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1934_01_07 One Sentence


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From The Truth


One Sentence



Spiritual exercise.

[An example spiritual exercise that prefaces some Morning Talks given in the same year is the reading of the following:


                Psalm 91

                The Path of Life

                Prayer "Our Father" (Mt 6:9-13)

                Prayer of the Kingdom]


I will read chapter 16 from the Gospel of Mark. 16:1-16


I will tell you only one sentence and with this I will conclude:


Every one of you should strive to grow and upraise in himself what God has implanted since the creation of the world.


The manifested Love of the Spirit, the manifested Wisdom of the Spirit, [and] the manifested Truth of the Spirit bring the full Life of God, of the One, Eternal God of Life! (three times)


Those of you who can, towards 8 o'clock - exercises.


(8 am, exercises on the meadow)


7th of January 1934

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