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When Heaven Wishes To Give You Something

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When Heaven Wishes To Give You Something


Very often, after the evening meal, the Master came out in front of the Hall for conversation.


This was a very special and pleasant time. You could stand near, very near the Master and listen to what he said to the people around. Sometimes he was very jolly and laughed with full melodious laughter and sometimes he was very serious-listened attentively, answered, and himself asked questions. We could look at him and listen to him, speaking like every ordinary man but every word of his was absorbed by our souls as thirsty persons gulp down the clear pure spring water. Most often the conversation started with one person and ended with ten, fifteen and sometimes twenty, grouped around him.


Whenever I went to Izgrev in the evenings I liked very much to include myself within the group around the Master, to listen to and look at him. I never participated in the conversation because I was very bashful then.


One such evening the Master looked at me and asked:


"Eh, Milka, if Heaven wished to give you something, what would you ask for?"


"I? I would ask to have money and beautiful clothes, to be rich!"


I replied without thinking, then turned scarlet all over, because I found myself the center of attention and because, so unthinkingly, I had expressed my sensitiveness about the things I lacked.

"Listen to what I am going to tell you: when Heaven wishes to give you something never ask for temporary possessions. The money will be spent and the clothes will be worn out. Ask that you be given a heart pure as crystal, a mind bright as the sun, a soul vast as the universe and a spirit mighty as God and one with Him; ask for that which nobody can give you and nobody can take away from you. It is wealth to the healthy, to have pure blood, pure thoughts, a pure heart; material possessions are temporary," the Master said and looked at all the persons gathered around him.


Many years passed by. Through experience and suffering I learned a lot. Many times I fell down and got up again and step by step walked on the steep path of pupilage.


Then once again, up in his room, the Master asked of me:


"If Heaven be willing to give you something, what would you ask for, M ilka?"


With a heart burned out by much hard experience and with a soul tired out by many ramblings in confusion, I answered firmly:


"I will ask, Master, for. . . "


And that evening, walking on the road towards the city where my home was, I almost loudly talked with myself: today, after twenty years, the Master asked me the same question. How very slowly we men on earth learn our lessons! With what patience the Master waits for us to grow up and come to the Realty of Life.


Yes, man's garment gets old, the soul disentangles itself from the dusty decoration, then the consciousness brightens up and the words of the Master, uttered twenty years ago, come back to memory:


"When Heaven wishes to give you something, never ask for temporary possessions!"


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