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When The Sun Awakes The Day

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When The Sun Awakes The Day


From March 22nd to September 22nd and sometimes even up to the beginning of the autumn rains, each morning before sunrise the big lawn at Izgrev was full of men and women. Everyone stood quietly, concentratedly, and with prayer and thanksgiving welcomed the first rays of the sun. Then we all lined up in several rows and did the six daily excercises. Immediately after that the musicians with their instruments-violins, flutes and guitars - went to the middle of the lawn and we all formed a circle around them. Together with the Master, who was in the center of the circle, we did the paneurhytmy exercises, created by him, accompanied by the sound of the music, composed by himself.


Thus, during that period every early morning in a circle around the Master, all of us - young and old, learned and uneducated, rich and poor, men and women - began the day with easy harmonious movements to the sound of most beautiful music.


Sometimes people from the city came to look on, and often after the paneurhythmy was over, around seven o'clock, they came up to the Master with their questions.


One morning, crossing the lawn on my way to the city, I saw that the Master was surrounded by a group. I came up and decided to listen as I still had ten to fifteen minutes before school hours began.


Two persons, apparently coming for the first time to Izgrev, curious to know what was going on, were talking with the Master.


The one asked: "What is the aim of these excercises and why do you do them so early in the morning, at such an inconvenient time?"


"These excercises," the Master began, "can produce great results. If all the Bulgarians each morning consciously did paneurhythmy, no evil could befall the country.


"It is high time that the whole of humanity changed its way of living," continued the Master. "Thousands and thousands of years nations have fought each other - and look at what they came to!


"We are at the threshold of a new culture of Love which will bring brotherhood among all nations and people. The frontiers of States will be removed and all nations will live like brothers. I speak now of what is coming to pass!"'


"And when will this come to pass?" asked on of the persons. "And how will it come about?"


"Within Nature there is only development; time and space are human qualities. The new will come when the old has been lived to the full. First, a great broom will come that will sweep out all old ways, and old ideals, and new ones will arise in the hearts of men. Then the new culture of LOVE AND BROTHERHOOD will be established among all nations on earth.


"We do the paneurhythmy in order to get in contact with the invisible helpers of all worlds and in this way ease the path of the Bulgarian nation. In life, governments must go hand in hand with the people. The new will come but isn't it better if it comes with less suffering and fewer victims?


"Nature has an inexhaustible store of forces at the disposal of all intelligent persons. In the morning Nature gives out most abundantly. In the afternoon some other rays mingle with the sun's and thus sometimes during the afternoon they act even harmfully.


"I say, don't crave to do great things. You better start with the small things-begin with serving goodness!"


I wrote down the above in my notebook and began running towards the city where my work was already waiting for me.


These thoughts, voiced by the Master, bear the date of June 15th, 1938.


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