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So a sick man comes and says: "Can you heal me? " I say: "Get up!" Only once I said to somebody to get up. I haven't done that many times - just once. They wrote me from Tarnovo that a brother was completely paralyzed. The doctors left him, expecting him to die. E wasn't able to get up, his legs had grown completely rigid and he was just lying in bed. I sent two brothers and asked them to heal him. Both of them were true believers, but when they got there, both of them got sick - one had a severe back pain, and the other - stomach ache. They wrote to me: "This thing is beyond us, please come to do your thing". So I went. I looked and what I saw was this - the brother was lying and just told me: "I am ready to depart. If my time has come, I'd better go. " A brave brother. I said: "What is wrong? " "I can't get up, my legs are all stiff. " I said: "This is spiritual paralysis ". After talking to him for twenty minutes, I said: "Get up!" He raised himself in bed. Then I said to him: "Do you believe in sickness? " "No I don't. " "Now, get up from the bed!" He got up. I continued to talk to him, saying: "Now, walk around in the room!" And he walked around the room. After two or three days that man was completely cured. He was a lawyer and so he went minding his own business. Later the doctor asked him: "What medicine did he give you? " "He told me to raise myself in bed. " "Then?" "He told me to get up from bed and then walk around the room. " The doctor said: "This can't be true, there's something else that you are hiding!" "I don't know about anything hidden - that was all!"


For me it's child's play. I enter and see that he is tied by the devil. He has tied his legs with strings, tied his arms, tied his spine. The devil has tied him at three places and he can't move. So I take out my knife and cut devil's string at the spine, and the man is able to sit up in bed. While talking, without him knowing, I untie the strings, which hold his legs and arms, and then I say: "Now get up!" How was he healed? I untied the strings. And you need to have a sharp knife for that.




In a conversation with the Master, a brother asked him: "Can you heal sick people, whom doctors regard as incurable, terminal cases?" The Master answered that he could. This happened in Tarnovo. Then the brother went to the hospital in Tarnovo and asked them to point to him a patient, whom they considered was going to die. He told them that the Master had promised to heal that man, no matter what his case was. There was a boy, who, doctors believed, was going to be dead in two hours. But when the brother prepared to take the boy to the Master, one of the doctors intervened, thinking: "What if he actually manages to heal the boy - what will happen to us, to our authority, after we've said that his illness is incurable?" So the doctors refused to let the boy go and he died within two hours.


A student came to the Master all in tears. He let her cry for half an hour and, after she calmed down, he asked her: "What's wrong, why are you crying?" She explained: "I was depressed, so I was taken to a hospital and the doctors declared me crazy. After some time they let me go and now I am ashamed, for people will say I am insane, and I am not!" The Master said: "Don't you worry, everybody who is out of heaven, is insane. If somebody tells you you're insane, you can reply this: "You are the same as me!"


In 1918 sister Olga Slavcheva got down with the Spanish Flu. Here's what happened to her: "I relative of mine came to take me to my home town, so that I can die there. During the trip I felt really bad, my condition went worse, I wasn't even able to sit, or get up any more; I was suffocating. At that time the church-bell often rang for the death. My sister was forbidden to tell me, which friends of mine had died of the diseases. My funeral clothes were also prepared and everybody was crying around me. Doctors came, but soon left, not being able to help. I called my sister and asked her to write a letter to the Master, notifying him that I was on my dying bed. My sister wrote and sent it right away. When my relatives went to dinner in the kitchen, they left me alone in the room, and then I suddenly felt some power in me. I said to myself: "I am dying, but for You, Lord, I haven't lived yet. I want to live for You!" I got down on my knees by the bed and prayed fervently to be given the chance to serve Him. My second prayer was moaning. I was just 24. Then my sister and my mother entered the room and got scared, seeing me spread like that by the bed. I felt infinity bliss. They wanted to dress me in the clothes they had prepared, but I just whispered: "I'm not gonna die". In the same day I saw a child's swing, a St. George's swing (a special swing, made for St. George's day to bring health and happiness), which was approaching me. A smiling little girl was sitting in it - it was me, at the age of 4 or 5, in a white dress. The child and the swing merged with me and I sat in bed for the first time in 20 days. I had a cup of milk and slept without interruption until the next morning. On the other day I got up from bed and went to the window. The first mail brought me a letter from the Master: "I know you are already well, Love is stronger than Death. Drink hot cow's milk and eat boiled potatoes. Nature heals best, and doctors are just nurses." Soon I returned to Sofia, kissed Master's hand and he told me meaningfully: "Welcome!"


I brother, who was in tremendous inner conflict, decided to try and cure himself by fasting. He started fasting during the new moon, but without saying a word to the Master. After a day or two he went to him and said that he had started fasting, to improve his tense condition. The Master told him this: "If you had started fasting during new moon, not only you are not going to help yourself, but cause even more harm. When you want to deal with an infirmity, a vice, start fasting past the full moon. And if you want to acquire a virtue, something positive in you, then you should start fasting during the new moon."


In one of the lectures the Master indicated a method of fasting, where you could only eat 100 grams of un-boiled wheat, immersed in water. This is to be done in February or the beginning of March and its purpose was to cleanse the body, before spring comes. Some added apples and walnuts to the wheat. In this respect the Master explained what the significance of these three foods was: "Apples vitalize the nervous system, walnuts have a positive nutritional effect on the brain, and wheat is good for the heart".


As a child brother Hr. Karaivanov had a toothache and his father brought him to the Master. The brother remembers: "The Master looked at me, smiled and reassured me: "Your teeth hurt now, but they will be OK. You should take some walnut leaves, wash them, boil them and you should rinse your mouth with that water - this will make the pain go away." I remember thinking: "I'm definitely not going to be well without a doctor". But to my great surprise, when we got back home, even before we had boiled the walnut leaves, my teeth stopped aching."


Another brother had tonsil problems. Doctors said that they must be removed, because they were all filled with pus. The brother didn't want his tonsils extracted, so he went to the Master for advice. The Master told him that he must not let them extract his tonsils. He advised him to find aged, 4-5-year old wine and warm it up, then to gargle with it several times a day. The brother found such wine, made regular throat-washes with it, his tonsils got better and caused him no more trouble.


Another brother was also suffering from his tonsils, so he too went to the Master for advice. He said: "You'll be fine". "And what medicine should I take?" The Master said that somebody had to blow in his throat clean, ground coffee. But even before he got back home, his tonsils were already well and he didn't need that medicine.


One of the children of brother Grablev had an aching ear. The local doctor treated him for a month, but nothing helped. The brother tells what happened after that: "He advised me to take the child to Sofia and have trepanation performed on him. I replied that I preferred the kid to die, than to have trepanation performed on him, which would leave him an idiot. On the next day I took the train and came to Sofia, to ask the Master what to do. I told him that the doctor had recommended a trepanation, but I didn't agree. The Master gave me faith: "He will be fine. Take a cotton bud, dip it in some olive oil and put it in his ear - do that several times and his ear will be just fine. You have to warm the oil a bit." I thanked him, said goodbye and left. On the next day I did what he had recommended and after a week the boy was perfectly well. I called the doctor and showed him the healed child. He just wondered, without being able to say anything."


A sister tells this story: "My child was ill and something inside me told me to write to the Master and ask him what to do. I listened to that voice and wrote sister Baltova, asking her to explain to the Master what was wrong with my child. Whether she had given the letter and told him, what I had asked her, I don't know. I waited for a reply, and the child got worse and worse. The doctors advised me to keep him lying still. I waited for Master's reply, but I didn't receive it. One day I opened one of his lectures and read this: "Doctors now say that the sick must lie in their beds, but I think they should go out and let the Sun's rays touch them instead, so they connect to the Sun, which is a medium, carrying God's love, and the disease would go away". I took this advice and took my child outside, and soon it started to get better, and then got perfectly well."


When she was a child, a sister caught a disease, which paralyzed her, so she couldn't move. All the doctors believed that she was incurably ill and so she was left like that for a few years. Someone advised her mother to take her to the Master. The woman went to him and he said: "You should rub her with olive oil all over and take her to an altitude of more than one thousand meters. Then she should start having walks, at first just a few meters, and then at a longer distance, until she gradually starts moving more freely and gets well." They applied that method and the girl got perfectly well.


A brother remembers the years past: "I was a teacher in a country town, and my parents lived in another small town. One day I received a telegram that, according to the doctors, my mother had cancer and her condition was bad. Doctors said that she could not be healed and she was soon going to depart. On my way to my home town I went to visit the Master in Sofia and told him that my mother was ill and was soon going to die. The Master was firm: "No, she doesn't have cancer - she just suffers from ulcer and soon she'll be fine. Make her stop eating meet and fast one day every week, not eating anything, but just a coffee cup of olive oil, and she'll be fine." When I got home, I told my mother that I had spoken to a famous doctor, and explained her, what he had said. She took the advice and indeed soon she was well. Until then my mother had antagonistic feelings towards the Master and the brother-hood, but then she believed and started reading his lectures."


I found out about an interesting case, through the testimonials of sister Elena: "The Master was deep in his thoughts under the shed in the vineyard, when he suddenly called out to me and my husband and told us: "Tell your sister-in-law that she will depart". We got silent for a moment, and then we said: "But you promised to help her get well?" "Yes, but she failed to take my advice and secretly eats meat!" I went to see my sister-in-law Mitka immediately, and surprised her with my visit. As if she anticipated something bad: "How come you decided to come and see me? I've invited you so many times, and it's just now that you're here. Has the Master said that I'm not going to be well? Your brother convinced me to eat some meet, so that I don't lose weight. And now I am cooking it." "The Master said that you had to pass a river, without a bridge. He gave you a rope, you could use to pass the river, but you broke it, and now he can't give you another." My brother took her to Sofia, she underwent a surgery, but Mitka passed away. The Master had expressly forbidden any surgery, guaranteeing that if she adhered to the strict died, she would be fine."


Bogdana Nikolova tells us a story of a healed arm. During the events in Vladaya /a military revolt, that had taken place in 1918 near Sofia/ the youngest daughter of Nikola Kovachev, who lived in Knyazhevo, got injured. Child's name was Verka, and she was 10. She was treated in Alexandrovska Hospital for nine months, underwent four surgeries, but without any beneficial effect. At last the child was discharged, because her parents didn't agree to her arm being cut, for the doctors thought it necessary to do so. Gangrene developed and the girl had fever. When she got out of the hospital, they took her to the Italian military medical mission, which was then in Knyazhevo. The doctors there also insisted on amputating the arm immediately, so that the child doesn't die. The family believed in God and they prayed to him ardently to help save her. At that time girl's aunt came and said that there was a person, who could save their daughter. It was Mr. Deunov. The Master took them in, and when they wanted to unbind the arm, so that he sees the wound, he stopped them: "There's no need for that, your faith is strong. Expose the arm to the sun, each morning until 11 o'clock, wash it with potassium hypermanganate, bath it in the water of boiled elder roots, until it heals completely." The Master patted the girl and dismissed them politely. They went out full of hope and faith in the Lord. The mother started treating the child. After some time pieces of bone started falling from the wound, then blood came out and then, one morning while they were binding the wound, a long and wide piece of metal fall out - it was half the size of a finger. Little Verka got well, grew up, got married, and now she works in a kindergarten, she has a son and enjoys good health.


Brother Koycho from Kazanlak was severely ill, all the doctors said that there was nothing more they could do for him. Then he wasn't in the brotherhood yet, but his wife was. She asked him to go and see the Master, insisting that he might be able to help, but Koycho was antagonistic with respect to the teaching and didn't want to go. When he realized that there was nobody who could help him, he decided to seek Master's help. His sister told him about the condition of her husband and the Master gave the following advice: "He should wash his feet to above the knees three times a day with very warm water, to drink warm water and eat lemons". Soon after that his illness was gone and he became an ardent brother.


Olga Slavcheva tells the story about the daughter of a sister, who had a blood poisoning. She had frequent and unbearable pains. The doctors subjected her to a strict diet of juices and fruit, but her condition only got worse, the crises became more and more frequent. Then the mother visited the Master, who told her to give her daughter hot milk and boiled corn. The sick girl drank hot milk and ate boiled corn and was fully healed in three days. One month later the doctor timidly called them and asked how the daughter was. The mother was only too glad to reply that she was completely cured and a few days before got engaged.


A woman had a lung cancer. A sister from the brotherhood asked on her behalf: "Master, isn't there a cure for that disease?" He replied: "Only a cobra bite can help!" By this he meant: the disease is so strong a poison, that only something equally bad can neutralize it.


Sister Mileva tells another story of healing - it is about a brother, working at a factory. There he received a big salary, had a lot of money and his family was living just fine. However, he got sick, his disease continued for a year and the man was going from bad to worse. Factory's management warned him that it wouldn't pay him more than one year and will have to dismiss him. When he heard that, he was desperate. Many doctors treated him, but nobody was able to help. Then he asked sister Mileva to ask the Master what he should do. The Master ordered the sister to go back and ask the sick if he could sacrifice a large amount of money for the poor, to buy them some clothes, shoes, flour, wood? If he decided to do that - he was supposed to do it and tell the Master. The brother spent enough money and bought a lot for the poor. Then the Master ordered the following message to be delivered to him: "Now he should take some black turnip, to grind it on a grater and squeeze the juice out. The amount should be about one tea cup. That turnip juice should be warmed up and the sick should drink it." Everything was done exactly as prescribed by the Master. The sick drank the juice and felt much better on the next day, and a week later he has fully recovered. Then sister Mileva proposed to the Master: "If this medicine is so efficient, why don't we recommend it to others!" Then the Master explained: "It won't be efficient for others. And should the brother hadn't sacrificed so much money for the poor, it wouldn't be efficient for him either." Here's Master's comment on this case: "You should know that for every good on Earth that you want to acquired, you'll have to pay dearly".


D-ski, a brother of ours, describes the consequences of a case of neglect: "I was traveling by an open car with a friend of mine. The weather was cold. When we returned to Sofia, we had caught colds and somebody had advised my friend to rub himself with gasoline, to warm his body. He did that, but didn't take into consideration the fact that he was sitting near a burning stove and was set aflame, so his skin was burnt. The most prominent doctors from Sofia were called, but they all said that the situation was hopeless and he could die any minute. Then my friend sent another brother to the Master, to explain the situation and ask for an advice. The Master gave him some kind of an ointment and told him to rub his body several times a day and the skin was supposed to recover. When he did that my friend actually felt much better and, a week later, he was completely healed. The doctors, who predicted that he was going to die, wondered how he managed to save himself from sure death. Then the brother told the healed friend of mine: "You were saved from sure death, so you must pay now". That man was rich. "How much do I have to pay? - he asked. - Is five-ten thousand leva enough?" "No - said the brother - because you were saved from sure death, and you have a lot of money, you must give the brotherhood 30 thousand leva." He then took the money and deposited it to the safe-box of the brotherhood.


Students, Master's followers, were returning after vacation in the country - from Aytos and Burgas. They had longer hair, with made the stand out among the others. In the compartment there were more students and an elderly officer. In a conversation, while they were travelling, the other youngsters started making fun of Master's followers, insulting them. Then the officer stood up, opened the window and shouted: "If I hear just one more bad word about Mr. Peter Deunov, the Master, and I will throw the one saying it out of the window!" Then he told them a story, involving his own child. The officer had just one child - a girl, who got down with an incurable disease. He was a relatively wealthy man and took the child to various doctors, not only in Bulgaria, but also in Paris, Vienna and other major European cities. However he could fine help nowhere. The disease was getting worse from day to day. Somebody advised him to go to the Master, who helped all people, coming to him with complete faith. The officer entered Master's room, kneeled down and, crying, asked him to heal his child. The Master was short in his reply: "Go home, the child is not ill anymore!" The officer thanked him, kissed Master's hand and left. As soon as he got home, his wife told him that just when he was visiting the Master, the child felt much better and buoyant. From that day, she was completely cured.


Sister Elena Ilarionova from Tarnovo presents one more of her numerous memories: "They sent my husband Kostadin to work in Tsaribord. As soon as he got there he caught a dangerous disease. We had no friends or relatives there, our luggage hadn't arrived yet, and the hotel felt very uncomfortable. The hotel owner found us another accommodation, he gave us some clothes, to use until we got ours. The situation was miserable, and the winter was cold. And the condition of my husband was getting worse. The military doctor Tadzher provided great care. His officer friends also tried to help,. But nothing worked. They reassured me that they'd called some specialists, who were going to help, but they had actually decided that he was going to die. In this situation, I didn't know whom to turn to, where to seek help. The luggage arrived, I put the sick into a bad, we moved him together with the soldier and started talking to him: "Please, Kostadin, try to get up. Now only God can help us!" During the night I dreamed that I had to seek advice from the Master. Then I only knew that he was living in Sofia, I didn't know him, I didn't have his address. I wrote an open card, addressed like this: "To Mr. Peter K. Deunov, Sofia", and sent it. Soon I received his reply: "Mr. Ilarionov is not sick, he has an obligation in life. I will help you." We wrote that we were ready to do anything, but instead of a reply, the Master himself arrived. You can imagine our joy and surprise! "The Lord has sent me - said he - to help you. While you were moving and adjusting the bed, the lady said to the sick "Now make an effort to get up, now only God can help us". Then God ordered me: "Go and help these people".


Amazed, we asked him how he did hear our conversation, while he was so far away from us. The Master said: "For those who see and hear, there are no distances or obstacles". Then he sent the soldier to bring some fresh water from the tap. I poured a glass of it and he gave Kostadin to drink it with a small spoon. Half an hour later he helped him get out of bed, and a bit later the sick walked around in the room. Kostadin felt healthy, but he was still very week. The Master reassured him that he could already go to the barracks, but Kostadin wouldn't dare do that. The next day the Master took him for a walk to a very high peak. At that time the doctor came to check patient's condition, and not seeing him in bed, he exclaimed: "A miracle must have happened here!" He stayed to find out what had happened and who our guest was. When he met the Master, they talked a lot and the doctor was convinced that there are other forces, beyond the earthly forces, which help. Then the officers invited the Master to talk to them. He read several lectures, which satisfied everybody. At one of them the Mater pointed at an officer: "For example, the wife of this officer should not be mad at him and try to correct him, making him an ardent housekeeper, because his domestic feelings are not well developed ". When we got back home, he added: "This family has a child, who was buried alive. Man can be dead in appearance, but at the back of the brain there is a centre, where life is hidden. When you inspect that, it shows whether the man has actually departed or he is still alive."


The youngest brother of Peter Kamburov, Kosyo, got pneumonia when he was five. It was 1909­1910. "A lot of doctors came - recalls Peter - but the medicines, they prescribed didn't help a bit. The mouth and nose of my little brother were torn from the temperature. We were expecting him to depart any minute. Dad wrote a letter to the Master, who he had just met, through Kovachev. A friend took the later to the Master and this is what happened the next day: my mother, father and uncle came with the same idea at the same time - to call Dr. Vitanov. Independently from each other, all of them headed towards Doctor's house with the thought of calling him to examine Kosyo. By accident, maybe, they met on the street, where the doctor lived. Dr. Vitanov wrote a prescription. Dad took it and started towards the pharmacy, to buy the medicine, the price of which was 1.2 leva. But when he put his hand in his pocket, he realized that he had forgotten his money. He went out of the pharmacy, without buying the medicine. While he was walking down the street, he found a bag, opened it and saw that inside there was exactly the amount of money he needed for the medicine. He went back to the pharmacy and bought the medicine, which cured Kosyo."


A story, told by brother G. Popov from Gorna Polyana, Tarnovo Region: "The child of a brother's sister was suffering from St. Vitus' dance, a disorder, which causes all parts of the body to jerk and tremble and the cannot walk or hold anything. The girl was treated by all doctors in Burgas and Sofia, but none of them could help. Finally brother G. Popov took her to Sofia, and he had to carry her on his back from the bridge on Graf Ignatiev str., to Izgrev. As soon as they entered the yard of Izgrev, the Master opened the window, greeted them and called them in immediately. It was April, just around Easter. The Master came down from his room, talked to them and made brother Popov take the child to Old Maria and put her in bed. Then he was going to visit her himself. Even when the child was still in Master's yard, he talked to her and asked her how she was doing at school. She replied that she was in the second grade, that everything was fine with school, but she was not going to school anymore because she was sick. The child was really desperate. Then the Master promised to the girl, that she would be fine and she would even go with them to the Vitosha Mountain the next day. Georgi Popov didn't believe his ears, but the Master just looked at him and the brother realized that he had read his suspicious thoughts.


In Old Maria's home the Master made them warm-up some water, washed child's face and gave her drink from the water. He talked a little, and went home. At about midnight the child woke up, and then she woke up her uncle and cried out: "Uncle look! I can sit up in bed alone! Help me get up and walk around a little." G. Popov remembers that at that moment he felt on his bed a strong quake, but said nothing to the child, but helped her walk. And indeed by the next morning the child had gradually restored her strength and, together with another brother, sent by the Master, she started towards the Vitosha Mountain. The Master and other brothers and sisters were already on their way there.


Supporting the child from time to time, by holding her hands, G. Popov and the other brother got to the Camp in Vitosha by noon. The Master and the other brothers and sisters welcomed them, signing on the rock. One of the sisters ran, embraced the child and took her to the Master. He patted her on the head and told them to take her to some bushes and wash her in warm water. After that they changed her clothes, which had been ready from the previous night, according to Master's instructions. During that entire day the child danced the paneurhythmy and jumped around without ever getting tired. In the evening, by herself, not supported by anybody, she went down from the Vitosha mountain. That girl is now a married young women, she has children, she's healthy and observes Master's recommendations not to eat meat."


Another case of healing by Master's powers was witnessed by brother T. Stoimenov. In Burgas, he was staying in the house of a Greek, who was living in the neighboring house. At that time the Master visited Burgas and Stoimenov invited him to dinner, together with the brothers and sisters. While they were sitting at the table, brother Stoimenov's landlord came to them shaking and addressed the Master with tears in his eyes: "Master, my child is sick, he is about to die. All doctors gave up on him. If nobody helps him, he will be dead in several hours. Please, Master, help me!" The Master took a new, unused handkerchief out of his pocket, gave it to the worried father and instructed him: "Go and put this handkerchief on child's face". He took it, thanked the Master, and rushed home, where he put the handkerchief on child's face. He fell asleep right away. When on the next day he woke up, the child had fully recovered from the disease. The father went to the Master and thanked him once again, crying.


A friend of Elena Tsocheva's had a very sick child, who was already on her dying bed. The doctors said that they were unable to help him and the child was going to die. Her father, who had heard about the Master from sister Tsocheva's stories, asked her to go to him for help. He believed that the Master was able to help them. The sister delivered the message to the Master and he indicated the time and date, when he was going to visit the sick child. When he arrived there with the sister, the father revealed his faith: "I know that you are a Master and a saint and that you can help him!" The child was unconscious and lying half-dead. Then the Master warned: "You must not tell anybody what you are going to see now! Tell everybody to go out." Only the Master and Elena Tsocheva remained inside. He asked for a cup of warm water and a clean towel. After that he started dipping the towel in the water and put it on child's face. Then he told Elena Tsocheva to go out and remained alone with the child. The child gradually came to his senses and his conditions improved significantly in two or three days. The Master gave instruction on child's diet and he soon got completely well. Elena Tsocheva failed to fulfill her promise not to tell about what she had seen there and talked about that with her mother. Soon her brother got down with tuberculosis and he was about to die. He was in a hospital, but the doctors discharged him as a terminal case - to go home and die there. Elena Tsocheva's mother remembered: "Weren't you telling about your Master having cured a half-dead child. Please, ask him to heal your brother!" Tsocheva went to the Master and admitted that she wasn't able to fulfill her promise, but told her mother about what happened with that child. Then she asked him to help her sick brother. The Master promised that the next day he was going to visit them. When he went to their home, he made the sick get up and walk around. Then he gave them the address, where they could get a medicine. The medicine was sent to them and Elena Tsocheva's brother was completely healed.


Some time ago the husband of a sister got sick and after applying all known, the doctors said that they weren't able to help. When one morning the sister was waking up, she saw on the wall a writing in French and heard Master's voice: "Remember that sign - this is the address of a company, making medicines. Write to that address asking them to send a medicine for your husband." She did that and the company indeed had a new medicine, which had not been tested yet. They sent the medicine and the man got well.


From Old St. Kamburov I learned that in Stara Zagora a woman had a wife, who suddenly got crazy after finishing high school. The madness was so severe that she had to be kept tied down, to be stopped from raving. The mother tried known method for treatment, but nothing helped. Specialist doctors came, but without any result. She also called priests from various churches to read prayers for the girl, but they didn't help her either. She finally heard about the people in the brotherhood and called them as well. Some of our brothers together with the leader Panayot Kovachev went to the sick girl, thinking that they would be able to heal her. They entered the house and stepped into the room, but the girl fall in such a rage and madness, that it broke the chain, which held her and dashed at them. They hardly managed to escape.


Right after that they wrote to the Master and he replied: "When you are about to do something like that, you must first tell me. Now go there again." Reassured by the letter, our friends went there again. To the complete surprise of the mother, this is what happened: when they opened the door, a sudden change happened to the young girl - she was suddenly transformed, calmly and humbly she turned to her mother saying: "Look, mother, such good people had come to visit us! Come and untie me, so that I can welcome and treat them." The mother was amazed and she set her daughter free. From that moment her madness stopped, although later the girl relapsed from time to time, but in a much lighter form. The brothers knew that with his invisible presence, the Master had driven away the raging spirits.


The doctors were again unable to help another insane girl. That girl's mother took her to the Master. When they went to him, he was in the upstairs room. The woman climbed up the stairs and the girl remained downstairs. The Master met her at the door and immediately shouted: "Get out of here, out, out!" Shocked and disappointed, the sister started climbing down the stairs, thinking that the Master was chasing them away. They started towards the big fountain, and suddenly the girl turned to her mother and started talking absolutely normal - she was transformed. Then the mother was startled and she realized that Master's words were not addressed to them, but to those, who had possessed her daughter. Then she turned around and saw the Master, standing at the window, smiling and waving his hand. They went back, the woman kissed Master's hand and thanked him.


I heard this story from V. Kurteva: "It happened in 1935. I was living in Izgrev, together with my sister Lyubka. I had a toothache and my entire face was swollen - I had a gum boil. I had started feeling that my blood was beginning to get poisoned. Brother G. Radev saw me and asked me to go to the Master, but I refused, because I didn't want to bother him with minor problems. Radev had bought two tickets for the concert of Psychoda - a famous Polish violinist, who was going to play that evening. He reminded me that in that condition he wouldn't be able to take me to the concert and continued to try to persuade me to go to the Master. After continuous insisting I agreed and went to him. The Master met me with a smile and in good disposition, he got up, showed me a chair to sit and asked: "What is wrong Verka?" Of course I told him that I had a toothache and half of my face was swollen. Behind the Master there were shelves with books. He turned slightly to those shelves and said: "I will now take a needle and puncture it". While he was saying that I felt that my gum boil pierced and something started flowing into my mouth. I told him: "Master it pierced!" And he nodded: "You can go now!" I went out, washed my mouth and until I went home, the swelling was gone. That evening there was no trace from the pain and I went to the concert with G. Radev."


Here's a curious case, involving a brother from Tarnovo, who suffered from severe hiccups. He couldn't say a word, without a hiccup. He was a lawyer and it became impossible for him to go into court and plead. The specialist doctors of Tarnovo gathered in a council to try and find a solution, but they could not help him. The brother wrote to the Master, explaining the problem. The Master replied in a telegram: "Go to room so and so in your house, where there is a cupboard, from which you must take a double glass, which was left by your grandfather. Take that glass and in one of its sections pour some drinking water, and in the other - lemon juice, or - if you can't find lemons - citric acid. Then you start drinking so the two liquids mix in your throat." The brother did not know that there was such a glass, and he knew even less that it belonged to his grandfather, but he found it anyway. He did as prescribed and the hiccups were gone immediately. Then he went to the doctors, to show them that he was OK, and they were puzzled and asked him how that happened. He explained, and one of the doctors exclaimed: "It's true that this can be done!" And the brother replied: "It's true, but a few days ago you only shrugged and told me nothing!"


Another brother from Sofia had a severe case of appendicitis. He swayed between life and death for several days. His father wanted to have him operated, for the doctors had said the appendix was suppurative and it was going to burst. The brother refused: "No, the Master will save me!" One Friday, while the Master was in class, the brother lost consciousness and got all blue in his house. Suddenly, in the middle of his lecture, the Master stared intently somewhere in space, interrupted the lecture and quickly left the room. He went to his upstairs room, took something in a glass and, almost running, headed towards the house of the sick brother. The Master opened his mouth, poured some liquid inside and went away. Boris Nikolov and Georgi Radev came after him. They told me what happened after that. The sick brother remembers the moment, when the Master poured something in his mouth. He had the feeling that liquid fire was being poured into him, and fell asleep immediately. He woke up all sweaty, as if he had bathed with his clothes. A brother was sitting next to him, having changed the clothes of the sick fourteen times in his sleep, for all the sweat pouring out of him. Then the sick brother got well and is now living and healthy. After a while the Master told him: "Be careful, it's now two times that I've saved your life!"


This is what Kolyu Dragnev recalls: "I was in particularly disharmonic state, for which there was no obvious reason. Something was torturing my soul. I fretted for a long time, but I didn't want to bother the Master. Finally something in me as good as forced me to go and see him. I obeyed that urge and went. The Master came down the stairs from the upstairs room, came to me and asked me: "What is wrong?" I explained that something was torturing me, my heart felt heavy, and I didn't know the reason why. The Master told me that this was karmic. Then he headed towards the large hall, got in and went to the black board. I came in after him. On the blackboard there was a drawing from his previous lecture. The Master took the dividers and started measuring the drawing. He said nothing to me, but just handed me the dividers. I took it automatically, without knowing why he gave it to me. As soon as I held the dividers in my hand, the weight I felt in my chest, suddenly vanished. At that moment I felt relieved, and tears poured out of my eyes. I don't know what happened to me, but my grief was gone. I realized that the dividers were the conductor, through which the Master transformed certain energies, which tortured me."


In January 1933 a brother had problems with his eye. It was treated for quite a long time, but nothing helped. The eye got all red, then swell, closed and went blue. Finally, in May, the brother went to the Master: "Please, heal me!" The Master told him that if he continued to use the treatment methods, he was subjected to, he would lose the sight of both his eyes. He invited him to go with him into the large hall. There the Master performed several passes on his eyes and told him: "Let's see now if the law is correct". Then he instructed the brother: "Go to the lawn, stay there for a while under the shed and take a rest". The brother went there and when he sat down he fell asleep. He woke up and, looking at his watch, he found out that 10 minutes had passed. His sleep was so deep that when he woke up, he didn't know where he was, as if he came from a very distance place. He opened his pocket mirror and saw that the bad eye was now open, the swelling had vanished, the redness and bluish color were gone as well. His eye was perfectly healthy. He ran with joy to the Master and thanked him for being healed in such a miraculous way. The Master just said: "So the law is correct!"


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