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1916_12_24 They Shall Be Taught

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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Note 1


They Shall Be Taught


“And they shall all be taught by God. Therefore everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Me.” John 6:45


“They shall all be taught by God.” The implication is simple. To throw light on the essence of God a lengthy, detailed explanation is necessary, as well as profound analysis of the verse. The concept of God is abstract, accessible only to philosophers and learned people. This matter is not known to modern people. You will argue that you are bearers of culture. You are representatives of Aryan culture, the culture of Good and evil. People coming from this culture are not capable of comprehending this verse. If you tell a contemporary that he will be taught by God, he will be baffled, unable to understand how and from where God will come to teach him. What is God? He is the Prime Cause of things. The word cause is prichina in Bulgarian. It contains two parts: pri and china. “China” 1means do in Bulgarian. So God is the one Who does the first things. You, just as all people, are the first creation of God, only not in the same appearance you have now. I mean that your souls are God’s first deed. Your souls are hidden in the outer shell – the body.


“They shall be taught.” To be taught one needs an impetus, inner motivation and aspiration after what he is going to learn. A motivated disciple will easily find his master. A lad, cherishing Love in his soul, will easily find his beloved. Therefore, if you have to find God, Who will teach you, He should first talk to your heart, mind, and soul. Then you will find me. What do I mean by “Me”? – the Son. You will say, “I want to be the Father’s Son.” This is the greatest thing. One who cannot serve reasonably to God cannot call himself a Father’s Son. Service is not just to one. You should first serve your soul, your people, your nation, and finally, humanity as a whole. These are duties one has to learn and carry out. This is a great teaching. If you want to become a musician, a good violin player, you need long practice of learning how to position the violin and the bow. You need a lot of practice before you start playing better. When learning to play the piano, you also have to learn how to position the fingers. This is not an easy matter. You might say that it is easy and you can manage, but it is easy to speak of things you have not tried.


It is everybody’s task to ask himself whether he is Father’s Son or not. In other words, you should ask yourselves whether you have served God or not. If the answer is positive, the solution to all problems comes easily. It means that you have already learned how to position the bow, and now the next lesson is to learn how to pull the strings. You will say that it is even easier. What is a bow? – To the married woman the bow is her husband. If she has learnt her lesson, if she knows how to hold the bow, then she can get along well with her husband and run the home efficiently. If she starts chasing flies and beating the children with the bow, she is not capable of running the house. Just as the music teacher gives elementary lessons to his students, so God begins step by step with those who want to learn something from Him. He will teach them how to position the bow, then how to position the violin, and finally, he will start with elementary practice. He will say, “Take your violin! Stand still! Start now!” By starting with easy exercises, you pass onto more difficult ones, until finally, you master all positions.


This is what being taught by God means. You have come to earth, which is a great school. Those who learn to play will become great artists. Those who do not learn will remain behind the stage. Such is the great law. – Why has man come to earth? - To learn the law of Mercy and Compassion.


“They shall be taught by God.” I will explain this verse through the legend about the creation of the world. God made the Heaven and the earth, the plants and animals and decided to have a rest. Shortly, it occurred to Him to create man in order to serve Him as a connection between the Heaven and the earth. Learning about His decision, the Angels came one by one to advise Him what exactly His creation should be like. First came the Angel of Truth and said, “Lord, do not make this creature. It will conquer the world.” Next came the Angel of Justice and said, “Lord, do not make this creature. It will be cruel and merciless. It will think only of itself. It will never sympathise with those who suffer.” Then came the Angel of Peace and said, “Lord, do not make this creature! It will sink the world in blood. Appalling bloodshed will occur as a result of its appearance.” So God gave up His idea to create man. Eventually, the youngest daughter of Mercy came to God and said, “Lord, do as you have decided. Make that creature. Even if all the others turn away from him, I’ll show it how to love and care.” On hearing these words, God cheered up and said, “I will make this creature in My own image.” So, man was created thanks to the Love of Mercy’s youngest daughter. Even today, anyone who knows this daughter is able to keep the image of Who made him. Those who do not know the daughter are doomed to perish. The youngest daughter of Mercy is Christ.


You will say, “How can Christ stand for the daughter of Mercy?” Can He be compared to a girl? Christ bears the two beginnings – the male and the female one. By man we mean a reasonable creature that bears one of the greatest God’s attributes – Mercy. It is said, “They will all be taught by God.” What will they be taught? – Mercy. This is a great teaching. It means to have learnt how to move the bow and play beautifully. There will come a day when you will grow from a disciple to a Master, teaching the others. So, you should study Jesus’ teaching as a teaching about the human soul. This is the only way one can know his attitude to God and find where he belongs. Someone will be willing to study astronomy. He should ask himself how astronomy relates to his soul. It tells us about the eternal conditions under which the soul can live in infinite space. Only one capable of mastering the bow can live in infinite space. – You want to adopt the Holy Spirit. - How can this be achieved? – By letting Mercy enter your life. If you fail to do that, the Angels of Truth, Justice and Peace will come to God and say that they were right when advising Him not to create man. When one of these Angels sees that man errs, he says, “I knew it.” Mercy and Good need to work on man hard and continuously in order to restore his initial image. Good in man exists in a ratio of 1: 3. 1 stands for Good, while 3 stands for the three adversaries opposing it. They are delusion, selfishness and bloodthirstiness. You will say that you have never shed blood. There is not a single person who has not shed blood. The last century was a century of bloodshed. However, Mercy, working for elevating humanity, is close.


Another culture is to come to this world – the culture of Mercy, which will determine the relationship of man to God. This is the first relationship, the primary art. If this art is mastered, the others will come naturally; all secrets will be revealed easily. The bow stands for human will. If the will is not cultivated, one cannot express his thoughts and feelings correctly. When the will is not built up, life is disorganised and disharmonious. There is order and harmony in one’s life only if will is cultivated. The thoughts and feelings are the tones, which the player conveys through his violin. – Which violin player is admired by the audience? - The one that plays harmoniously. – Why is it so that some men and women cannot stand each other? – Because their violins are not set. – What has to be done so that they can get on well together? – They have to turn to Mercy. It hides the skill of bringing reconciliation to people.


You will say, “I want to learn how man was created.” – I cannot tell you about it. I can show you how to hold your violin, how to use the bow, but you will have to practise by yourselves. The bow and the violin need to be of good quality, and your task is to try to accomplish your job.


Each man is given a bow and a violin. Each has to ask himself, “Do I use the bow properly? Do I position the violin as I should?” Each of you will find the answer, and if you are not pleased, you will have to correct yourselves. You will position the violin horizontally, i.e. in a passive position of acceptance. – What is it you are going to accept? – The Divine tones. If you tilt the violin, you are in one of the active processes. The tones, produced by your hands are the light rays, which are in constant growth.


“They shall be taught by God.” Once you get the aspiration, knowledge will come naturally. If the aspiration is directed upwards, one starts learning from God. Such a person is thought of as musical. The stronger the aspiration, the greater the cooperation. All good people assist such a person. There is not a person in this world that does not respond to the Divine. It manifests itself in the form of Mercy. Where Mercy exists, the soil is prepared. The desert is said to be barren. It is a childless woman. Those who have no children are believed to be cruel. If you are aware of this, you should be wary of cruelty, hindering human development.


When Nabuccodonosor conquered Jerusalem, he decided to visit the Jewish temple. When he entered it, he saw that blood was spurting near it. Utterly amazed at what he saw, he called the priests to ask them where the blood was coming from. They answered him that the blood was coming from the victims the Jews sacrificed to God. So, it was animals’ blood. Nabuccodonosor took a goblet full of blood and compared it with the animals’ blood. It turned out that the blood round the altar was not from animals. He insisted on being told the truth. What did it turn out? He found out that years ago, in this region, there lived a pious priest, Zachariah, who often spoke to people that they did not live a decent life. They soon hated him and killed him in order to get rid of him. Angry at hearing this, Nabuccodonosor ordered his people to kill all the priests and put their bodies in the bubbling blood. However, the blood did not stop coming out. Then he ordered his men to kill many children and throw them in the blood spring. The blood did not stop pouring out, either. Nabucodonosor could not understand what kind of blood it should be that would not stop bubbling. In the end he ordered the murder of young boys and girls. The blood did not stop though. “How strange”, he thought, “this is the blood of just one person killed, but his blood cannot be satiated. How will then the blood of the thousands I killed be satiated?” He repented and started crying. A few tears fell on the spot from where the blood was coming out. To his great surprise, the blood stopped bubbling. Just a tear was enough to satiate the blood of the murdered Zachariah.


You will ask, “Why does man cry?” What is the purpose of tears? A tear shed from the eye can save one from the crime he has committed. This is the tear of Mercy. Everyone who has learned from Father comes to Me. True culture and true Knowledge start from here. By culture, in broad sense, we understand the knowledge and art encompassing Life as a whole. It includes the manifestations of the mind, the heart, the soul, and the Spirit. Every creature has its place and purpose in this culture. Each creature is given the necessary conditions for its growth. The first reasonable creature that came into existence with this culture was the human being, i.e. man. By man we understand a reasonable creature, able to think. This was a culture in which only men lived. Women did not exist then. – How can life be possible without women? – I am not going into detail here, but I say that this culture can be considered to have been one of the most significant cultures in this world. It is a culture free from sufferings. Man was related to God. God was his mate. In this friendship man acquired much knowledge but became lazy. You will say that old people are lazy. What counts is that it was laziness that made man seek for a companion to help him. He asked God to give him a mate. His desire was satisfied. God sent him one – the woman. The woman came but soon was fed up with Adam. She found him too old and sought a younger companion. She found one in the snake – the black adept. From here the second culture began – the one knowing of Good and evil. The present culture belongs to women. Men do not have the say.


A new culture is coming. It will join the two principles of thought and Life. This is the culture of Mercy, or the culture of Love. The first culture was of Wisdom, the second - of Justice, and the third - of Love. This culture will join man and the woman in one. You will say that the merge suggests losing one’s identity. No, it is not so. To merge means to expand, to find harmony and more strength. The Bulgarians keep the motto: “Union is strength.” One word is missing in this motto: “Union in Love makes strength.” You should all aspire after this union – men with women, women with men – union in the name of great God’s Love. You will say that it is one and the same union. No, there are two unions formed – one is with man in the first place and the woman in the second, according to the order of their descent to earth. The other is with the woman in the first place and man in the second. The two unions come together in one place and give Life.


Nowadays all people, both men and women, want to live well. Women think of how best to dress up and put on jewellery – diamond necklaces and tiaras like crowns on their heads. That is all good, only that these necklaces and tiaras cannot be kept long – men will pawn them. How many men have ruined their wives! When a young man decides to get married, he is in search of a rich girl. When he marries her, he soon squanders her wealth and leaves her penniless.


An American inherited a lot of money from his father, who spent all his life herding cattle. His inheritance amounted to 3 million levs. On seeing so much money, he indulged in eating and drinking and within six months he dissipated the wealth. When this happened, he had nothing to do but follow his father’s career – a herdsman. He tilted his cap, picked up the crook and took to herding. It means that he took up studying Life. Many of today’s women prefer men who possess a lot of money and indulge in eating and drinking. But they soon lose everything and become herdsmen. Being a shepherd means to keep your feelings and thoughts to yourself. Just as the shepherd guards his sheep from the wolves, so each man has to keep his thoughts and feelings pure. The wolves in man are the bad thoughts and feelings, which he sometimes has to keep off. He should keep them at a distance so that they cannot spoil his mood. His pen has to be very stable.


God will teach Modern people how to live. He is teaching them now. – How? – Through His thoughts. A noble thought enters your mind, but you are too shy to fulfill it. You say, “A trifle, childish thought has come to my mind.” – It is not childish, it is a Divine thought. – It is for young people. – Let your thought come true and do not be so shy. Divine manifestations refer to young people. The Scripture says that if you seek Wisdom, you will find it in old people. If you seek Strength, you will find it in young people. Man is old; the woman is young. They have to unite in order to create harmony in Life. Man is the first violin in the orchestra, and the woman is the second. Man and the woman are the two principles, complementing each other. However, a human being can be a man and a woman at the same time, a woman and a man. The woman says, “Why am I not a man?” She does not know that a person bears the two principles. Therefore, man is prone to errors. – Why does one err? – Because of the free will. If one does not know how to use the bow, he will play out of tune. While listening to such a person, you will say, “Here is one who does not know how to play, and yet he wants to teach us.”


Many of you ask, “How can we understand what the present culture is?” Go to the country to see how the peasants treat the cattle working for them. Go to the bakeries to see how bread is sold. Visit the families to hear their shouts and cries. This is the culture of bitterness and fierceness. Whoever you meet, you will see hollow eyes and a pale face, as he is demagnetised. What culture is this? Today Mercy teaches people how to apply Mercy and Strength. This is what Jesus’ teaching boils down to. This is what Christ does on descending to earth to teach people. Some expect Christ to descend to earth accompanied by a host of Angels. What is an Angel? Man has a physical body, a body of desires, and a mental body. The Angel, though, is deprived of a body of desire, as a result of which an Angel cannot err. Therefore, Christ is accompanied by Angels and saints, i.e. people without a body of desires. If you want to become an Angel or a saint, you have to give up you body of desires.


It is preached in churches that Christ is coming to punish people. It is not the case. Christ will come to put everything in this world in order. This is the only way for the world to get instantly straight. What does instantly mean? - At the blink of an eye. When does one blink? - When shutting and opening one’s eyes quickly. So does the cat when it wants to show the mouse that it no longer has a body of desires, so the mouse should not be afraid of it. The mouse is misled to believe the cat and keeps entering and leaving the hole until it falls prey to the cat. People who pray do just the same. They shut their eyes pretending not to see anything and say, “O Lord, we do not have a body of desires. Give us what we need.” When they receive an answer to their prayers, they open their eyes and forget about everything. Man should get rid of the unnecessary desires and the constant complaints about not having this or that. Only then can God teach him what he needs. Man should get rid of the body of desires. If two lads happen to be in love with one the same girl, how will they solve the problem? Today the usual solution is murder. Would it not be better if one of them gave up the girl to the other and loved her at a distance? There are cases when a wife does not love her husband and falls in love with another man. Or just the opposite, a husband does not love his wife and falls in life with another woman. The one who considers himself abandoned finds this wrong. Well, it would be far better if both spouses loved each other, but Love does not obey human laws. It would be good if the wife loved her husband, but how could it be possible if he beat her every day?


A prominent English reformist, John Wesley, got married. Since he communicated with many people, both man and women, his wife was really displeased with him and started beating him. On the third day of his marriage he told his friends, “It’s no use getting married.” Such are the relationships of the people of today’s culture. This comes as result of the desires of the physical body of man. When the child is small, he or she is placid and meek, without any desires. As soon as the child starts developing the body of desires he or she becomes recalcitrant and self-willed. This is especially noticeable at the age of 7 to 14. From then on children begin maturing. When they grow up they work more with the mind, become sensible and between the age of 28 and 30 they are already conscious – they are already in search of God and Jesus. Now I am offering you the new Teaching, which will lead you to Jesus.


I have been observing people’s Life and what I see is disharmony reigning everywhere – at schools, in societies, at home. This gives me anguish. Nowadays people are constantly having rows – husbands and wives, students and teachers, vicars and parishioners. This makes all these people martyrs. – Why are they martyrs? - Because they have given priority to the body of desires over God. Nobody listens to God now. All people want to be happy, educated, clever and rich. If you distribute all the existing wealth, only a sum of 40 levs will go to each living person. Can you be happy and content with 40 lv.? You will say that what you need is at least 40,000 lv. per month. Where can all that money come from? You will have to take it from someone in order to make yourselves happy. That cannot be a solution to the problem. The key to the problem is hard work. If you work hard, you can have anything; if you do not, you get nothing. This law is true only in this physical world; it is not applicable to other worlds. Try this: Instill in your minds the idea that you should work only with Love for God. You will see that you will accumulate considerable wealth within a few years. If this attempt fails, come to me and I will pay all your debts back. I am ready to do anything to prove the validity of this law. If each nation were determined to serve God, there would not be any wars. By not serving God, today’s people destroy everything they have created. There will come a day when they will become aware of their fallacies. Now they have nothing to regret. They act in accordance with the law of necessity. What is important is to avoid such destruction in future.


I would like the Bulgarians to be the first to set an example. Let the priests commit themselves to serving God with Love. If they want, they can approach me. I shall pass this Teaching onto them so that they can preach it. I am ready to go somewhere else, relinquishing to them all my rights and privileges. I find it important that the Bulgarian people be spiritually enlightened and able to take its due place among the other nations. If all adopt this Teaching, their ways will go straight; their schools and families will be improved. Then it will be a real pleasure to cross the country, which will be like a paradise. You will be walking across the country happy and content that you are in service to God. Wherever you pass the trees and flowers will blossom smiling at you, the fruit will readily and gladly welcome you. Boys and girls will be greeting you with Mirth and Joy. The air will be alive with songs and plays. I have nothing against playing. Everybody will be dressed up and groomed. I am not against decoration. You can wear jewellery, necklaces and tiaras; you can wear crowns, but everything has to be done with Love. This is what being taught by God is.


Religious people today expect Jesus’ Second Advent on earth. This is impossible. He has already tried people’s love. A Russian governor said once that if Jesus ever happened to come again, he would arrest Him. Jesus knows this. If He enters a church, the priests will chase Him away, saying that any prophet or preacher who comes after Christ, will be Antichrist or a false prophet. You will say that Jesus might come as a king. Well, are the kings so few that Christ should come as a king? If He came as a king, He would raise turmoil among the nations. Jesus’ kingdom is not one of this world. The kings now take their proper places. If they, along with their subjects, followed God’s will, people would be happy. This is what the verse “They shall all be taught by God” means.


“They shall be taught by God.” This is the basic principle in Life. – How will they be taught? – By serving God. Mercy has a bearing on service. You should set your hearts on serving God. This is the new Teaching anybody can apply. Before you take to serving, you should reconcile the man or woman in you. You will tell them, “You will either get reconciled to serve together, or you will leave my house. Just as the wife issues an ultimatum to her husband to give up having affairs or she will leave him, so you will embrace the new Teaching and serve God with Love. The female in man should obey the husband, but the male in the woman should obey the wife. Such is the Divine teaching. The left half of any human being is female and the right one is male. The left half is smaller than the right one, i.e. the male part. These two principles can be seen in the human hands, face and eyes. The left hand and the left side of the face are female, while the right hand and the right side of the face are male. That is why the left part of the face is more delicate than the right one. The light coming from the right eye is harsher than that of the left one. The lower lip is female and the upper one is male. The lower part of the nose is female and the upper part is male. A long nose is male and a short one is female. If there is something rough in the male or female part of the human body, it is a result of former cultures. The first culture formed the length of the nose, and the second culture – its length. This is how the cross was created.


“You will be taught by God.” Those of you who are already taught by God should observe yourselves in order to note which part of you – the male or the female one is indisposed. If you get angry, you should know that the woman in you is to blame, because anger as a vice is pertaining of women. If you are proud, it is the man in you who is at fault, because pride is typical of men. If an anger-prone woman and a proud man gather, they can set a house on fire. We do not need such people. This cannot be judged, nor explained. By man and woman I mean services to humanity. When you enter the third culture, i.e. the culture of Love, then you will understand what man is and what a woman is. Then you will become aware of their origin.


Now I would like to discuss Mercy. Although this word is of neuter gender, it actually represents a woman. Mercy is the noblest feature of man living on earth. I am speaking of the Mercy of today’s society, of modern Christians, the Mercy of you, who are listening to me now. I am speaking to those who have been seeking Christ for two thousand years. I am teaching you, because you all want to be happy. I want you to be happy, too, to be taught by God. You want to be strong, and I want the same for you. You cannot work unless you are strong. The Mercy I am talking about is not an abstract notion, nor is it dead. It is real and alive. It descends to earth every day. It is the first ray that awakens you in the morning. It is Mercy that first gives you the idea to work. If you do not take its advice, you will make a mistake. It whispers to you what to do, but you put it off. Mercy tells you, “There is no time to put things off.” If you put things off, you will miss the opportunity. New opportunities for work lie ahead. If you do not sow, you will have nothing to reap.


“They shall be taught.” - By whom? – By God, by the Prime Principle, which is within you, teaching you. Then comes Jesus, the second principle, Which determines your relationships. Finally, it is I who teaches you. I suppose you think that I have come to proclaim some denomination. No, I have come to teach you how to work. Where are you going to work? In church, at school, at home, in society. Once you have learnt how to work, anything you achieve will be yours. When the master learns how to thank his servant for the work accomplished, then he can call himself a Father’s Son. Being a Father’s Son is not an exclusive privilege. You can all be Father’s Sons. If you do a small favour, you should not expect any reward.


May you show Love and rise from the dead. I will write out from the book of Life all men and women, all teachers and judges, all priests and preachers with old-fashioned, conservative views. God bless the good preachers, the good mothers and fathers, the good daughters and sons, the good teachers who are eager to accept the new views. They will be taught by God.


God bless you!


Lecture given by the master on 24th December, 1916, Sofia


1 I in china is pronounced , not [ai]






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