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The Purpose of Life


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Human life will complete its development on Earth when people attain perfection. Just at hearing the word “perfection” some get immediately discouraged. Being perfect is a very high ideal. How will you achieve it? It lies in your attitude. When is a house considered ready and finished? Only when it has been lime washed on the outside and inside, and has been duly cleaned, mopped, and furnished, so that people can move in and live in it. In the same way, someone becomes perfect after attaining Love, Wisdom, and Truth; and when possessing Knowledge, Life, and Freedom. Some people think that perfection means the end of further development. This is not so. In reality, the perfect ones need to work the most. Serving others, they see the level of their advancement and what is still needed.


In the absolute meaning of the word, perfection does not exist on Earth. The perfect one has opened up, but he says as Apostle Paul did that we only know a part of the answer and yet we like to philosophize upon it.


Perfecting oneself is not a mechanical process. You say, “I want my eyes to open, I want to become perfect.” This is quite possible. However, “opening the eyes” in its true meaning requires inner work. Jesus said to the woman of Samaria, “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth.”[1] The meaning of this is to have communion with God - nothing can be attained without this communion. How will an ailing person get well, if he is deprived of air? No matter what you tell him, there is no life without air. You may encourage him, recommend him books to read and study, yet he will not achieve anything as long as he is bedridden. His illness will continue to trouble him. He says, “I am ill, so I am not interested in the future.” First, he needs to free himself of the illness that makes him suffer. You have all experienced this. While you are suffering from some illness, you go through various states every day - and you change every moment. This applies even for the most advanced ones. The inner torment that is endured cannot be explained. Even angels are unable to completely free themselves from suffering and from time to time are affected by it. Of course, that refers to the imperfect angels.


Christ says, “Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”[2]
Are humans capable of being perfect as God? If left on their own, they can never be perfect. However, in oneness with God the human being can attain perfection. The contemporary life of humankind is far from it, but one day when people connect with God, they will become perfect.


God has been revealing Himself through humans, but He is not abiding in them yet. His promise is, “I shall abide in you and you will become one with Me.”[3] This implies perfection. Today every person gets sometimes disheartened, discouraged. Why? It is because of unachieved perfection not only by the individual, but also by all humankind. People are interconnected as one whole. For this reason, they bear their joys and sufferings together. Therefore, one cannot experience joy alone. The joy of one is related to the joy of all. If someone in the family - either mother, father, or child is ill, can the others be joyful? They may pretend, but deep inside they will feel anxious and worried. This is due to the anguish of all humankind. Fallen spirits also turn to people and ask for help, thus bringing great sufferings to them. Their thoughts are received as by radio and make you sad. Will you be calm, if you catch an SOS call from a sinking ship on your internal “radio”? You are far from the ship, let’s say ten kilometers away; but you hear the passengers’ cries and you cannot help them. How will you feel then?


People of today are much like those two Americans who faced a grave accident when boating at Niagara Falls. They were drunk and lost control over the boat. The boat hit a rock and smashed to pieces. One of the Americans climbed onto the rock which pointed at the two countries: Canada and USA. The second one was swept by the current over the waterfalls. There were people watching him from the shores and although they wanted to help him, they did not know how to do it. They were searching for some way, but were afraid of drowning themselves and that made them indecisive. The situation got really terrible. The first American stood on the rock amidst the rumble and roar of the water. He saw his friend being swept by the waves and being totally helpless. I ask: what have these two Americans experienced? If you have never been caught in similar situations, you cannot really imagine the effect of the waves of Life. If you are far away from the waterfall, it will be easy for you to speculate. Back to the story, the rescuers finally succeeded and saved the first American who was on the rock.


Modern humankind is likewise on the top of a rock. If no rescuers come, the human race is going to listen to the roar of the waterfall without hope for salvation. You ask how the first American was saved. The rescuers threw a cable from the shore to the rock. Then they pulled the person to the shore and saved him.


Do not hold that gloomy picture in your mind. Why? It is because the darkness comes whenever one is ill and suffering. The true Life is where there is not the least darkness. However, diseases exist both in the physical and spiritual worlds: the point is to heal yourself without any trace of the illness leaving a remnant on you. It is said in the Scriptures that whoever stands upright must be careful not to fall.


I ask why they did not save both Americans, but only one of them. You say that God can save us all, if He wants to. That is true. God wants the salvation of all, but not all can be saved. The second American was so drunk, that the rescuers could not help him. The American who was on the rock was soberer and held on until he got help from the shore. Sometimes people get so intoxicated that no one can save them from misfortune. They wander here and there blindly. One day someone disappears and cannot be found. What has happened? You will say: he has passed to the World beyond. We know where he is - buried in the ground. His relatives and friends say though that he has gone to Heaven. It means that the visible person - the physical body - is in the ground, while the invisible one is in Heaven.


You say, “I do not want to live.” Why? It is because you do not understand the Laws of Life. The outcome is determined by people themselves. One should not be forced, but live by a natural impulse and free will. That is the Will of God. That one will be saved who absolutely observes God’s Will. Therefore, whoever has a profound inner desire for salvation only that person can succeed. Every mindful human desire is an expression of God’s Will. God manifests Himself through our desires, and the One Who awakens the desires in us is God.
I have told you many things today, which you need to apply like the one who makes use of becoming literate. Otherwise, if after learning how to read and write, you give up further studies, that will hold up your development. Continue to read and write. You must communicate with your mother, your father, and with your friends, too. “But can I not continue without this?”, you ask. No, it is not possible. When you can read and write masterfully, you will also lead a meaningful life. Beautiful handwriting implies that you lead a pure, beautiful life which reflects the written content. Therefore, what we write is the content of our lives. All beautiful things we insert are saved in our inner archives. Whatever is written on Earth follows its author. Whatever you put down, create, and do remains with you. No one can deprive you of your creations and achievements. Whatever you learn from others is helpful for your development. But only what you have achieved by yourself is truly important for you and makes you strong. Only in this way does one become perfect and free.


Many people ask me various questions, but I do not always answer them. “Why should we trust God and love Him?”, you ask. I will not answer you. Why? It is because the trust and love for God is in the natural flow of things and does not need speaking out. When you love God, you will study. “I love my teacher, but I do not want to study”, a student says. This cannot be. You cannot love your teacher without studying. If you love him, you will study his subject with love. Learning cannot be replaced by love. Love is love, but you should study. “I love this person.” If you love this person, you should study. Love and learning go hand in hand. True, when you love, you can learn; if you do not love, you cannot learn. Learning is not possible without love which leads to my conclusion: whoever does not study does not love.


And so, Love for God is a great power for achieving perfection. It is actually impossible to describe what Love is and what perfection is. Can you take a picture of the entire Earth? This is as possible as the description of Love and perfection. If you can photograph the one hemisphere of Earth, the other one will be missing. However, there are Beings of such an expanded consciousness that they can embrace the entire Earth. They see it simultaneously from all sides and even penetrate into its core. Is this possible? It is possible for the perfect one, but not for the imperfect one.


A young man was walking to a country wedding. On the route it started raining heavily. To avoid getting wet he stripped himself naked. When he was about to enter the village, he dressed in the nearby forest and continued his way. People in the village asked him how he could remain dry in the heavy rain. He replied, “I walked very fast, so fast that the rain did not reach me.” In reality, he had found a smart solution to this problem. But he hid the truth not to admit that he walked naked. It is curious how he got the idea to take off his clothes and prevent them of getting wet. Adam also became aware of being naked, but only after his wrongdoing. Therefore, one needs knowledge to avoid wrongdoings in the same way as the young man protected himself from the rain.


What do people of today need? Growth and development. This is the ideal of the human soul. Perfection of the human being comes through spiritual growth and development. All who followed the path of the high ideal became perfect. Christ came to Earth to fulfill His mission. Thus he attained true perfection. The one who wants to become perfect should fulfill the mission which God has assigned to him. We have the example of Christ for a sublime service. Christ said to His disciples, “I have food to eat of which you do not know.”[4] What is this food? Doing God’s Will. Everyone should have such a powerful idea, serving as a focal point for his spiritual world and keeping his life in balance. Such a sublime idea will really empower the human being. It is a foundation and fortress for the human life. It makes one strong and unshakable. Without holding such an idea one sways in life as a ship rocked by the waves which causes seasickness. A medication against seasickness was recently invented in Italy. Modern people should not sway any more.


Now I introduce to you the path walked by the perfect ones. You will walk the same path facing many contradictions which you should ignore. When you read about the life of Christ, Job, the prophets you see examples and ideas of how to move forward. Why did Christ suffer? Why did Job suffer? Whatever questions you ask, the answer is one: suffering is inevitable. You may say that the devil makes an exception. The devil suffers too - he also walks the path of suffering. Someone has broken his leg. Still, he needs to move forward. You say, “But he cannot walk.” When his leg gets better, he will continue on his way. The important thing is the correction of one’s errors. Someone says, “I do not feel well, I am nervous, I was born like that.” Rejoice that you were born that way. How would you live, if you had no nerves? The distinguishing feature between humans and animals is the nervous system. “I am neurasthenic.” There is nothing better than this. “I have become very sensitive.” But that is what makes you human. “I think a lot.” That is even better. “Where will all this end?” It is not your concern - because God is the beginning, you are the end. When you unite with God, this will be the end. It is just the beginning now. Therefore, the human being should take the last place, in other words, the end. Everyone should be the end, or the Omega, while God is the Alpha, or the beginning of things. You say, “But I do not want to be at the rear.” The best thing is to be at the rear, or to be the tail. The tail is that directs the movement of the fish. The propeller that drives the ship is at the back. Hence, the humankind is the end of things, and the human being is who puts the Divine Ideas into action.


Apply this: serve God in Spirit and Truth and be perfect. You ask, “Can we be perfect?” It is up to you. Where there is a beginning and end, there is perfection too. Where there is neither beginning nor end, perfection cannot be expected either. Since God has sent a soul to the Earth, it is capable of becoming perfect. When you become perfect, you will enter the World of Ascended souls. Your Advanced Brothers will recognize you there as being perfect. If you do not become perfect, you will need to study for a long time on Earth. You will descend to Earth, and ascend to Heaven until you finally finish your development. The Wheel of Incarnation will turn and turn over until you attain perfection. Only through perfection you will free yourself from this Wheel. In other words, you will incarnate and be physically born until the day of your perfection. The person who is tightly attached to Earth will need to incarnate many times until he finally begins to desire perfection.


Christ says, “But the hour is coming, and now it is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.”[5] And now, I would like you to reflect all day long upon the idea of serving God in Spirit and Truth.


The manifested Love of Spirit, the manifested Wisdom of Spirit, and the manifested Truth of Spirit bring the full and abundant Life of God, of the One Eternal God of Life.


Morning lecture by the Master Beinsa Douno, April 30, 1933, Sofia, Izgrev.



1. See John 4:24

2. See Matthew 5:48.

3. See also 1 John 4:12, “If we love one another, God abides in us, and His Love has been perfected in us.”

4. See John 4:32.

5. See John 4:23.


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