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My Last Meeting With The Master

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My Last Meeting With The Master


November 1944. We had just returned after having been evacuated. Sofia was slowly coming back to normal life. Our family was not directly affected by the bombings but the general misfortune acted on me depressively and from the school I went straight home.


I didn't go to Izgrev either, because I knew that the Master did not always come down to the Hall but sometimes asked Brother Simeonov to read the lecture.


When I longed to see him (whoever has been near the Master knows the longing for the ethereal atmosphere of serenity that streamed from him), I took a paper bag with fruit and went to Izgrev, ran up the stairs and knocked softly at the door. He opened it, and happy to have a glimpse of him I said:


"Master, the Sun is sending you its best wishes and sweet smile."


I handed him the paper bag. His bearing and his bright eyes inspired me. I kissed his hand, and refreshed almost flew down the stairs, down the road and went home on two tramways. Thus the time passed-at the school, at home and sometimes for a minute or two at the Master's.


"Are you always so much occupied and in such a hurry?" the Master asked very seriously of me when I was just ready to fly back down the stairs.


"No, Master, I am not occupied, at the moment we are even on vacation. When would you like to see me?" I asked rather embarrassed, seeing that the Master wished to tell me something and was not pleased that I was always in a hurry.


"Come tomorrow at eight in the morning."


"All right. Master, I thank you very much."


This time the Master was very serious and thoughful.


The next morning exactly at eight o'clock I knocked at his door. Sister Slavka opened it and behind her was the Master in his gray cloak, with snow white muffler around his neck and a white hat on his head.


"Solely the Divine Love!" I saluted with upraised hand and added at once, "Master, shall I build the fire in the reception room so that it won't be cold when you come down?"


He did not answer me but lightly started down the stairs and I followed him.


He unlocked the door. Both of us took some fire wood and kindling from the passage and entered into the reception room. He bent down and began arranging the wood in the stove. I squatted nearby wishing to help him.


"You, Milka, do you know how to build a fire?" he asked in a very friendly manner, continuing to arrange the fire wood.


"No, Master, I don't know how to build a fire."


"Now observe and later on you will build it. LEARN TO BUILD A FIRE-IT SHINES AND WARMS," the Master said. Then he lighted a match and a brigh fire blazed up in the white porcelainous stove.


The Master sat on his chair by the table and I on one of the chairs by the window.


Master and pupil . . . The Master looked at me, he saw and knew the meaning of this meeting. I looked, saw not and understood not . . .


"Are. you coming to the lectures?" he started the conversation.


I looked for an excuse and began by saying that I was too downcast by the bombings and had no wish to go anywhere. But in fact the real reason was that the Master did not come down to the Hall for the lectures.


"Feel yourself free. When you don't feel like it, don't come, but know that you have only one Izgrev. Here must be your oasis to rest in. When you get tired in the city, come up to Izgrev. And remember that the lectures are attended by bright Beings from whom you will derive only benefit." He spoke to me in a fatherly way and continued with such a wonderful expression on his face that I could never describe it:


"Hear me: Being a pupil, take for your measure the highest ideal, but when you are receiving material benefits measure with another measure. If you wish to be happy on earth always aspire for the smallest, be grateful for the smallest and retain for yourself the smallest. I was the happiest man on earth because in the material world I was grateful for the smallest, aspired for the smallest and retained for myself the smallest. A lot of material things passed through my hands-money, gold, acres of land, but I always retained for myself the smallest."


In the room it was quiet and mysterious, as in eternity. The fire burned and the blazing wood warmed the room. The air was full of his words. I felt myself submerged in a divine current which was as balsam to my soul. I have no words with which to describe the softness and the light of that atmosphere-the Master's aura.


Some minutes passed by in silence.


I felt that something was happening . . . without words . . . without tears ... a Master and a pupil were parting on earth ... He looked and saw and knew! I looked and did not see and did not know . . .


The Master looked at his watch.


I got up to go.


At the last minute, standing by the door, the Master petted me on the head and whispered. "IF YOU WISH TO BE HAPPY ON EARTH ALWAYS ASPIRE FOR THE SMALLEST, RETAIN FOR YOURSELF THE SMALLEST AND BE GRATEFUL FOR THE SMALLEST."


I kissed his hand and not knowing why, I held it with both of mine and kissed it three times.


After that the door of the reception room was opened and we went out. The day was cold, dreary . . . sorrowful.


There was only one bright ray on the mountain top that connected earth with heaven.


The Master climbed up the stairs and I started down towards the city.

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