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1919_06_19 Jesus Was Called

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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Note 6


Jesus Was Called


“And both Jesus was called, and His disciples, to the marriage.” John 2: 2


There is no doubt that the most pleasant, most solemn occasions on this earth are the wedding rituals as well as the wedding itself. I would like to dwell a little bit on the internal principle, the internal significance of weddings, because you have absolutely different associations with it in your mind. According to you, weddings signify a union, they stand for the marriage of two people – a man and a woman, whereas they are engaged in advance with the participation of a priest, who delivers some prayers, and afterwards the arrived guests sit at the table to eat and drink. This celebration goes on for a day or two, and then the guests go home, and the newly weds are left alone. This is the external side of the wedding, which you also understand best. However, the word wedding has a deeper meaning, which stands for the beginning of a new Life. This word is derived from an Old Sanskrit root signifying what takes place and manifests itself as conscious life. The wedding is a process, which takes human beings from one state to another, i.e. getting out of one life and entering another one, whereby old ideas are given up and new life begins with new ideas. Please note that Jesus and His disciples are invited to the wedding, so the wedding is attended by one of the Greatest Masters. This wedding has become a principle, which determines what weddings should be like in the future and how weddings should be conducted. Each wedding must be attended by Jesus and His disciples in the future; but not by Jesus as a human being, but by His Teaching. I shall not dwell here on what Christ’s Teaching consists in, because it can be summarised in brief in the two great principles: love the Lord, your God with all your soul, heart, mind, and will; love your neighbour the way you love yourself. I shall not explain what Love is.


I shall summarise in brief what I have told you in the Thursday lectures. Bear in mind two things: when you listen to somebody talking to you, you have to turn your ear in such a direction, so that you can hear the words, not only listen to them. Secondly, you should tune your mind in such a way that not only can you understand the words, but be also able to grasp their meaning, because each word contains in itself a certain Force. This is why Christ also says that each Divine Force is the beginning of a new Life, i.e. the new Life begins with the Divine words, not with words only.


Before I move on, I will explain to you how many methods contemporary medicine applies. It uses predominantly two methods: allopathic and homeopathic. The former method recommends strong doses of medicines, which should be bitter, if possible; while the second method recommends sweet medicines, if possible, and if in a particular case this is not possible, it is recommended that the pill should be at least coated in a thin cover of something sweet. The contemporary world is allopathic, but people nowadays are so clever, that they cover everything in life in a sweet coat. The Divine method for curing is the opposite: the pills are bitter externally and sweet inside. Thus, curing in Life is effected under two methods: sometimes a person is cured by bitter words, other times – by sweet. I mean things in social life and in Nature. However, to some people neither the sweet, nor the bitter pills are of any help, and this is because they have not understood the conditions under which the pills can have effect on them. Do not forget that things in the world are strictly mathematically determined. There is time for sowing; similarly, there is time fit for curing. This is a Divine principle, a Divine law, which is also true in respect of those who want to study Christ’s Teaching in order to improve their lives, because it is a Teaching of Life. Students go to school to acquire knowledge, which has to be applied after they leave school. On the same grounds, I would like you to apply Christ’s Teaching in your life. You may have many desires, either to acquire knowledge or wealth. This is for the future; right now, it is important how wisely you can use Christ’s Teaching.


The line we read in the beginning reads that Jesus and His disciples were called to the wedding. This indicates that the newly wed couple realise that something important will be missing if they do not invite Jesus to their wedding. You should do the same as well: call Christ at the beginning of each job. You may say, "Can’t I call someone else?" Yes, you may, but this person has to contain in him or her the two principles: love to God and to one’s neighbour. The Love to God and to one’s neighbour is an extension rather than an ordinary feeling. To love God and your neighbour means to let them in one of your rooms. You will say, "Where shall I live then?" You will live in your will, God – in your heart, and your neighbour – in your mind. You cannot start loving your neighbour unless you start thinking of him or her, therefore you should keep your neighbour in your mind, while God you should keep in your heart. These two will be your guests and you will work for them, i.e. they will teach you; you will be their student. God, who is in your heart, is Jesus, your neighbours are His disciples, and you will be one of the wedding guests. Knowing this, you will be able to think properly with your mind. When studying the works of a great poet or writer, when listening to a musical piece, when looking at a picture of a prominent artist, your mind should grasp these things, because they are your teachers, your neighbours, and you will learn from them, and the Divine principle should be in your heart. The wedding is a beginning of a new Life. The bride and the bridegroom leave their fathers’ houses and start living a new life on their own. This analogy you can apply to everything in life. Teachers and students come to school and start a new life. This refers to the good teachers.


Usually at weddings, there are three types of guests: some of them are simple onlookers, the others are invited guests, and the third - relatives of the bride and bridegroom. The simple onlookers in church are called observers, the invited guests – believers, and the relatives – disciples. You should similarly arrange your thoughts in several groups. You have to determine the place of each of your thoughts. There are three types of thoughts in the world: some stem from God – the Divine thoughts, others stem from our relatives and still others stem from within us. Some thoughts come from the world, others – from the angels, and the third ones – from the Divine world. Therefore, you should learn how to recognise where various thoughts stem from, not to go wrong in your actions. None of you is free from the environment and this is why you will receive thoughts from it. When you compare the three types of thoughts, you will see where each thought stems from, you will be able to fight them, and thus you will develop along the right path.


Another important thing is that the wedding is a place for work. When you start some work, you have to be at a wedding. Outside of the wedding any commenced deed is labour or torture. Everyone at the wedding is cheerful. When you want to work in this world you have to imagine that you are at a Divine wedding or in the epoch of a new Life. This is the only salvation of any soul. Any culture, religion or anything else, is created according to the same law. But the most important thing, which you should be aware of when you are at a wedding, is not to give vent to your greediness. An angel was sent by God to a wedding as a representative, but the angel liked the princess very much, who was the bride of the wedding, and wanted to take her with him. When you attend a wedding do not ever covet the place of the bride, neither the bride herself, because this is the beginning of all discord and disgrace. I can see failures, discords, and disagreements among you, because you want to be in the place of the princess, in the place of the bride. You say, "We want to be in her shoes!" You may, but in a long time to come, for the time being you are wedding guests. Being wedding guests, means that you have to work.


Christ attended this wedding in order to bless the bride and the bridegroom. When you pluck up the courage to enter a new Life, i.e. to get married, you have to join your mind, your mind being the bridegroom, with the heart, the heart being the bride. If you want your wedding to take place in line with all the Divine rules, with all the Divine matches, the Divine principle must be within you. What do you think - can you call it a wedding if the bride, on entering her new house, drives away her mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-laws, and the other in-laws? If you implement God’s Will, you will be elevated and you will give scope to your soul. Whether you go the wrong or the right way – this is all on your account. Everyone gets elevated through one’s deeds. If you observe the Divine principle – that your mind and heart be joined, you will have Christ and His disciples in yourselves. Then, applying Christ’s Teaching, you will understand the Divine Life, which is manifested in Nature and you will know how to bring up your folks at home. Remember that your sons and daughters, to be born, will pass through this wedding. This is how I explain why good sons and daughters are born. If the wedding is not a wedding, but a discord, bad sons and daughters will be born. When a certain thought or desire comes to your mind, these will be completely dependent upon your mind and heart. The correlation between them will determine your thought. If your mind is corrupted, so will be your thought. If your heart is corrupted, so will be your desire. Do not believe that thoughts and desires are items from fantasy-land. They have their own images and bodies and have independent lives of their own. Out of these particular thoughts and desires your future brain, lungs, stomach and so on will be created. Some ask, "Why should we think good?" To be able to weave a new garment for yourselves in the future. This is to say that we prepare a new garment that will be put on our spiritual body in the future.


So, Christ’s Teaching is not a teaching of forms, through which to stick to a particular church or through which to invest our money in a bank, it is actually a Teaching about being pro-active. Nobody can think, feel, or act instead of you. You will do the thinking, the acting, and the feeling for your sake. If you think, act, and feel good, you will have God’s blessing. When you match your life to this Divine principle, you will be able to remedy many hardships, which you come across. We have to find a way through which to elevate our life and everybody is looking for such a way. If you are an apple seed, you will pray to God to provide you with all the conditions so that you can first grow and then you can develop. If you are in the situation of a human soul, you will require favourable conditions for your development. What suffers and sighs within us is the soul that is closed. We often want to abolish suffering. Suffering should not be abolished but converted into Joy. Conversions can take place everywhere in Nature. For example, charcoal, under special conditions, can be converted into diamonds, diamonds can then be converted into seeds, then into trees and then again into charcoal.


Jesus came to the wedding to show the young people how they should live. All of you have had your weddings; you know how nice the time preceding the wedding is, what dreams, what fantasies of the mind and thought there are! Everybody, after getting married, says, "All the charming things were up to the engagement." The young man and the young woman are ideal, but as soon as they get married, everything fades away and this is why people say, "It’s not worth getting married." Indeed, it is not worth getting married, because this is not a wedding, but a discord. In my opinion the mind, which marries the heart, should be healthy and should not be infected by any disease. The heart, which marries the mind, should be healthy and pure. If this is so, then our thoughts and desires, according to the same law, should also be healthy and pure. I know that you, who are listening to me now, have disturbed hearts and minds. Why? Because this primary law has been violated.


When Christianity preaches that we have to return to God, this means to return to Heaven, to return to this primary environment, which creates conditions for a peaceful and wise Life. These conditions do not take centuries – you can become good at a certain moment, and you can become bad at the next moment. People say that somebody was born good or bad, but it is not true. We might be born in the good or in the bad, but we are good or bad only at the moment when we act. You may be very bad, but once you give up doing bad things, you become good and vice versa. Consequently, God determines what we are by the moment when we act. The particular moment determines what we were in the past and what we will be in the future. This moment, when you do something evil, shows that you were evil in the past too, but it is a reflection of the past. Some may say, "I am bad now, but I will become good in the future." No, you have to change your behaviour right now! You have to stop being bad, and this means that you have to induce the good from your past. This is the first principle, which Christ instructed the young couple into. He told them to love each other. Love is nothing else but acceptance of the good, planting and enlivening of the good in our life.


I speak about weddings, because many are those who promise what cannot be. Promises for the future – this is lip service. There is nothing to foresee in the Divine economy. God has foreseen everything good for those who act well. For those who do not act well, there are misfortunes. However, both shall bear the consequences of this great law. Not because God wants to punish them, but the implications result from our deeds themselves, and therefore we cannot evade them. We must first create a moral life in culture and science, i.e. the heart must be prepared, so that the mind can receive its desires and can process them into thoughts. This is a fact. For example, it was found in America that if the wives of certain men are good, they were promoted to the rank of preachers; men, whose wives were bad, had fallen to a very low position. If you have a gifted mind, but the heart is no match of it, it will degrade the mind to a low level. This is why God should live in your heart, to change and prepare it. Do not allow anybody else to convert your heart. We often say that somebody converted his wife’s heart. There are only conversions in the world and this is what the sufferings of all people today are due to. Conversions are wheel motions.


General principles were given at this wedding, according to which one may elevate and ennoble oneself. Often people cry over their previous mistakes, because they were very sinful, because they treated their mothers badly. Today they are already given good conditions for life, for work, but they give these up and say, "We are sinful and we will commit sins again." You are human beings and you can change the effect of the law, because these effects are similar to the movements of the wheel, the movement is mechanical and at that only in two directions – from right to left and from left to right. Similarly our life, the way it is arranged, can move in the same two directions. So, if you are not moving in one of the directions you will be moving in the other one. The same is true for water-mills: there are two wheels there, one moving in one direction, while the other one – in the opposite, but the result nonetheless is the same. Your wheel now is moving from right to left, or in the opposite direction, and you ask, "Can I be good?" Ask the miller; he will tell you. These wheels can be set to move in both ways and they can trample people.


When you go to a wedding, you have to mind your language. It is a profound science to understand the character, the habits and customs of the language and its effect. No person has a stronger will than the one who can curb one’s language. Sometimes, you want to tell somebody something, in order to show that you understand certain things. But what comes out of it? Not only do you not fix the problem, you actually make it even worse. Remember that all bad words are spoken outside weddings, because at a place where there is no wedding, there is discord. As soon as you find yourself thinking of something bad, you must be sure that you are not at a wedding, and that Christ is not with you. If you are thinking of something good, then you are at the wedding together with Christ and His disciples.


You can attend a wedding together with Christ and His disciples, everyday. I take this as a general principle. I do not apply these dogmatic concepts that the church has. I mean the energy, which runs through Life. The Earth is constantly approaching the Sun, but so slowly, that only in millions of years will it reach it and then it will see what the Sun is like. However, nowadays everybody can have the elements of the Sun in oneself – light and warmth. Someone may ask you, "Have you seen the Sun? Do you know what it is?" No, I haven’t; but I know its elements. Someone asks you: “Have you seen Christ and His disciples?” No, I haven’t, but two things I do know, two Divine principles, namely – Divine Love and Wisdom, which penetrate both my mind and everybody’s mind in the same way, in this way we all receive the Sun’s light and warmth. Any good desire and any good thought are Christ and His disciples. If you do not have good thoughts and desires, Christ is not with you. If you understand the issue on principle, God will be a wise Force for you. You may experiment in this regard. There will come a day when you will achieve the ability not only to receive Light, but to hear a certain song coming from it and later on you will be able to distinguish individual words. You may think this is an illusion. No, it isn’t, this is a fact, because there are people who receive the warmth and Light not only externally, but they can also hear their songs and understand their words.


To have your minds and hearts pure means to be clairvoyants. Being thus purified, you will be able to understand who sent you a particular thought, and who sent a particular wish to you. But today we sense a certain thought without understanding its internal meaning. When I tell you, for example, that you have to love each other, you already understand Love in a special way. You understand that to love means to have a friend, who should belong to you only and the day when she becomes close with somebody else, you break your friendship. Imagine that you are familiar with my finger and you talk to my finger, you tell it that you love it. Later on there comes my other finger, but you start frowning and you say, "What right do you have to talk with my first finger, whom I love?" Well, this depends on me, not on the finger. A lady visited me recently, who provoked a good thought in me and showed me how correctly she understood Christ’s Teaching. She told me that her husband no longer loved her and had left her. She suffered a lot, kept crying all the time, but one night she had a very vivid dream. In her dream, she saw certain people coming to visit her who told her, "There is nothing to cry for, woman; you have to know that your husband’s heart does not belong to you, and therefore you have no right to want to convert his heart. Imagine the situation of your husband if a woman comes tomorrow and wants to convert his heart to her. What will come out of this heart?" Similarly, we want everyone to have hearts like ours and we do our best to convert them. This is the worst evil. Let each heart be the way the Lord created it. Each heart is good by essence, but it takes its guiding lines from the mind.


When I smile at somebody and say some kind words, you are also immediately pleased with me, you find me a good person. But the moment I frown, you say that I have changed my character. These things in the world are sham; these are mere jugglery. Sometimes the father appears to be more serious than he is in fact. He does not have to become more serious, but he has to say, "My son, what you are doing, is not good for you, it is taking you down the road to death, because you do not do God’s Will!" Do not say that somebody is bad, because his or her parents were bad, his or her ancestors etc. Teachers may love you, but when you make mistakes, they will reprimand you. In such cases, students appeal to love, "Dear Master, we love each other, don’t we?" Yes, we do, but you made mistakes on several occasions and you have to correct these. The correct solution of this task is the key to the lives of many, while the wrong solution compromises me as well. Two days ago, I spoke about picking flowers and I said that every ten flowers picked brought about somebody’s death. If you say ten bad words to somebody, someone’s house will burn down. If you plant ten flowers somewhere, this will bring a good person to earth. Keep observing things of this nature to see that these are not merely words. Observe fruit trees in the garden: as long as their branches are green, the people in this house have a good life, but when the branches start withering, life in this house goes wrong due to the bad thoughts, which take the upper hand. After this, someone from this house will die. A gentleman was telling me the following story: he had a large garden in Sofia and a gardener took care of it. One day, the trees had to be pruned and one of them had to be cut down. However, the gardener loved this tree very much and insisted on not cutting it down, however, at the will of the master it was cut down. Before three months were up the gardener died. As soon as the tree you love is cut down, you will also follow suit.

You, who are listening to me now, have taken out knives and go fencing up and down with them. You are very educated, you know a lot. However, I would want people like you not only to tell me how to spin wool, how to weave and warp, but they themselves to sit at the loom and to practically demonstrate how things are done. I have seen what such educated people do when they sit at the loom: they start warping, spinning, but they see that it does not come out right, and then they take the scissors and start cutting. They start weaving again and again it does not come out right. A second one comes, a third one – they keep cutting, but it does not come out right. When the master comes – things take the right course.


Christ came to the wedding to teach the young couple to weave, because the wedding provides new conditions of life. When you want to elevate your spirits, imagine that you are at a wedding, because there is always eating and drinking, and also music at a wedding. Your teeth are your instruments, and your tongue is the baton striking the harp and producing music, which has a favourable impact upon you. I would like it if everybody could play an instrument and sing. Eating refers also to the spiritual life, because as soon as you accept a certain thought or a desire, it turns into food, which then enters your blood – your life and you manifest yourself. This shows that we have understood the Divine Life.


So, in view of this, please make sure that your mind is always in a normal state. You will ask me, which is the normal state. The normal state can always be found between two extremes, i.e. it is in the middle. How can you find the middle? Imagine that you are given a segment and you have to find the middle of the segment. You can find the middle by drawing catenaries with the compasses from the two ends of the segment. You draw a perpendicular line from the crossing points of the catenaries to the segment and it is exactly this end of the perpendicular, which represents the middle. You can have a similar approach to your thoughts too. Bad thoughts exist in the world with the purpose to strengthen your will, so that we can neutralise such a thought right on the spot. After each delight, after each pleasant thought, comes an unpleasant one. Keep track how long each good or bad thought stays with you. This is a new psychology. You have to examine yourself, because if you do not know how you manifest yourself, how can you get to know about the external things?


All things in Nature are a reflection of the Divine Life, which is inside us. The reflection shows an image, which comes from outside. This image was not created by you, it is an external image. If you experience a certain joy, it is not yours - you have not created it. It, as a thought, travels, and stops for a while upon you. Good thoughts travel and stop at various stations, where they are assigned to. Each station has a name of its own. You are the stations. Thoughts dwell for as long as they are assigned to, for as long as the train stays. Sometimes they dwell for a minute or two or for longer – according to the significance of the station. There are travellers who want to take longer breaks at times and therefore they spend a month, two months or a longer period of time there. On the way, there are good thoughts-travellers, there are also bad thoughts-travellers, which come out of certain naughty children and in the same way they stop for some time at some stations. So, neither the good nor the bad thoughts belong to us. If you want a certain good thought to stay longer with you, you have to create the conditions for this. This is what Christ taught the newly wed couple: He was telling them that they were going to have many pleasant and unpleasant situations in life, many good and bad thoughts, but they should know that these do not belong to them, they merely visit them. You should know that neither the good is very good, nor the evil is very bad. The good and evil are such only for the moment they are being done. When the moment is over, they are no longer such. To make my point more clearly, I will give you the following example: you are at a ten-metre distance from a hot furnace. What do you feel? You find it very pleasant. What will you feel if you sit at a five-centimetre distance from this hot furnace? Your hands will burn and you will run away from the furnace. This is the aspect between things, which makes them good or evil. This is the aspect of a Divine thought that comes from various directions. Whether the thought will be good or evil depends on the state you are in. Therefore we need knowledge, not to be in the way along which the train will pass. The Royal train passes and because of this we shall not stand in its way. This is what Christ taught us: you shall not stay on the railroad; you shall not climb onto the roof. One who climbs onto the roof intends to escape. This is what thieves do, when they are being chased. The railroad is actually the old age. If you spread gossip about someone, if you are in low spirits, if you do not have faith – it is all the same - you are on the railroad.


Coming to and going out of the world has a completely different meaning from what you understand. For example, we are making a house for us to live in. Why should we be making a house? Because the conditions of life are such that if we do not have a shelter, we will be damaged; this is why we are building a house. Similarly, we have to have a sheath, which is supposed to protect us from the various thoughts that attack us from the outside. This is why we have to live a pure and holy life, so that we can generate an aura around us, which can protect us from any bane and evil. This is why Christ and His disciples attended the wedding.


I would like all of you to have a good start, and those of you, who do not work, will fall behind. Take out the general principle from all the lectures so far, contained in each one, and start examining it.


I shall give you the following work and experiments for two or three months:


Firstly, you will keep track in a notebook of each one of your good or evil thoughts that come to mind. You will keep track of the time, by the clock, when the good or evil thought or desire visited you and you will also note down the time when it disappeared.


Secondly, when you are visited by evil thoughts or desires, you will try to convert them into good thoughts or desires. For this purpose, you will have to go back two thousand years, so that you can visualise the wedding attended by Christ and His disciples. You will try to imagine the house where the wedding took place, to imagine the wedding guests and the newly wed couple. Try to determine where Christ stood, where His disciples stood, but make sure you do not create illusions, try to be at least approximately accurate in your imagination. So, in your mind you can photograph the whole wedding by visualising the place of the bridegroom, your place etc. Christ you should place in your heart, His disciples – in your mind, the bridegroom - in your mind, the bride – in your heart. The bride and bridegroom will be separated, because no two people live in the same room in the Spiritual world. And here there are several people to a room and this is why they quarrel. The inhabitants of that world read each other’s minds freely. Therefore, when one of them is in low spirits, the others, as soon as they read the mind of the low-spirited person, pass him or her by, without any need for him or her to drive them away. This is why there are no circumstances pre-conditioning sin in the other world. While in this world somebody comes to visit you and keeps staying without realising that he or she had already annoyed you, and hence you have to lie to this person. Leave these old methods, because if you stick to them, you cannot be disciples. You will imagine that you have put on wedding clothes that you are cheerful and merry, and you will listen to what Christ was telling the wedding guests. If you can visualise such a picture, you will be immediately refreshed, you will be ready to fight your hardships in this world, you will understand many of the philosophies in this world and the vibrations of your mind will be higher. This visualisation of the picture has also a healthy impact. You must know that good can be learnt only at a wedding, while evil can be learnt at quarrels.


Thirdly, ask yourselves why is it that good and evil thoughts and desires are generated within you; why are you predisposed better to some people, and less to others, why you love some, but others you do not love, why you find some people pleasant and others - unpleasant. You will say that this is karmic. Yes, it is, but karma does not explain anything, because there are quite a few reasons here. When you are in low spirits, think about the reason for this. Recall where you have been, in which house, how long you stayed there and after leaving which house you felt in low spirits. Find an explanation why you leave a certain house in low spirits. Explain to yourselves why at times when you come back home you feel in low spirits and whether it comes from the north, south, east or west. When you find the reason for your low spirits, do not fly at the person who created it, but change the direction of the low spirits. A friend of yours is asking you for a loan under the condition that he or she will return it in ten days, but nothing of the kind happens. Do not be angry about this. If someone is not predisposed towards you, this is because such a person has to take something from you. If this someone has nothing to take from you, then such a person has made a mistake and therefore he or she says, "Your father owes something to me, and please, now that you are able to pay, pay for him!" When you are in a good mood, you have to save the energy of this mood within you. It is a serious science to be able to save the energy of good thoughts and desires.


Fourthly, every evening when you go to bed, you will spare ten to fifteen minutes to make a report before yourselves of your behaviour during the whole day. This you will do impartially. You will see what is evil so that you can avoid it on the following day. On the following day, you will pray, "Help me, God, to avoid evil deeds and to succeed in doing the good ones that I failed to do yesterday!" You will examine your life the way artists examine their paintings, without any self-judgements. If we are not a success in life this is due to the fact that we believe that we are stupid, sinful people etc. You are neither good nor evil, but you have to attend the wedding and you have to work. If your children make a noise at home, please imagine that they had also attended a wedding. Thus, to a certain extent – about fifty to seventy-five percent – you will be able to change the low spirits of your husband or of your children. These exercises will strengthen your good will.


You will place the bridegroom in your mind and the bride – in your heart. Usually the guests of honour sit at the top places at a wedding. Christ is a guest at the wedding. The bride meets the guests and is the first to kiss hands, and then the bridegroom kisses hands. What does the kissing of hands stand for? When we kiss somebody’s hand, we promise that we shall implement God’s Will and law. Disciples who want to learn must have an iron will, nothing should despair disciples.


I shall gradually explain to you all the forms according to which thoughts and desires act, according to which societies, homes, cultures are built up, and the reasons for which good and evil children are born. When you get old, your children will do this. The word youth is derived from the stem of mahatadi1, which means transformation of the Divine principle into a human form, i.e. renewal of aged life. When we get old, we do not listen to God, we become discontented, we frown and say that there is nothing in the world. I know that one has to act in the moment the Lord acts, to think in the moment when the Lord thinks and to feel in the moment the Lord feels.


Some of the exercises you will do in the morning, and the others in the evening, because in the morning you are positive, and in the evening you are negative. This is why people are sad when the Sun goes down. So, when one wants to become humble, one has to pray in the evening. When one wants to pray for being merciful, one has to pray in the morning. The energy of the Earth is positive in the morning, and it is negative in the afternoon. The same is true of human beings. This explains why the psalm-singer says that Joy comes in the morning. Joy is positive energy, grief – negative. The good is positive energy, the evil – negative. If a certain disciple is weak, she will ask her friends to help her. When you say that the conditions are bad, I understand that you have no book. The one who wants to learn cannot say that there are no favourable conditions, that there is no time. You have at least five minutes at your disposal. When you do the experiments do not even think that you cannot do them. I do not want you to make a beautiful picture from the first attempt. You may make smudges around, but keep working. If you do not work, you will pay for the building you have hired. So, working or not working, we shall have to pay. I shall calculate one day how much your stay on the earth costs. It’s a shame, taking into account how much is spent on us, not to do any work.


The exercises with the wedding you will do three times a week, in the morning - on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.


The exercise with the report of your behaviour during the day you will do every evening before going to bed.


In us, the mind precedes the heart, then in the third place comes the will, but initially it was the will acting, then the desire and finally the mind. God, through His Will urges us and at this point our thought is put in action, then our heart starts acting and finally comes the will.


Master’s lecture, delivered on 19 June 1919


1 The Master here comments on the Bulgarian word for youth, which is “mladost” [‘mladost]







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