come. He approached her, directed his light towards her, and without speaking a single word, he went away. Then her state changed and she rebuked herself of her delusion that nobody was thinking of her. She realized that the Master saw people's sufferings and helped everybody.


The master was able to see the needs of all creatures and often, through invisible ways, he helped, without them even realizing that.


I have written down the story of the violinist Petar Kamburov: "In 1919 I was travelling from the country to Sofia, to have by student's semester registered. It was February, in a heavy winter with deep snow and chill of minus 20 degrees. The train arrived at the Sofia station, about 4 a.m. There were still several more hours until dawn. Everything was frozen and iced. I went to the Opalchenska str., where the Master used to live, thinking that there might still be someone awake there. But when I arrived, everything was dark and I didn't dare knock on the door. I decided to wait, until a lamp was lighted somewhere. But the chill was so severe, that I had hardly waited there for half an hour, when I felt that I was freezing. I went to knock on the door, but I was afraid that I might wake the Master up, so I just touched the door handle. As soon as I touched it, Master's lamp lighted and soon he came to the door and told me: "You mustn't stand outside, you're going to freeze". For me it was a high moment - to see the great Master respond to a practically nobody and welcomed him in the cold night. I thought: "Who else would do that?"


The Master took me down to the dining room, woke the sisters up, and asked them to make me some tea, so that I can warm up a bit. It was Sunday, and there was a lecture at 10 a.m. After that I stayed to have lunch with the Master, where about twenty friends gathered. His table was always full of guests. In the evening once again there were many people there, who left at about 9 p.m. The Master went to his room, and I stayed to sleep on a couch in basement. In the kitchen, an old sister was washing the dishes from the dinner and humming a melody from Master's "Idyll". I sat on a small stool by the stove, took in my hand the coal spade and the poker and imagined that I was playing the violin. I told the sister: "If I had a violin, I would play you what you're singing". At that time I heard steps from Master's room and he started going down the stairs. I realized that he may come to the kitchen, so I threw the spade and the poker in the coal bucket, so that he doesn't see me with them in my hands. He stood at the door, and without entering looked at my hands and asked: "Do you want a violin?" I couldn't breathe of excitement, but sister Yanakieva told him: "He was holding the spade and the poker and imagining that he was playing". The Master said: "Sister, come with me so that I give you a violin, and you can give it to this brother to play". She went up with the Master and brought me a violin.


I took it and was wondering how I was going to play, because it was late, and I thought I might bother the Master. But while I was checking the strings, he came down to calm me down, so that I worry no more. I played from 9 to 11 that evening. During that time the Master played in several parts his "Idyll" so I learned that. After that he made me play some folk horos and ruchenitsas /Bulgarian folk dances/. The next day during lunch, I asked him: "Master, I was convinced that you knew that I was standing in front of your door that morning. But why didn't you come down to open the door, before I put my hand on the handle?" "This is Earth's law - the Master said. - One has to ask, and the other to give him, one has to knock, so that the door is opened. The child has to cry so the mother comes. There's harmony between giving and taking. Only when one asks, and the other gives him, Love is expressed. If the one does not ask, and the other does not give, then Love cannot be expressed. This is some kind of violence. That is why you have to knock, so that I open the door for you."


A man went to America, leaving his wife and child in Bulgaria. There he married another woman and didn't want to come back to his homeland. His wife in Bulgaria wrote him, implored him to come back, but he didn't even write back. She heard about the Master and went to him to ask him what to do. He listened to her and said: "Don't worry, your husband is coming back". From that day the Bulgarian in America started to be visited by an old man with beard, long hair, fine clothes and he tried to persuade him insistently: "Your wife and kid in Bulgaria are waiting for you, you must go back!" At first the man persisted, but the old man went to him and repeated the same thing with ever increasing persistence. At last the man decided to go back home. He bought himself a ticket for the steamboat and when he got on board, he met there the old man, who persuaded him to go back to his country. Throughout their trip the old man continued to remind him that his wife and child were waiting for him in his country.


When they crossed the Bulgarian border, the old man disappeared and the man never saw him again. When he went home, he told all this to his wife. By his description, she guessed that the old man must have been the Master. One Sunday she asked her husband to go for a walk with her in the pinewoods near Sofia. She gradually brought him to Izgrev. They entered the yard in front of the hall and saw the Master. The husband exclaimed: "This is the man, who made me come home!" She told that to the Master, and the man asked: "Wasn't you in America, wasn't you who made me come home?" The Master calmly replied: "I was in America a long time ago. I haven't left Sofia for many years." On their way back from Izgrev, the wife explained that the great consecrated ones have the ability to be at the same time at different locations around the world and even beyond that.


A poor woman with several kids and without a job was very careworn and, for she seemed not to be able to find any solution to her situation, she decided to drink some caustic soda, so she died and got rid of all her troubles. She poured the poison in a cup and was just preparing to drink it, when a man entered the room and came to her, took the cup from her hand and asked: "What are you doing! Why do you want to die?" She answered that she didn't have a job she had no money or means to feed her children, she was completely desperate and that is why she had decided to put an end to her life. The man said: "Your things will get better and your situation will improve immensely". And indeed, after that mysterious meeting, she found a job and was saved. One day she came to Izgrev and saw the Master. She immediately realized that this was the man who saved her.


Sister Kuna P. Hristova remembers a conversation with the Master: "One day, when I was in Sofia, I lodged in the city, and woke up early in the morning to go to Izgrev for the lectures. When he heard of my morning fears, the Master said: "Don't be afraid, when you come from the city to Izgrev, walk along the middle of the road!" And he added: "Always, when there are lectures, I watch over the road so that there is no danger for those, who are coming".


Once, when the Master was with the Brother--hood on an excursion in Rila, our friends had the following experience: as always in the mountains, in the evenings they lighted great fires, sang songs, and sometimes the Master had a speech. The Master was sitting between two brothers, he was warming up at the fire and listening to the songs. He suddenly dropped his head to one side, as if he was sleeping. Everybody saw that and was very surprised. One brother looked at what time it was - it was ten in the evening. Three minutes later the Master raised his head and everybody sighed with relief, for they knew that nothing bad has happened to him. They started singing once again, the Master continued talking as if nothing happened. No one dared to ask about what had happened, but no one was able to understand that either.


The next day, at about ten-thirty a.m., a group of 16 brothers and sisters came, who had started the previous evening from Dupnitsa. Somebody showed them a new, shorter path to the lakes, but while they were on that path, it got dark, they got confused and lost they way. After walking about in a deadlock, finally a brother proposed that they stopped and prayed to the Master to help them somehow to find their way again. Everyone agreed, so they stopped and started reading a prayer, directing their thoughts intensely towards the Master, and asking him for help. Right after the prayer they saw a light in the darkness and clearly saw there the Master, who pointed with his finger in which direction they should go. They started in that direction and found their way, and finally got to the camp. When they saw the light someone looked at his watch and saw that it was ten o'clock. It was the time when the Master fell asleep at the camp fire.


In Izgrev a sister told the Master that she was going to the Vitosha Mountain, so that she can be alone in contemplation of nature and think. She got to the Black Summit /Bulgarian: Черни връх/, but on her way back, a thick fog fell on the mountain and she lost her way in the woods. She wandered here and there and got even more confused. She decided to ask the Master to show her the way. She prayed and suddenly she saw the Master in front of her. She was very happy and asked him where did he come from and how he managed to find her. He led her through the fog in the woods, took her to the right path, showed her the direction, which she was to follow. AS soon as the Master came to her, she kissed his hand, which shows that he was not an apparition, but he was materialized. The sister thought that the Master was walking with her all the way back. But to her surprise, soon after that he disappeared. When she got back to the Izgrev, she went to the Master and told him about her experience. He smiled and said: "Every time you find yourselves in trouble, call me through a prayer and I will help you". There are many examples like this in Master's life.


With a group of brothers and sisters, the Master was visiting a sister in Izgrev. While they were talking and drinking tea, the Master suddenly, without letting go of his cup of tea, closed his eyes for a minute or two and seemed asleep. After he opened his eyes, he said: "I showed the way to a sheep astray in the ocean".


A brother, an engine driver, fell asleep, while he was driving his train. Suddenly the scream of the engine-whistle woke him up and saw the Master letting go of whistle's lever, and the train was approaching the next station. He opened his mouth to talk to the Master, but the Master was gone.


A brother from Sofia was feeling extreme sorrow and internal struggle, due to unsolved issues of his. He went to the Vitosha Mountain, near the Dragalevtsi Monastery to cry alone and through prayer and though to try to find a way to overcome the difficulties he was in. He went away from people, thinking that they do not understand him. However, after a while he suddenly saw that the Master was coming to him. He was startled and asked: "Master, how did you find me? I hid here, away from people, to try to deal with my problems." The Master said: "This is a problem, which you must solve yourself" And then added: "At such and such a time, what happened to you - I've made it happen, and it was again a task for you". He reminded him a number of problems in his earlier life, which had to be solved, and said that him, the Master, had made these things happen.


"One year, I was visiting the Master with two of my children" - recalls another brother. - "At that time my elder son was a soldier in Ruse. When we were saying our goodbyes, he said to me: "You are not going back to your village, but go directly to Ruse. There you will ask your boy to be transferred to another place." At first I persisted and refused to go, telling the Master: "How am I going to Ruse with my wife and two small kids?" Be he repeated sternly and explicitly that I must go at once. He also told me that there I should go and find brother Georgi Dimitrov, who was going to help me. I listened to Master's words and went to Ruse with my wife and kids. I went immediately to the military base. There I asked the sentry, who was guarding the door, to call my boy Ivancho and he called him. Ivan came with tears in his eyes. I asked him: "What's wrong, why are you crying?" He told me that he was planning to kill himself that night, because he had done some underground things and if he got caught he might give away his friends. I reproached him and told him to stop thinking such things, and that everything was going to be fine. Then I went to brother Georgi Dimitrov and told him everything. It became clear that another brother was a colonel in that regiment. G. Dimitrov went to him and told him that the Master had ordered for that boy to be moved from that base. The colonel was at his home so he telephoned the military base and ordered my son to be brought to him. Several soldiers brought him under escort. The colonel let the solders go and kept Ivancho as an orderly. This is how he saved him."


This happened before September 9, 1944 /the date on which the Bulgarian Communist Party, assumed power assisted by the Soviet Union/. After September 9 that brother, the colonel, fell into disgrace and a military court sentenced him to death. Then brother Rusi and Ivan spoke up for him, saying that he helped, when Ivan was accused of underground doings. They managed to ensure a life sentence for the colonel. And some time later he was pardoned and released. This is how the Master saved two lives.


In 1942 one evening in the lodging of an in Izgrev took place an underground meeting of communists. After the meeting was over and everybody went home, the minutes and records remained in the brother. The Brother went to sleep, but he had hardly fallen to sleep, when he started dreaming that the Master came to him, prodded him and said: "Get up quickly and burn those papers!" The Brother did not pay any attention to that dream. He went to sleep once again and again saw the Master coming, shaking him up and sternly ordering him: "Get up right now, didn't I tell you to burn these papers!" The Brother once again attributed what he saw to his fears and again did nothing. He fell asleep one more time. The Master came a third time, prodded him so hard that the brother felt pain, and ordered him in a very rigorous tone: "Get up now! I told you: burn these papers!" Then the brother got up, gathered all the sheets with the minutes and records, put them in the stove and burned them. As soon as he finished doing that and was about to return to bed, he heard heavy knocks on the door, and noise and voices on the outside. It was the police. They entered and said that they'd been informed of an underground meeting and were there for a house search. They turned the entire house upside-down, they even threatened him to tell them about the meeting and to give the minutes and records, but since they found no trace at all, they went away. This is how his life was saved.


"In 1926 the council took place in Sofia" - recalls Peter St. Kamburov. - "The master went on an excursion with the brotherhood to the Musala Peak. I was in Sofia with my brother Marin and we were working with the horses and the cart. Due to the great flood there, the all the carters were in distress and we were all very indebted. Marin decided to go with the group to Musala. I called the Master and told him that I wanted to go with them as well. He ordered me: "No, you're not coming with us, you must stay here!" A bit later I asked him again, but the Master repeated: "No, you must stay here!" I tried for a third time, and he told me: "You will stay to guard the lodging at 66, Opalchenska str.". When I went there for a fourth time to ask him, I suddenly felt pain in my left foot, and it swelled. The Master took out an overshoe and gave it tom me. I took off my shoe, bound my foot and put on the overshoe.


The bust of the group left, and I remained in Sofia to guard the lodging. During the night I dreamt of a strong thunder and woke up, but then realized it wasn't thunder, but someone banging on the front door. I got up, opened and saw our apprentice - knocking and the door and shouting: "Uncle Peter, the horses got loose, they went to a field and trampled it! Field's owner caught them and took them to his home. If you don't go there by noon to buy them back, he will sell them in a tender." I immediately got dressed and left, and my foot wasn't aching any more. Our apprentice, Boncho, took me to that man. The horses were tied in his yard and hadn't eaten all night. He wanted 3 thousand leva from me, but I managed to persuade him to release the horses for 500. Then I realized why did the Master want me to stay in Sofia."


Before September 9, 1944 Professor Stefan Konsulov was mobilized and sent with a military regiment to Aegean Thrace. After the events on the ninth of September he was getting ready to leave with his regiment for Bulgaria and gave an order for preparation for departure on the next day. When he went to bed in the evening, while still awake, he heard a voice, and there was nobody around. The voice said: "Get up and leave for Bulgaria now!" Puzzled, he got up, looked all around the room - to check if there wasn't some kind of a mystification, but couldn't find anything. He was deeply worried, but still didn't want to listen to the unknown voice, so he went back to bed. He had barely turned the light off, and the same voice told him even more rigorously to get up and leave for Bulgaria. This time he decided to listen to that voice, got dressed, got out, found his driver and ordered him to get the car ready, for they were leaving immediately for Sofia. He told the first sergeant that he was leaving immediately, and the regiment was to depart at 8 the next morning, as ordered.


Soon after Konsulov's departure, people's military units came to arrest him, but they couldn't find him. The next day the military regiment departed towards Sofia and, when they arrived, the first sergeant found Konsulov and told him what had happened after his departure. This is how the Master changed the events and saved his life. This event helped the spiritual awakening of the Professor and he started thinking on the matters, which he denied before. From a convinced materialist he became a zealous spiritualist. Konsulov wrote a book, in which based on scientific facts, he proved the existence of the invisible world. As far as I remember, its name was "Science and Religion".


During the bombings in 1943 a brother was an observer at the meteorological station in Sofia. He was very strict about the performance of his duties, and when he had to make the observations, he didn't pay any attention to the air-raid warnings and didn't switch the lights off. The Germans noticed that there was light there during air-raid warnings and they assumed this to be a signal for the enemies. The arrested him and were about to shoot him down. At that moment a Bulgarian major ran and stood between the Germans and Ignat - this was the name of the brother - observer. The Major told them that there were Bulgarian courts which would put him to trial, and took him to a precinct. The Brother explained that he wasn't giving any signals but was just during his job and they set him. At that time the Master was in Marchaevo and at precisely that time, he started asking where brother Ignat was and what he was doing. For ten minutes he kept talking only about him and directed everybody's thoughts towards the brother meteorologist.


Brother Petko Hristov from Shumen was with labor service men in the Shumen region, and after work, they had to spend the night in some village. All the soldiers and officers found where to spend the night, only for him there was no lodging. He went to the nearby forest to pray. It was winter. During the prayer, the Master appeared in front of him and told him in which house to go and spend the night, for he would be accepted there. He went to that house, and indeed he was welcomed kindly as a long-awaited guest.


A sister was often recalling what she had experienced: "My father was in Turkey, in Asia Minor, at a there, hospital. The Master knew that he was very ill. One evening a brother came and told me: "The Master wants to see you". I immediately ran to him and as soon as I got in I asked him: "Master, has something happened with my father?" "You will see" - he replied calmly. I asked him once again: "Master, tell me what has happened to my father, is there a letter?" He just repeated: "You'll see!" And as I was sitting just opposite of him on the chair, I saw above the Master a hospital bed, and on it, my father was lying, then he slightly turned his head towards me, looked at me and as if he smiled a little. I cried: "He's alive, he's alive!" "Who is alive" - asked me the Master. "My father is alive!" The master looked at me: "I told you - you will see". My father got well and lived for many years after that.


The Master was visiting a sister, whose son was not in the Brother­hood. The son was returning from the city and he was holding a cigarette. When she got out to meet him, the sister told him not to smoke, for the Master was in the house. But the Master turned to the mother and asked her: "Don't be angry with him, let him smoke, he's my friend", he took out a pack of cigarettes and gave it to the son. The Master supported the thesis that everybody was free to make his own choice, to reach an idea alone, without being forced to accept it.


Sister Elena from Tarnovo remembers a story about her family: "When we were building the house, we were in debt to a sister, who was so good to offer her some money. We were uneasy that we were unable to repay the money in due time, because we also had debts to others. We had just sent the Master to Sofia. I cried, and the self-respect of Kostadin, my husband, was hurt. The Master perceived our condition and returned from Gorna Oryahovitsa. He saw us bothered and sad. Surprised, we asked him why had he returned, wasn't there a train? He replied: "No, but you were bothered that the sister wants her money". The next morning the sister said that we were in debt to the bank as well and that the money may as well be gone. Then the Master said: "I'll repay you the money". She felt ashamed and thought better of requesting her money then. After a few days Iliya Stoychev called Kostadin to work in Ruse and, with the first salary, we repaid the debt before its term."


Sister Slavka Keyrakova remembers: "I was in Sofia to by some commodities for my peddling. One morning I went early to Izgrev, on the Paneurhythmy lawn, but there was nobody there. I walked about a little and started back. On my way back, the Master met me near the fountain and said: "You've come to Sofia for commodities, and because you're 4 thousand leva short, I'll give you this money, and you'll pay me back after six days". I agreed, because I had ordered commodities for exactly that amount. I paid and left for a fair. For three-four days I sold everything and made about 100 000 leva - that much I had never earned before, or after for that matter. I managed to pay my debts, and to repay the Master on time. I realized that by giving me the money, he had given me his blessing."


At the time when the Jews were being persecuted and the deportation of some of them has started, the Master called brother Lulchev and ordered him: "You'll go to the King and tell him that not a single Jew should be deported from Bulgaria!" Brother Lulchev went to the palace to try to find the king, but no one knew where he was. He returned to the Master and explained that he was not able to find the King. The Master insisted: "You will go to the king and tell him what I've commanded you". Brother Lulchev went to try to talk to the King for a second time, but once again no one told him where the King was. Again he returned to the Master and said that he was once again not able to find the King.

The Master entered the downstairs room, stayed there for five minutes, then got out again and said: "Go to Krichim!" Brother Lulchev went there and indeed it was where the King was. The king was really surprised to be discovered. Lulchev told him that the Master has sent him to deliver the message that no Jews are deported from Bulgaria.


Once, when the Master was in Sliven, the Brother--hood went on a trip to the Blue Stones. The mother of Maria M. wanted very much to go with them, and was very sad that she couldn't for she was very gentle and week. The Master encouraged her: "You will take a donkey and come with it." So she found a donkey, climbed on it and was following the others slowly. The animal got tired, began falling back from the group, she also got tired and sad that she was left behind. At that time she heard a noise behind her back, as if the wind was blowing, she turned and saw the Master, who went past her, and continued ahead. And before that he was somewhere at the head of the group. The sister continued on her way with raised spirits. After some time, she fell behind again and again her mood went blue. The same thing happened then: she heard a noise behind her, as if there was wind, then she turned and saw the Master, who was making motions, as if he was pushing something ahead, then he quickly went past her without saying a single word. This is how she managed to reach the Blue stones, together with the others. Later, in difficult moments of her life, she always remembered the Master, who encouraged her with his gestures - "Go ahead, I am with you!"


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