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Marvelous Like A Dream

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Marvelous Like A Dream


On a February night at Izgrev before a lecture by the Master, around one o'clock after midnight I locked the door of my wooden room and walked on the snowy path towards the Hall. Some minutes later the blue light from the Master's room clearly showed the well cleaned yard in front of the Hall. Like many other nights I went quietly in and sat by the burning stove. There was time enough before the lecture so that I could doze off a little. Red tongues of flame leaped out of the small hole in the door of the stove and scattered playful lights on the chairs lined up in the dark Hall, as if unseen beings discussed mysteriously in the night.


It was warm and pleasant and after some minutes, or perhaps an hour, it became marvelous.


The door of the Hall opened and with quick light steps the Master, with his violin in his hand, passed through the Hall between the rows of chairs and went up on the platform. He turned on the light, sat before the piano and tuned his violin.


I feared he would see me and at once I squatted behind the stove.


The Master began to play on the violin-he played wondderfully, marvelously, in an unearthly manner. Every tone sounded lively, rich, magical!


I looked and listened and didn't believe my eyes and earsperhaps I was dreaming. I got a pin out of the lapel of my coat and pricked my finger-it hurt, I was not dreaming: all this marvel was a reality, a reality marvelous like a dream!


At the end the Master struck several chords on the piano, closed it, turned off the light and taking his violin in one hand, walked back through the dark Hall and out of the door.


Squatting, I moved around the stove so that he would not see me. For my own peace of mind, he - who saw things at great distances-pretended that he did not see me five feet away from him.


When the door closed and 1 was alone, I sat again on the chair. The wonderful music from the Master's violin still sounded within my soul.


In the morning the Master came to the Hall with his violin and lectured on music - the strength and color of tones.


He illustrated his words by playing on his violin - he played wonderfully, but what I saw and heard the night before remained in my consciousness marvelous like a dream.


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