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The present situation of the Slavic countries

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According to Peter Deunov the present Bulgarians have three good characteristics which they inherited from the basic constituents of the population. From the Thracians (who inhabited the country in Antiquity) comes the inclination for the mystical, the spiritual. From the Slavs they received the spirit of sacrifice: selflessness. And from the Old Bulgarians they received courage.[37] Peter Deunov distinguished between those who are Bulgarians in a physical sense and the Bulgarians of the spirit. The latter are people who search for their teacher, find him and learn from him. “The real Bulgarian is one who has goodness, righteousness, beauty and sentience: goodness of the heart, righteousness of the mind, beauty of the soul, and sentience as well. The Bulgarians must learn to rely on God alone.”[38]


On several occasions Peter Deunov said that Bulgaria was in its ‘golden century’. For this he had created favourable conditions. “Until now the Bulgarians have served the powers of darkness, but now they will serve the powers of Light. Bulgaria today is like a holy land.” But: “If the Bulgarian nation does not accept the new teaching, something terrible is in store for her.”[39]


With the arrival of communism in 1944 the golden age of Bulgaria came to an end. Peter Deunov did not speak about the period of repression that lasted until 1990. The School of the White Brotherhood was forbidden, books of the Teacher were confiscated and to a great extent destroyed. The School had to go underground, but it survived the 45 years of atheism and materialism.


After the collapse of communism Eastern Europe was invaded by the free-market economy in which people were encouraged to seek their private interest. State property was privatized, often in criminal ways, and the life conditions for the poor, the ill, the aged and the unemployed deteriorated. Because their country could not offer them normal life conditions about a million people left Bulgaria after 1990 to look for a job and a better life.


When we look at the situation of the Slavic countries that are part of the Orthodox Christian world, countries that belong to the sphere of inspiration of the angel Elohil, the general image is not very hopeful at the moment. In various degrees these countries have states with a high level of corruption, the state of law is not well developed and they are ruled by a political elite (usually from the old communist structures, the secret police and the new mafia) that is seeking its own benefit and has little interest in improving the general conditions of the people.


A profound moral and spiritual regeneration is necessary to create the proper conditions for the development of the new Slavic culture. The School of the White Brotherhood can offer regenerating impulses.



37 The Wellspring of Good, p 333.


38 Idem, p 337.


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