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A Call to My people – bulgarian sons of the slavic family.

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A call to my people

Bulgarian sons of the slavic family[2]

Listen to the words of Heaven:


Brothers and sisters from the Slavic house, family of suffering, tribe of discord, soul and heart of Life and Salvation of the present, bearers and defenders of peace, Sons of the Kingdom of God, listen to the Word:


Heaven has assigned you a sacred office in the coming Kingdom of Peace, which is coming and approaching in its power, to mark a great event in the life of this world, and if you prove to be faithful from now on to this noble and sacred calling awaiting you, then believe that the God of Hosts Himself will enwreathe you in the glory and the greatness of His life and will inscribe your names in the Supreme Books of the higher worlds that minister to the Supreme Holy Work of the great redemption. A glorious future is awaiting you, coming not to wipe out or destroy life but to resurrect it in its perfect fullness. All chosen people and nations, constituting the flower of the new generations of humanity are called to partake in this life. Your time is approaching, your trial is coming to an end, the hour of your calling has come and the moment of your life has arrived to wake up and to enter into this gentle life which is coming to this long-suffering land.


I come from above at the supreme command of God, your Heavenly Father, Who has entrusted me with the great mission of warning you against the bad ways and to announce you the Truth of Life which descends from the heavenly dwellings of the eternal Light, in order to enlighten each mind, revive each heart, to uplift and renew all spirits – the chosen children of Truth preordained to form the seed of the New Humanity of which the Slavic family, the stock of Judah,[3] will become the hearth.


The leader of this salvation, the anointed of Zion, the Lord’s King, the brother of those who suffer, will arrive in all His power and spiritual fullness and will change the appearance of this world. You will soon be elevated in the order of the redeemed higher worlds, which gradually yet steadily rise one after the other into a new region of the upper supreme worlds, into the Heaven of the Divine Instructions, into which also your world will step forward to take its place among the others as assigned to it by the Supreme Father. Your stepping into these new infinite boundaries of the New Kingdom of the everlasting worlds will be marked by being given the sign from the Supreme Lord, Ruler and King over everything. He with all the angelic hierarchies will meet you, will receive you with joy and cheer as fellow citizens of the Everlasting Kingdom of endless power and glory.


Do not grieve God by your conduct; do not doubt His Truth, which He brings to you from the Heavenly Dwellings as a sign of His faithfulness and His love for you. Become enlightened, pull yourselves together, become conscious of the truth of life. He Who has given birth to you keeps watch over you. You know His Name. Doubt not or hesitate, but put aside your faintheartedness; come to the eternal light of life to know the eternal ways of God, Who has raised you from the ashes of nothingness to the glory and greatness of immortality. Do not err, but make a place for Him Who gives you life. In Him the families, generations and nations do not disappear, but they are restored and regenerated through this same Eternal Spirit, Who puts everything in this great Divine World in order. Renewal is a great blessing for you, which contributes to your becoming worthy of entering the path of light, which is endowed with peace and love at every step. This blessing is the powerful and eternal generator of life, which uplifts all the fallen in spirit. It is the path to salvation which unfortunate mankind takes, summoned from Heaven to perform one more heroic deed, with which everything that is destined will be completed.


The path on which I come to lead you, so that you enter the Kingdom of God, serve Him, is eternal. It is a path filled with all the sweetness of life. All the heavenly hierarchies and dwellers, before the origin of that very eternity without beginning or end, have passed along this path. Between you and this path of the Heavenly Dwellers exists a great distance which no mighty power can fathom, yet there is an invisible bond connecting everything in one indivisible brotherhood. This bond is the love of the Eternal and Invisible God, the Source of Life.


It is this infinite love of Him Who loves you and cares for you that called upon me from on high in order to come and help you in these hard times that lie ahead for the last time in this world.


Before you lies a great danger which is getting ready to destroy all holy things which have been planted by the hand of your Heavenly Father. This is why I came to this world to guide you in person through this most dangerous moment of your lives. Be brave, strong and steadfast, faithful to your calling, and braced for battle. Each of you, make the necessary self-sacrifices for the truth to triumph. Now is the right time to show that you are the chosen kindred, a Royal Seed, a nation whose ruler is the God of Hosts.


I come to support the Slavic family to whom is given to prevail over all its enemies and foes standing on its way to the noble knowledge for which it is striving and in its way to its destiny as ordained by Supreme Providence. The time is drawing near and is by the gates of this world. Truth will triumph and will reign in all its beauty, which will illumine the face of this world with heavenly radiance. This is the day of Truth that has given birth to you for His glory. Listen to His voice. He is coming from above, raise your eyes to see that which is awaiting you, open your ears to hear the sweet songs, the pleasant hymns, the great anthems, the songs of praise sung by the angels who are preparing themselves for this glorious day.


Listen: faithfulness is the first step for entering the new life, the first condition of passage through the narrow gates of admission; it is the first fruit of Love which you shall place before the Hearth of the Father’s altar. There is no time left to involve yourselves with irrelevant discussions of the past which are of no use to you, unless past errors teach you a lesson to correct the present ones. Your rebirth requires pure virtues which are lacking. It is now superficial and not fundamental; it is of a transient and inessential nature, not able to bring the expected good fruits. This nation is yearning to be led and ruled by holy and godly principles, which are necessary to succeed. These principles were established long ago by God, Who takes care for the improvement of all His nations, and these principles are implanted in your souls. In the revival of the nations, the mind and the heart must be in harmony, love and virtue must be together, power and reason must jointly lead and steer the way of their good endeavours. Without these conditions everything is irretrievably lost for the nations. This is why you need to stop and consider the situation in which you find yourselves, in order to avoid the total destruction which is hanging already over all your heads.


I arrive in this depraved world at this important moment to exert the necessary influence, to lead you away from this pernicious path into which the nations on earth rushed to pursue recklessly. Remember, if you repudiate my good advice and oppose my Divine Directions which I gave you because you are dear to My heart, then I will employ also other measures which are much worse and I am bound to apply in response to your disobedience to the holy Divine Commandments. You are under my protection and it is my duty to guide and educate you in the Word of Truth. I am your protector and a supreme leader among the Heavenly Dwellers. When I took upon myself to take you under my guardianship, I could foresee all the difficulties which time would present to me until I lead you to safety. I knew how many obstacles and how many failures in this great battle you and I would have to face, yet my spirit will not depart from my intention. My love for you dictates this sacred duty to me, so I stepped forward to take you under my supreme protection. In this distant past your spirit did not possess any beauty to attract me and make me love you. You looked disgusting and those who looked at you were repulsed by the rudeness of your heart. I did not reject you because of your flaws, nor did I disdain you because of the crudeness of the external garments in which your soul was wrapped, but I came to love you completely with all my kind spirit, which undertook to probe you and to find any Divine virtue, any kind feature of your soul, which my spirit could cultivate and make fertile, so that it might bring plenty of good fruits and that a pure, holy and sublime behaviour might be formed in you, so that you could deserve the honour to join the family of the first nations which the God of Hosts has chosen to fulfill His everlasting holy will. The day has already come to determine the main destiny of this corrupt world, in which Heaven is going to make a radical and great change, and that very soon in the approaching New Age, to mark new pages on the face of the earth. It is my desire to prepare you for this, because you are far behind due to your present crimes as well as past national sins; for them you were required to go through countless sufferings and sacrifices, until you wash away and clean the disgusting vileness with which you annoyed God. This made Him turn His face away from you and leave you in the ordeal which took centuries,[4] so that you might recognize and repent for your sins, that tear the sacred bonds of His Love. Yet, God is not angry forever. His mercy is from generation to generation and His kindness is always with those who love Him and His blessing does not withdraw. He guides you with a strong hand through all the dark ages and His eye watches you, especially when you were passing through the dangerous paths of this world. As your Supreme Protector, I had to exert great efforts and make sacrifices in order to correct your past behaviour, to educate you and adorn you with the beauty of the eternal assigned to you. For this purpose I deigned to call forth from afar, from the farthest realms of Heaven, the two brothers,[5] luminaries of the Slavic family, and to hand to them the Word of Truth and the Word of Life, so that they could bring them to you and teach you the path, so you could climb along it towards the Eternal Light in which I dwell, i.e. the Light of Life which I sent you to live in forever.


“The world did not accept this Light but refused it and exposed Jesus, My Anointed of the Covenant, to violation and death because the deeds of these people were evil. But the transgressors of My Testament have paid for their lawlessness, and now all has come to an end. Righteousness is everlasting, My Father is unchangeable and His deeds can not be changed; you are My nation.”[6]


The Lord searched for a dwelling for Himself and His choice fell upon the Slavic family which Heaven has come to love because of its Divine virtue. For this reason I sent My two servants to bring you good tidings, to abandon the darkness of gloomy pagan gods. And there was great joy in the worlds of the Light when God placed the seal of His great name upon you and put His Spirit into your hearts as an eternal covenant. And I appeared to your royal Ruler at that time,[7] and let him know the Will of Heaven to receive My Messengers of the New Testament; and he listened to my voice and was honoured in my presence to become the founder of your spiritual renewal. I can assure you that since him there has not been a more modest and pure-hearted ruler born to the family of Slavs. He fulfilled the given promise with unshakable faith, like Abraham who did not spare his son, but presented him as a living sacrifice to God; in this way acted your pious ruler and father of the Slavic family, who gave the eyes of his firstborn son as an auspicious sacrifice, a chosen gift to God, as a sign of his unshakable faithfulness to Him;[8] this very day your calling was initiated by the God of Hosts, Who ordained in His imeasurable wisdom to glorify, together with you, the whole Slavic family in which God Almighty abides and which He has destined to take the first place in His Kingdom which is now coming into power in this long-suffering world. Understand the unchangeable truth that the elevation of the Slavic family is an elevation necessary for all, which God Himself is performing for His chosen one, the Leader of Salvation, Who will appear soon among you in his full Glory and Power to restore the eternal Kingdom of Peace, God’s Kingdom on earth.


“And he who challenges your pre-eminence from now on, says the Lord Himself, challenges Mine, for I have the power to give Mine to whomever I wish, and if I give out of My good will, who would oppose Me and ask Me what I am doing? He who has the courage to do so, let him come and try his strength and he will see. I am one, My Word never changes, I am faithful and true in all My ways. My Word is irrefutable.”[9]


The Lord is to you a Leader, He is to you a Bridegroom Who sends forth His gifts, Who is delighted as a newly-married man with the love which you have accepted faithfully from Him, Who is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. This is why I come from the eternal dwellings to awaken you to a good and holy life and to protect you not to trespass anew against the supreme will of Heaven, so that it may reject you as it did in the past, when you annoyed God with your unlawful acts and He let you fall into the hands of your enemies, who came from far away to punish you for your crimes and to fulfill the Supreme Judge’s will against you. Yet, at that time during your fall I supported you with My Love, because you had not been completely rejected from the sight of Him who had chosen you. And thus during this longlasting bondage I steadily guided you along the path of patience and humility and taught you to correct your life, to become conscious of your sins, to repent and turn to God the Lord with your whole hearts, with Whom you are united in the marital ties of pure and immaculate life. In all your sufferings and trials I supported you with My hand and gave you spiritual power and strength, so that you would not completely decline spiritually and become lost in the mire of life and in despair. And with all the power which I possess I began to create in you a pure and immaculate soul with Divine conduct. And at the end of your trial of many centuries, when Heaven under a Supreme judgment of Divine Providence decided to deliver you from the heavy slavery,[10] I was the first to appear, to intercede for your liberation, supposing that you would take advantage of this given blessing and correct your past behaviour; yet, you misused the gifts of your freedom. Anyway, I began the process of your liberation by putting into action all my mighty powers to work everywhere for the accomplishment and realisation of the great idea which I shall bring about in the shortest time. This is waiting for My supreme order, but your discord, your new sinful life are interfering with the sacred idea which I keep in my heart for your good and for the good of the whole mankind. There is a limit to everything and you must know that. During these last years of your newly begun life I have guided you safely until the present moment and have made greatest efforts to protect you from many dangerous evils. Give praise to God that I am not one of those who can be defeated.


“The time has come when you will feel My Power and you will know that I am God, Who cannot be deceived, but you are a self-willed nation who does not see where its own good is hiding.”[11]


The weak side of your soul is the general lack of unity and discord which hinders the sacred cause of the Slavic family, yet I am faithful to the work of Him, Who has sent Me. For Him there are no obstacles, no difficulties, His will is eternal and unbending and all He has said shall come to pass, but not in your days, if you turn back as did the Israelite nation in the desert, and like them you shall leave your bones because of your faintheartedness and general disbelief. Yet, the new generation which the God of Hosts Himself shall raise, shall bring to completion His intentions as ordained to be carried out. You may speed up or hinder the development of your cause, if you become involved in the licentious life of the corrupt nations, and this makes Me be more watchful over you, so that you may not turn back again and fall into the trap of evil, which fall shall cost you your lives. This has forced Me to come among you from above and to intercede for you again and to wipe out and remove the infernal hatred towards your brotherly nation which has sacrificed innumerable human lives for you. This is holy Russia for which God has ordained a great future, to fulfill His will for your glory and for the glory of His Kingdom. You will receive a gift from Russia as Melchizedek received from Abraham whom he blessed.[12] She owes her present power and glory to you; such are the Divine orders: one sows and another reaps, but in the end all will partake in the blessings of God. The infernal venom is being put aside today, the events are taking another course, the powers of hell are yielding the leading role on the battlefield; those who disturb the Peace of God will be punished everywhere and His justice shall be re-established on earth. The kingdom which I will restore is not a kingdom of hatred, but of love; raise your eyes to see that the world is ripe for harvest. Soon I shall prove the truth of my Divine words. One more great deed and all hearts shall tremble and the speculations of the world shall cease once and forever. As a sign of its benevolence, Heaven has given you a sacred pledge of great mercy and love which is kept between you, and from the day when the answer is given, your redemption shall begin; and I am warning you to protect what I am building, not to destroy it, because it is sacred and if you try to commit a sacrilege, I shall send three evils upon you: hunger, plague and devastation, and I shall have no mercy on you and I shall judge you so that you shall forever remember that God has spoken to you. Mind My words. In the Pledge, which I have entrusted to you, your future rests; it is the legacy of your house, it is the hope and life of your family. Listen to me, Slavic house, be witness that I have spoken to you.


Now I am addressing you, my servants, leaders and teachers and to you scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites, and I command you to not corrupt My people which I have entrusted to you. Turn away from your evil paths, it is time for you to consider, guide my people on the path of the truth and do not mislead them, help the defenseless in their sorrows and do not injure the poor. Put away lawlessness, renounce injustice, leave depravity behind, for God can no longer look upon these evil deeds which are being committed everywhere before His eyes. He is out of patience, I have been called to bring an end to the mass of evil. Heed this while there is still time left, for the moment is coming when it shall be too late to seek me; think about this, the lack of faith which has taken over you wilfully, won’t bring you any good. This is my second coming since you have become my people, in order to see with my own eyes how you are and how you live and My spirit is moved when I see the dismal picture. You are to be pitied, you for whom I have sacrificed all that I acquired: life, glory, and honour; you have misused My goodness and love. In front of My eyes a great number of your unhappy brothers and sisters are standing whom you yourselves have violated and plundered. Go to them and confess your trespasses and make peace with your neighbours. On the day when I am coming to reveal myself to you in My full glory, I wish it to be a day of joy and not of sorrow, a day dedicated to My Lord.


I am Elohil, The Angel of the Lord’s Covenant.


Communicated on 8 October 1898, Varna, Bulgaria




2 Translated by Harrie Salman. Translations made by Marianna Radoulova and anonymous translators have been consulted. Redaction of the translation by Cora Manzano (Hawaii).


3 A reference to the book of Isaiah, chapter 48:1, where the house of Jacob, sprung from the stock of his son Judah, is addressed.


4 The years under Byzantine rule (1018-1186) and Turkish rule (1396-1878). The Bulgarians were under Turkish bondage as a punishment for the persecution of the Bogomils, as Peter Deunov later explained.


5 The two brothers St. Cyril (827/28-869) and St. Methodius (815/20-885), who devised the Slavonic alphabet, the so-called Glagolitic alphabet. During their missionary work in Moravia (863) they began to translate the Bible into the language of the Slavs (now called Old Bulgarian or Church Slavonic).


6 In these sentences not the angel Elohil, but God the Father and Christ are speaking. Quotation-marks placed by the translator.


7 The Bulgarian king Boris I (ruled 852-889, died in 907), who adopted the Christian religion in 865-866 and later introduced the Slavonic alphabet. He welcomed the disciples of the two brothers, St. Cyril and St. Methodius, in 886 and founded schools where they could teach and translate Biblical texts into Old Bulgarian.


8 King Boris I abdicated the throne in 889 and became a monk. When his son and successor Vladimir attempted to restore the pagan religion of the past, Boris emerged from his monastery to save Christianity and defeated him in 893. Vladimir was blinded and replaced by his brother Simeon.


9 In these sentences the Lord is speaking. Quotationmarks placed by the translator.


10 After the Bulgarian uprising of April 1876, Russia declared war on the Ottoman Empire in 1877 and liberated the Bulgarian territories. A much smaller Bulgarian state was established at the Conference of Berlin in 1878.


11 God is speaking here. Quotation-marks placed by the translator.


12 It is not clear what kind of gift is referred to here.


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