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At the heart of the work of Peter Deunov stands the prophetic message that in the new Slavic culture of love and brotherhood Christ will return, and that He will establish his Kingdom in a more distant future, in the sixth cycle of cultures. The return of Christ (the Second Coming) initiates the New Age, proclaimed by the angel Elohil. It is in fact the New Age of Christ, who is returning, according to Peter Deunov, not in a physical body, but in the hearts of people, where he can be found.


Throughout his life Peter Deunov was consistent in his prophetic message. In the book The Teacher, a group of pupils collected the following words: “This Christ is coming now to visit human minds and hearts. (...) Remember that Christ is a manifestation of the Love of God. And He will come as an inner Light in the minds and hearts of the people. This Light will attract everybody around Christ as a great Centre. The opening of the human minds and hearts and the reception of Christ from within – this will be ‘the Second Coming of Christ’ on earth. He will preach above all the great science of Love and the methods how to apply it. (...) Prepare to meet Christ! Prepare, so that everybody in one’s time can meet Christ. Put on your new clothes. For some Christ will come even today, for others – tomorrow, still for others – in years. You will see Him when you are prepared. Receive Christ in your hearts as a friend, and in your mind – as Teacher. Christ is now working. (...) If you are in harmony with Christ, your consciousness will wake up, you will see Him. Christ is coming to the world with His Intelligence and Love. Christ is already coming to the Earth to bring Divine Love for all the people. He will teach people self-sacrifice and Love. He brings Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Freedom! The Light of Christ penetrates everywhere!”[18]


In 1940 Peter Deunov commented during an excursion in the mountains: “We are at the beginning of the Second Coming.”[19] In The Wellspring of Good, a compilation of his words from 1944, we find him saying: “Humankind is presently passing through a new phase of its development. A new form of Love is coming. We ask, ‘When will God come and reveal His Love to us?’ This Day is coming. For some this Day has come already.” “The End of Times began in 1914.” “The solar system departs from the heavier matter and enters into a lighter medium. Because of this, there will exist the conditions for the manifestation of a higher consciousness for humankind. The solar system departs from the so-called ‘thirteenth sphere’. At the same time, the sun will enter the age of Aquarius. Now is the end of the dark epoch, Kali Yuga (a time of spiritual darkness, known in Hindu cultured – remark by the author).”[20] Peter Deunov said that this epoch would end in 1999.


According to Peter Deunov the influence of the constellation of Aquarius began in 1914. About this influence he said: “The most typical of this sign is that it will raise and develop in man and in human society a striving for justice, for the spiritual and the mystic in man as well as in humanity as a whole.”


“The main characteristic of Aquarius is purity. It is related with water which brings new life. We are already in the sign of Aquarius. This is the most mystical century, the end of a cycle. The sign of Aquarius determines supreme mysticism in man. The conditions now are the most favourable for work. Never before in the age of Christianity there have been better conditions.”[21]


The early decades of the 20th century show the first inspirations of Aquarius in the public appearance of a new wave of esoteric Christianity, as manifested in the School of the White Brotherhood in Bulgaria and in Anthroposophy in Central Europe. For these movements, the age of Aquarius is the age of the returning Christ. In the 1960’s another annunciation of the age of Aquarius came from the Western world, from California, where the so-called New Age movement started. This movement is not part of esoteric Christianity.


According to the old star wisdom each of the twelve constellations of the zodiac influences human life in a different way. The sequence of these influences is determined by the constellation from which the sun rises at the beginning of spring. Due to the movement of the axis of the earth, this vernal point shifts by one degree every 72 years. The whole journey of the vernal point through the zodiac takes about 25920 years – 12 periods of approximately 2160 years, if the length of the constellations would be equal, which is not the case. In 1928 the International Astronomical Union established the boundaries of all the 88 constellations in the sky. On the basis of this division the vernal point will be in the constellation of Aquarius between 2597 and 4312. In astrology, however, the boundaries between the constellations of the zodiac are defined by giving them an equal space of 300. According to this division of the zodiac, the vernal point in 2014 is in 50 Pisces and will enter the constellation of Aquarius around the year 2374.


From the perspective of the spiritual world, the new age of Aquarius began on March 22, 1914, as Peter Deunov said on that day.[22] This date for the beginning of the new age is not connected with the visible constellation of Aquarius, but with the beginning of the Second Coming of Christ and of the End of Times.



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22 Peter Deunov, talk from March 22, 1914, in: Iskayte sila, imayte vyara, Sofia, 1994, p 11.

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