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The Master Healed In Miraculous Ways

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The Master Healed In Miraculous Ways


Many instances were described in which the Master healed persons. A brother - Sl.P - had been ill from malaria. The Master, learning that, had sent him a glass of water and after he drank it all in small sips he was healed.


A sister told me the following. A friend of hers, also a pupil of the Master, became very ill. She sent her to Izgrev to ask the Master what to do in order to get well. The Master listened to her very carefully, then calmly replied: your friend will get well; tell her to believe in goodness. After she waited another minute or two to hear something more real, the Master added: "Real are only the facts." And he had turned and walked into the garden.


That sister returned to her sick friend and told her what the Master had said. But the miracle was that while she had been talking with the Master, her sick friend had already become better. One day later she felt perfectly healthy and went herself to thank the Master.


Similar cases are well known and described by many, but I am one of those persons who prefer personal facts.


The Master had taught me to be friends with the wind and the frost, and my small attainments in this respect helped me not to catch cold, and to be healthy. Anyway, it happened that now and then I was ill too. Once I had acute tonsillitis. Instead of going to a doctor, I went up to Izgrev and marched up and down the platform in front of the Hall waiting for the Master to come. He came from the lawn. I went up to him and told him that I was ill, and I asked what I must do to get well.


He stopped, looked at me and said:


"It will pass off quickly. Drink much hot water and massage a bit around your neck. And when you go out wear a scarf. That is all."


I thanked him and started back towards the city. On the way home I already felt better. In the evening I drank several glasses of hot water, massaged my neck a bit and in the morning I was healthy again. This fact of healing my acute tonsilitis in just one evening astonished my family which had been arguing with me to call in the doctor. It showed me also how the Master could heal.


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