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We must renounce all temporary lies. We say: "We will live!" From now on you must know - you will live or you will die. I will tell you one way you can know that: if you love, you will live; if you don't love you will die. Although you are living now, you will die. Now you want a proof. Go to the cemetery and read the inscriptions there. What moaning! But is there a need to moan over a cocoon, for the butterfly has already flown out? The butterfly has gotten out, I can see it - she walks like a queen. And you are saying: "Oh, poor cocoon!" Don't deceive yourselves with the cocoons, which carried by people. Rejoice for all the butterflies, which have left the cocoon!




When they were putting down Master's body, they had placed some thick boards on the coffin, so that no soil fell. After pouring the soil on the boards, the brothers and sisters gradually went away. Finally just a few people remained, among whom - Slavka and Georgi Karakov. Here's what they recall: "At one moment we heard the noise of breaking wooden boards from the grave, and the soil on top started sinking down. The boards were so thick, that they could not have broken only under the weight of the soul. Later we discussed and decided that at a that moment the Master had dematerialized his body, and the force, which was produced, caused that noise." The brothers and sisters went to the hall, where brother Boev told them that the Master was not in the grave, but he had dematerialized his body.


One postal officer, who worked in the department, dealing with sending and receiving telegrams between Sofia and Moscow, told me this story: "I noticed this: for some time, as a result of some storms in Ukraine, the connection between Sofia and Moscow was interrupted and a lot of undelivered telegrams accumulated. At one moment we received a sudden call from Moscow, informing us that the connection was restored and we could start transmitting. I reached for the pile of telegrams and took the one that was on top. I read the address and saw that it was addressed to Georgi Dimitrov /the first Communist leader of Bulgaria, from 1946 to 1949/ in Moscow. The telegram read, as follows: "Comrade Dimitrov, you probably remember the name of Peter Deunov, who rendered you a favor, by saving you from the police, by changing your clothes and letting you go through his room. He has just passed away. Please allow us to bury him in Izgrev, where he lived." Under the text of the telegram was the signature of Dr. Iv. Zhekov. Soon after that telegram was transmitted, the line broke again and it was restored after four days. The first telegram I received from Moscow after that, was by Georgi Dimitrov, who said that he allowed the burial of Mr. Deunov in Izgrev. After I recorded the telegram, the line broke again and it wasn't repaired until a whole week later. These coincidences made me a great impression."


A young man was introduced to our ideas after the Master departed. At that time he had just married, but his wife didn't approve of the Teaching and his involvement in it. The brother interrupted his relations with the Brotherhood for some time, in order not to irritate his wife. Inside himself, however, he was living with those ideas. Although he had no relations with the people in the Brotherhood, his wife still fretted, because of his closeness to the Teaching. One night she dreamed a well-dressed old man with a beard. He advised her not to treat her husband like that and to be more careful with him, for he was a good man on the right path. He spoke a lot. In the morning she told her husband about her dream. In the description of the old man, he immediately recognized the Master. His wife didn't know the Master. One day they went for a walk in the pine woods, and the brother took her to Izgrev. She didn't know that it was Izgrev. When they passed by the hall, the brother proposed: "Let's go inside - there are people playing and singing inside, let's listen to them". They entered, she saw Master's portrait and exclaimed: "This is the man, who came to me in my dream and talked to me!" After that she completely changed her attitude towards the ideas of the brotherhood and towards her husband.


This happened in 1957 or 1958. A sister from the country had some wounds on her legs; she came to Sofia and stayed at the hospital for treatment. She spent a lot of time there, but the doctor's couldn't help her. One night she dreamed that the Master came to her, and at the same time the doctors gathered for a council around her bed. The Master told one of them: "Wash the wound with warm water." Then he pointed at a jar full of white powder and said: "Put some of this powder on the wound". Then he pointed at another jar - with black powder - and said: "Now put some of this on the wound ". In her dream, the sister saw the wound healing. In the morning the doctor came for the regular examination, accompanied by his colleagues. They stopped by her bed. She remembered the dream and decided to tell the doctors what she dreamt. One of them thought for a while then confirmed: "Indeed, we have such powders" - and he pointed at the shelf. They washed the wound with warm water, then put on it first the white powder, then the black one. In two weeks time the wound gradually healed and the sister left the hospital.


Sister Krastina Nacho Petrova was in a bad spiritual state. She had a number of problems and wanted to consult the Master in some way. She thought how good it would be to ask him about her problems, but had already departed. She went to Izgrev and on her way to the big fountain, she saw the Master coming her way. Amazed she approached him, greeted him, but he vanished. The sister felt very sad that she wasn't able to ask her questions. Then she went to Master's grave and started cried there. Suddenly she once again saw the Master beside her, started a conversation and he answered all the questions she had.



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