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Introduction. The Beginning of the New Age

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The spiritual work of the Teacher Peter Deunov (1864-1944), which already began in his early years, intensified after his return to Bulgaria in 1895 from the United States. He had studied in Boston at the Methodist School of Theology. Back in Bulgaria he had meetings and conversations with spiritual beings, in which he received a deeper insight into the spiritual task of Bulgaria and into his own mission. It was revealed to him that Bulgaria has a very important task in the preparation of a new culture of love and brotherhood. Peter Deunov dedicated himself to this task and at the age of 33 he founded in 1897 the Society for the Uplifting of the Religious Spirit of the Bulgarian People. This society developed in 1906 into the Chain and in 1920 into the School of the White Brotherhood.


In 1898 the angel Elohil gave a prophetic message to Peter Deunov that was addressed to the Bulgarian people. This message known as A Call to My People, provides the spiritual background for an understanding of the work of Peter Deunov. It announces the Second Coming of Christ in a New Age, in which the Slavic nations will step forward as the carriers of a new culture of love and brotherhood. This New Age is the Age of the return of Christ. In his public reading of the Call to My People in Varna, Peter Deunov adopted the role of a prophet, both of the return of Christ and of the new Slavic culture, which is developing in Eastern Europe under the guidance of the angel Elohil.


On Sunday March 22, 1914, at the beginning of spring, Peter Deunov invited the spiritual circle that had gathered for his lectures during a number of years, for a festive dinner. After reading from the last chapter of each of the four gospels, he spoke the following words: “Most of you are not aware of importance of this day, but for some it will be memorable, because today one epoch finishes and a new one begins.”


In the course of his speech he said: “This day is a great spiritual day. In heavens there is an official attendance of the feast and all friends congratulate you from there.” (...) “Today a new epoch begins in the Spiritual World and how will your names be written in the new Book of Life?” The closing words of his speech were: “Let us raise ourselves and let us represent today’s Divine image of the festivity in heavens. From above spirits are coming down to make us satisfied with what we have, and with them Christ is coming. This will happen either with a blessing, when they will only repair the present situation, or if this turns out to be irreparable, He will come with a catastrophe, He will demolish everything thoroughly (like buildings with rotten foundations), and He will begin His Work again. Let us not be afraid of that!


Christ is always above us and between us. Let us go with Christ in the soul, let us open our souls and hearts, and He will come to bless us. Amen.”[1]


On March 22, 1914 a new chapter in the history of mankind began. It is the realization of the prophetic message of 1898 – the beginning of the Second Coming. Since 1914, this day of March 22 is celebrated in the School of the White Brotherhood as the first day of the spiritual New Year. One week after this Sunday meeting, on March 29, 1914 the public Sunday Lectures of Peter Deunov, collected in the volumes of Power and Life, officially began. Informally these lectures had already begun in 1911. They present the new teaching about the development of consciousness in the Age of the returning Christ.


In the year 2014 the White Brotherhood commemorates the 150th birthday of the Teacher Peter Deunov. It also celebrates the official beginning of the Sunday Lectures a century ago, in 1914. In 2014 humanity as a whole can celebrate the first 100 years of the New Age of Christ.


This book presents the text of the Call to My People, in Bulgarian and English. It is followed by a reflection on its content and on the preparation of the new Slavic culture, also in both languages.


Harrie Salman, Holland




[1] Peter Deunov, talk from March 22, 1914, in: Iskayte sila, imayte vyara, Sofia, 1994, pp 9-12.

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