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The New Man


At the time I was writing the second volume of my collection of "Plays with Songs for Children," I wanted to include in it some of the Master's excercises or songs but I felt that I was obliged to ask his permission for that. So I went up to Izgrev and waited my turn near the reception room.


"Master, will you permit me to insert some of your excercises in my book or to accompany some of the songs with special movements?"'


"When will the book be published?" was his first question.


"Probably in a month's time."


"I will give you some special excercises."


After these words the Master closed his eyes for several minutes. I watched perplexed: was he thinking or was he tired and had fallen asleep? I couldn't understand, I just stood still and dared not move. After a while he looked at me, got up from his chair and said:


"Write down!"


And he himself began rhythmic easy movements, explaining:


"Each movement is an attraction of forces. If the movements are done correctly, with the required rhythm, they will develop many virtues in the children. That one is for generosity ... the movements will attract some Beings of Light . . . Love ... Charity ... Faith . ..?


Thus the Master demonstrated to me nine excercises and I wrote them down. After that he asked that I try them myself and simultaneously read what I had written. I thanked him saying that they were very agreeable and easy.


"And what name shall I use for the author - Beinsa Douno or just "The Master?" I asked.


'"You must first try them with the children. See if they like them and how they do them. The question of the authorship is not important, there is no need to write any author. The source is one and the same. If men reach up to that source they will always drink pure water. Movement and rhythmthis is a harmony of forces! Rhythmic movements made to the accompaniment of music can do miracles!


'When Nature awakens, the birds sing;


In the beginning of each New Age men sing;


When the world is recreated, the Angels sing.'


This is from the oldest book of the world. Every virtue has its own type of movements. Experiments could be made in order to observe the influence of the various movements for imparting and receiving certain physical and psychic energies. All organs of the human body are connected with psychic processes. Some key - formulae, pronouced correctly and accompanied by movements and music, might have a tremendous influence.


"When man consciously moves his legs and hands, he induces to activity the corresponding brain centers which attract to themselves more blood and energy-and energy is power! But this is theory-now you start practising those nine excercises with the children."


The next morning I demonstrated the excercises to the children. They liked them very much and every morning since then we began our studies with the nine excercises named "Morning Gym - Serenity," At our school there were two student-teachers. They began playing "Serenity" with the children. I was happily surprised when one of the girls, after several days, told me that she had had a strong neuralgic headache for months but since she began the excercises with us, it disappeared and now she felt fresh and well.


I reported to the Master the success of the excercises. He only smiled and said:


"The new man will develop by way of rhythm and music. In him everything will be easy, rhythmic, harmonious, musical. A movement can create or destroy. Knowledge and light are necessary."


Some months later when "Plays with Songs for Children" Part II, was published, in the book there was a section, "Nine Rhythmic Excercises for the Smallest."

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