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Up to now we have spoken of the external side of breathing. New research speaks of the processes of the organism, explaining that it cannot be spoken of only in a mechanical way. It is known that the organism penetrates the etheric body, which is the place of the vital life force. Even in ancient times it was known that this life force - or "Prana" - penetrates the air and the organism.


Maxwell explained this point of view in Medicina Magnetica, printed in 1679. His book explains the basic precepts of Prana in twelve points. Later, the nature scientist Mesmer used these twelve points of Maxwell's. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the existence of prana is already a scientific fact. Prana is called by various names. Mesmer called it living magnetism. Someone else called it living rays. Raichenbach called it OD, or OD rays. Lakovsky called it radiation. Gurvich called it Mitogen rays.


Prana is the architect and the builder of all forms. On its quantity depends the health of the organism. If an organism which has a tendency to sickness will accept a greater quantity of prana, it will feel refreshed, and even be healed. That prana is a great health factor is proven by Dr. Gaston Durville. He made experiments with a plant "Rosesanca" (Fraxinella). Every day he put his hands upon this plant with his fingers toward it, and after a certain time he saw that its growth exceeded that of the other plants. In this way the doctor concluded that the radiation from his fingers had increased the life force of the plant. Gurvich put the top of an onion root facing another onion root and observed that the plant exposed to the radiation began to increase its growth. It was noticed that the division of the cells was much faster. This means that through the air the mitogen rays pass from one to another. If a child falls down and is hurt, the mother comes and caresses the painful spot with her hand. Similarly, if a man hurts himself, he instinctively touches the hurt with his hand so the pain will begin to subside.


The healthy condition of the organs involves many things. One is the quantity of life force or prana. We receive prana from food, water, air, light, etc. We will especially look for the connection with breathing.


A single-minded mechanical approach to breathing becomes difficult when we have to speak about the prana which penetrates the air. Here is what the Master has to say about the life force in the air:


Man needs to breathe, not only to accept air, but to feed his etheric body. The air consists of a special energy, called by the Hindus, prana. Other scientists call it life-giving electricity or life-giving magnetism. You go to the mountain not only for fresh air, but for prana and lifegiving electricity and magnetism. The lungs best accept prana from the air in the early morning. When man absorbs the prana into his lungs, it spreads throughout the whole body and brings strength, life, health and renewal to all organs.


In conclusion, the strength of man comes through breathing, not only because he absorbs oxygen, which is necessaiy for oxygenating the tissues, but because he accepts and absorbs life-giving energies. This is very wellexplained by two points:


1) Strength comes from the lungs. A strong man is one who can breath correctly. If a man cannot breathe correctly, he cannot be a strong man. Healthy people have broad lungs and breathe deeply from the chest to the back, filling the entire chest cavity. There is a relationship between the digestive system and breathing. When the stomach is healthy, the lungs are healthy. When a person eats correctly, he breathes correctly. As he breathes correctly, his thinking is correct. Thus there is a relationship between eating, breathing and thinking. As the processes of digestion and breathing are, so will the process of thinking be. This means that the strength of a man comes not only from eating food. To be strong he must know how to utilize the air which he breathes.


2) To study breathing in depth, we have to know that the air is not only penetrated by life force, but with psychic energies. Thoughts of a low character are emitted through the air, but spiritual thoughts are emitted through the etheric waves which penetrate the air. Even thoughts of a superior character penetrate the more refined mediums which exist in the air.


Let us take a few words to explain this. We know that a man's thoughts can be immediately broadcast psychically, like radio waves. This explains telepathic broadcasting.


Through different scientific experiments telepathy has been explained. It must be accepted that radio waves come through the air, and therefore we conclude that thoughts of a more superior nature, as God's thoughts, can be received when our frequencies are on the same wave length. This is even mentioned in the Bible passage, "God inhaled and gave life and man became a living soul."


This is to speak about life-creating rational forces which man accepts by breathing the air. This is the interior side of breathing.

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