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In my life I only have two things I regret saying. The first time was with a friend of mine - Dr. Mirkovich - he wanted to know when he was going to die. I told him the date and year. When I told him that, it was as if I poured hot water on him. And he died, precisely as I had told him, he departed for the other world on that exact date. The other case was in 1914. One day a young lady had come and knocked on my door. She said: "I'd like to ask you something very serious!" I said: "I don't have time now. " I knew she was going to ask me something that was not her or my business. But she insisted: "Please, spare just five minutes, because this thing will decide my destiny!" I accepted, since it was about destiny. She asked me: "Please tell me, am I going to be happy?" I looked, and looked and then I said: "You only have two more years of life. There is a slight possibility that you will remain on Earth. It is a 1 to 10 000 chance, but it might happen to you. Take the Gospel and read it. You are destined to depart to the other world in two years. The angle will knock on your door. And if you are allowed to live, come and tell me about it. " So far she hasn't come.


Here's what I say: why did I have to reveal to her that she was going to depart in two years? I could say that I knew nothing. I told Dr. Mirkovich: one is better off not knowing about his death, it is the best thing. Ignorance in this case is to be preferred to knowledge. To know when you 're going to be hanged, to know when you're going to drown, to know you are going to crack your skull, to know when your wife will die, or when your children will die - this is one side of things. But there's something else, which is even more important: to know why does that happen.




Sister E.A. was impressed by one explanation, provided by the Master: "I was living in Sofia with my second mother, where I had a separate room. At that time I was in a depressed mental state, I was grievous and cried often without any reason. Once, while I was visiting the Master, without having told him anything, he asked me: "Do you know why you are crying?" I told him that I had a deep grief in me and cry from time to time, without knowing why. Then the Master revealed the reason to me: "A young woman, who once lived in your room, but has departed from this world, cries through you". After that conversation I asked my step-mother who had lived in my room. She told me that indeed the room belonged to her sister-in-law from her first marriage, a young girl, who died on my bed."


A village woman heard some voices talking to her, and the priests told her it was the devil. Doctor's, on their part, declared her insane. She heard about the Master and went to see him. He asked her, why she was there, and she replied: "You know ". The Master closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them again, he said: "You don't have a husband, do you?" She replied that in 1916 he was killed during the war. The Master continued: "And he loved you very much, didn't he?" She confirmed: "Yes, he loved me very much!" The Master asked her: "And did you love him?" She was embarrassed by that question and said that she couldn't reply aloud. The Master explained: "While he was with you, your husband used to sing to you, because he loved you very much. And now he is with you once again, and again he sings to you." The face of the woman lighted up and she exclaimed: "Is it him! And I thought that it was some kind of a devil and visited so many monasteries through the years - I've spent everything I had to get rid of him." The Master replied: "It's not a devil, it's your husband, who loves you very much and sings to you, as he used to do, when he was alive ".


One year the Master went with a group of friends to Batak and they entered the church, where the massacre had taken place /a town in Southern Bulgaria, where more than 5 000 people were killed by the Ottoman army after the April Uprising of 1876/. The brothers were examining the church and the Master went aside and started performing some movements. The brothers asked him what was he doing and he explained: "The souls of those who were killed are still here, and think that the Turks are besieging them again. They are afraid that they are going to be killed. With these motions I performed, I relieved them from that illusion and made it possible for them to continue they path of development."


A sister was very sick. She lost consciousness and looked as dead. Her husband ° - also a brother of ours - in his worry went to the Master and told him that his wife has departed. The Master became serious, thought deeply and looked in space. He stood like that for some time, then turned to the brother and told him: "Go now, the sister will be fine". When he got back home, the brother actually found his wife conscious. Even then she looked much better, and a few days later she was completely healed. The brother went to the Master and told him that his wife was well. The Master asked: "How is her mood, is there a difference between her mood before and after the disease?" The brother noted that after the disease, there was a change - she was sadder and more meditative. The Master gave him no explanation for that change, but later, in a conversation with other brothers he explained this: "When the brother told me that the sister was dead, I traversed the entire country with my mind and found an old woman, who was departing at the same time, as the sister. I saw that the astral body of that old woman was healthy and well preserved, while the astral body of the sister was burnt and damaged, as a result of difficult experiences. I took the astral body of the departing old woman, connected it to the soul of the young woman and put it back in sister's body. This was the only way that the sister could remain alive. And her current pessimistic mood is caused by that astral body of another person."


At the council in 1921 in August, sister Tereza Keremedchieva suddenly passed out. It happened in the yard, in front of the cabin in Tarnovo. She was lying there in the grass. The Master came, and performed several circles around her, looking up at the sky. Then he called sister Ivanova and told her: "Stay here, nobody should come to her, she'll be back in an hour". After one hour Tereza showed signs of life and woke up.


Master's sister was sick and she sent her daughter Lyuba Chakalova to go and ask him for help. Lyuba asked the Master to go and visit the sick, but he just said: "Send her my regards and tell her that she will be just fine". The daughter went back home and found her mother feeling well again. After some time the mother got sick again, and she sent somebody to fetch the Master, but they could not find him. They managed to find him several days later, when his sister had already departed. He just said: "She wanted to be saved one more time, but it was time for her to go".


Here's the story about Dr. Mirkovich's last spirtitist session. He, Penyu Kirov and Todor Stoimenov got together to summon ghosts. After the session they talked on various topics. Suddenly the Master came to them. During the conversation Dr. Mirkovich asked him: "Master, you have told us a lot of things and everything you said came true. There's one thing I had always wanted to know, but never dared to ask. I'll ask you that now: I want to know the exact date of my death." The Master asked him: "Aren't you going to be scared, if you know?" He replied: "No!" "if so, get ready - you'll be gone in three days." The three of them were left dumbfounded. After that, however, Penyu Kirov turned to Mirkovich and asked him: "Doctor, you are departing soon anyway, why don't you at least give me your golden watch, as something to remember you by". Mirkovich took out his watch, looked at it on both sides, and handed it to Kirov. And Stoimenov proposed: "Doctor, you can give me your ring as a memory of you". Mirkovich took off his ring and gave it to Stoimenov. Three days later Doctor Mirkovich departed.


After finding out that the Master had foreseen when Dr. Mirkovich was going to die, brother Zahariev asked to be warned, when the time of his death approaches. However the Master refused. After some time Zahariev lost his vision and lived in blindness for about 30 years. When the Master passed away in 1944, brother Zahariev thought that there was nobody to tell him, when his time of death approaches. Several years after the Master passed away, one day in September brother Zahariev saw him before himself and heard that he told him: "You wanted to know, when the time of your departure to the other world comes, didn't you? Now the time has come, get ready." The brother invited some friends to lunch and told them that he was about to leave the Earth, and that the Master had appeared before him and warned him. The Master told him also that brother Golov and brother Penyu Kirov would help him pass the dark zone. At that lunch, brother Zahariev requested that he passed away in the beginning of October, and his relatives take his entire pension for the quarter - they gave the pensions like that back then. In the beginning of October he passed away.


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