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For My Eyes


At the age of fourteen the doctors prescribed for me eyeglasses of half diopter for short-sightedness, and when I graduated from high school my eyeglasses were six and a half diopters.


When I came to Sofia to study to become a kindergarten teacher, I had the opportunity to hear the Master's lectures and to talk with him.


One day I decided to talk to him about my eyes. At that time I was too naive in my belief and did not know what it really meant to be a pupil.


"Please, Master, tell me how to cure my eyes. I want to be an occult pupil and therefore I have to free myself from all defects and illness. I will do anything you tell me. You see what happened to my eyes through the help of the doctors. I beg you to help me." I said all this with full faith in him and awaited his reply.


"Every disease has two causes-one physiological and another psychological. Now I shall explain to you the physiological cause of your short-sightedness. Imagine the eye-ball, the iris . . . and at the bottom the yellow macula. When a person is short-sighted, the rays of the light that enter the eye do not refract in the yellow macula; they refract before reaching it," the Master explained.


"Now, your task is to prolong the rays that enter into your eyes so that they reach, and refract in, the yellow maculae. First, take off your eyeglasses and henceforth you will wear them only when you go to the theatre or when you wish to see something very far away."


"I am so used to them that without them on the streets I won't be able to see my acquaintances three steps away from me," I tried to object.


"Well, you will see only those that are next to you," the Master answered merrily. "Second, you will chose a time in the morning, at noon and in the evening when for five minutes you will concentrate on your eyes, without anybody knowing what you are doing. You will imagine your eyes and prolong in your thoughts the rays up to the yellow maculae."


"Third, you will put some green paper on your desk and will try to look more at the green color. And fourth, every evening for half an hour without eyeglasses you will walk in the dark. You may stare but do not tire your eyes. Saying walk, means to move. It is not enough to stay in the dark, it is necessary to move in the dark. Do as I tell you and you will see the results."


"And what about the psychological cause of my shortsightedness?"


To this question the Master did not answer.


"You do as I say now."


I went home and took off my eyeglasses. It was very hard to get used to being without them but somehow I did manage. I kept strictly to the Master's instructions. And keeping it a secret, I walked without eyeglasses around the yard for half an hour each evening. Three times daily I hid myself in various places and concentrated on my eyes for the period of five minutes. And in my room the green color predominated.


Thus three and a half years passed. When I went to the theatre, I wore my eyeglasses, seeing better with them, but my eyes hurt.


Then I went to see the doctor who for years had taken care of my eyes and whose opinion it was that my short-sightedness could never improve, and in order to prevent its increase I had to wear eyeglasses.


He was extremely surprised to ascertain that my shortsightedness had decreased with two and a half diopters.


I was extremely happy that the advice of the Master proved better than the doctor's prescriptions. Mother, who came with me to the oculist, realized the justification of my eccentric excercises.


The result was that she took care to remind me every evening not to forget to walk in the dark, although, up to that time, she thought it was mere nonsense.


I went to tell the Master of the results.


"Yes, sometimes small mistakes lead to big results, and often big results are cured through small corrections," he replied calmly and did not in the least underline the great help he had rendered me.

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