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He Worked Day And Night

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He Worked Day And Night


It was a winter's night.


The frost crept freely through the cracks of the wooden walls of the little room where I slept when up at Izgrev. The stove was not burning. Curled up in the bed I was not sleeping, but waited for the time to get up and go to the Master's lecture. When the hands of clock were pointing to two o'clock after midnight I decided to go to the Hall and wait there where it was warm.


In a few minutes I dressed and went out. On tiptoe I passed the well-swept platform in front of the Hall and went in. The burning stove welcomed me and I sat very near to it. I warmed myself up and began to think: whenever I come here during the night, seeking warmth, I always see that the Master's room is lighted. Does he prefer to sleep with the lights on or ...


At this moment a noise came from his room which was just above the Hall.


Under what a strong blue light he sleeps! Strange, that he doesn't leave burning only his small night lamp?-I continued to think.


At this moment from his room there came again a noise, absolutely the same as the first one.


Perhaps the Master got up to put some firewood in the stove and dropped a piece,-I continued to think, not suspecting that I was intruding. To my still greater surprise, absolutely the same noise was heard for the third time from his room.


I was startled, looked around and stopped thinking. The Hall was dark save for the burning stove. But my consciousness was lighted up with the thought that the Master feels our thoughts even in the night. And I understood that it was not by mere chance that every night the ten blue electric bulbs of the chandelier in his room were burning. The Master worked in the night too.

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