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By Way of Introduction

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By Way of Introduction


A hundred years ago, there came to earth a divine messenger - a Master to point out the path towards the worlds of Eternity. He unveiled for us the power of nature's laws. He revealed the methods of applying Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth.


The Master lived among us-the Bulgarians-very modestly, humbly and noiselessly, as the sun silently streams down abundantly its life-bringing rays, as the mountain brook flows forth, as the morning dew freshens each flower and each blade of greass, without selecting one in preference to another.


He spoke quietly and calmly, he spoke directly to the soul. He welcomed in a friendly and fatherly way all who came to him with open hearts. His presence radiated peace and his advise wiped away tears and gave strength to the weak. He healed the sick in miraculous ways.


The Master came down to earth in the flesh, as an ordinary man, but God Himself manifested through him. He knew how to humble himself before us, the ordinary people, so that he could penetrate into the hearts and sufferings of all, in order more closely, with examples from everyday life, to advise us. I loved to look at him and to listen to him. His presence brought peace to my soul independently of whether or not I understood what he was saying. In the course of twentyfive years I never missed any of his lectures.


At the community dinners under the shadow of the old hazelnut trees, or in the small hall at "Izgrev," * on excursions in the mountain, or in the Rila Mountains during the summer, the Master took an active part in all initiatives of the brotherhood. He lived with the whole.


In every person the Master saw a particle of the whole Divine Consciousness. In order to awaken this very consciousness, implanted in every human soul, the Master came down to earth, and whenever we knocked at his door, he welcomed us and listened to us with attention and sympathy.


When I went to the Master usually I carried with me a notebook in which I wrote down some of the precious thoughts I wished to remember.


But, friends of mine, now I shall tell you of things which I did not write in the notebook, the things which were written in my very soul and implanted in my heart. Reminiscences of the Master over a period of twenty to thirty years, arise in my consciousness today one by one, fresh roses that bloomed in the early spring of my spiritual life. The fragrance of the truth heard during those talks with the Master reveals me the sublimity of his spirit.


His words-an omen for the time-continue to radiate in space like a sun from a faraway galaxy and shine into our consciousness when we read them with our very souls and come to understand that God Himself spoke to us through him . . . and continues to speak to us and to whisper to us until we hear Him, understand Him and know Him.


The truth which I heard from the Master many years ago now flashes up within me and I see that every word of his, every advice, was the living Word spoken and left to resound in space and in me until my soul experiences a spiritual awakening and understands the power, the light and the spiritual insight of him who, with the might of God, and with penetration into ages past and future, spoke to our souls.


I am going to tell you now about these bright and sacred moments of my life, about what I saw; heard and learned when the Master was on earth amidst the Bulgarian nation.


M.P. (A pupil of the Master) Sofia, Spring of 1967




* "Izgrev" in the Bulgarian language means "Sunrise." It is a place east of the city, just at its outskirts-several acres of land with a building (Hall, reception and bedrooms, kitchen etc.) where the Master lived.



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