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1933_02_26 You Are Blessed

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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You Are Blessed




I shall read the 23 Chapter of Mathew’s Gospel.


While I am reading that Chapter, you are asking yourself: Who had Christ talked about? — About the then scientists — scribes and Pharisees. With that sermon Christ had wanted to show his disciples and other people, which is this thing that hinders the correct development of people. Understanding of scientists that were reputed to be the leaders of the mankind hinders the people. Plain people could not hinder you. That law works today too. The present clergymen and scientists are not better than the ones of the past. — Had the mankind not bettered from the times gone by until now? — There is a microscopical betterment, that is hardly visible. I do not know if the wolf had bettered for a thousand years up to now? At least, I do not know such case. I know no charity society of wolves. If the point is to say something good for the wolf, I could do it. The wolf has never eaten sick sheep. This is a good wolf’s feature. It could pass near hundreds of sheep and it will examine them only and if it turns out that they are sick, the wolf will not touch any of them. After that the wolf will boast: Here is, I passed through so many sheep, and no one of them was injured. — Why? — The wolf has its own considerations. From hygienic point of view, the wolf does not eat sick sheep in order to avoid falling ill. And people, like the wolf, boast sometimes with their virtues.


Talking about that point many people will ask me: To whom it does concern? — Nobody specially. If the clothes on your back are muddy, I shall tell you to clean them. That concerns you. The muddy clothes must be cleaned! — You insult us. — The insult is in the mud itself. If you cover yourself with mud, you insult yourself. Take the mud off your back — nothing more. There is no reason to feel offended and to justify yourself. The more you justify yourself, the more you cover yourself with mud. The mud is the sin in the man. If you justify the sin in yourself, you cover yourself with mud. — But I have not erred. — Do not justify yourself. As you are walking along the streets, you produce the mud yourself. The mud exists in the nature, and a man mixes it by stepping in it. — Which is bad in the mud? — It soils the clothes and shoes. — What is the mud made of? — It is made of soil and water. The mud soils the body often and so, it blocks the skin pores. Many diseases are due to it. When the body pores are blocked, the man breathes with difficulty. That blocking has an adverse effect upon the nervous system.


There are two types of mud: physical or external and psychical or internal. Both types of mud stick to man’s back. When a man is covered with mud psychologically, for him is said that he is a person with a defect. He could not see it, but it is written on his back like an announcement. If somebody tells him that he has an announcement on his back, he answers: I do not know anything I have not put it on my back. — It is not important, who has put it there. It is important that there is an announcement on his back. You are required to take the garment off your back and to take away the announcement. As soon as you take it off, you are free. It does not matter that you have worn that announcement on your back? — Sometimes it does not matter, but sometimes it causes a lot of trouble. Imagine that someone attaches to your back the following announcement: This man is a criminal. He has committed a murder. It is sufficient a policeman to read the written on your back for catching you and taking you to the police-station. You wonder why you are taken to the police-station, why this misfortune has befallen you. That is simple enough; it is written on your back that you are a criminal. You had to take away this sign in time. It is not possible a misfortune to happen to a person if he does not wear his crimes written on his back. Whether you deserve these sufferings and misfortune it is another question, but the sign for your deeds is on your back. You may clear yourself with the policeman as much as you like, he does not care about it. You should establish your identity and give a proof that you are an honest man.


The read chapter of Mathew’s Gospel is one of the strong speeches of Christ. It concerns many people. It cleans as the broom sweeps the house. Christ says: „Woe betides you, Scribes and Pharisees! Woe you, hypocrites!” We could say: „Blessed you, future preachers and priests that speak up for the God’s kingdom.” I could make a new interpretation of all lines of that chapter. Why should I interpret them? — Because the negative should be taken away. If it is not taken away, the positive could not come.


When I talk for Christ, some imagine him to be strict but merciful, other —– soft-hearted, always gentle and smiling. And one and the other are true. He is strict, merciless to those who break the God’s law. If today Christ comes among you what he will tell you? He will proceed with you, the same way as a healer had proceeded in America. He became famous as a big expert not only of diseases of the people but of their inner psychic life. Due to this he did not take up with healing of all people. When some evil, complicated person had come to him, he had told him: Out of here! I cannot heal you. There is no place for you here. I say: A person who kills the good in himself deserves no condescension. I call such person a criminal. — What impedes the person? — His personal life. Today the personality in the man is so strong that the least wry glance or wry smile is able to offend him. Due to his private life the man does not know whether he performs the God will or not. When you have had some trouble, you say: “I have done a sin. - — You have done a sin, but where and how, you do not know. You say, that you are a bad man. It is not sufficient. In what lies your wickedness? Do you lie or steal? — Still worse. — Say, what manifests your wickedness? Talking with general words manifests a proud and vainglorious person.


Once, I travelled by the train in 1914. There was a man in the same compartment who took part in the War with the Serbs and he related for his experience there. One day, he said, I jammed 17 Serbs in a trench who I pricked with my bayonet. Listening to him I thought that they were not dead, nor hens. These Serbs have riffles like you and they will not allow you to prick them. He is speaking and I am smiling. I thought over. The question is another if he found them dead. So, he could prick them. When he saw that I was smiling he said: It is possible they were less than 17, I did not count them. — In my opinion, it is impossible a man to prick 17 persons. That man wanted to boast. What kind of boast is this that he had killed 17 men? The rational beings do not approve his action. This is a crime. Is there a sense a man tmake boast with his sins and crimes?


So,when you pray to God to forgive your sins, say: God wash me, clean me! I will not mention my sins and stain myself any more. Wash me with Your water in order not to repeat my sins again. The feeling of vainglory is hidden in the man. He will confess once or twice, will take out his sins due to his vanity. So, the people could see how he could sin. It is pleasant for the manto take out his sins in front of the God. He wants God to carry him in his thought. Somebody says: I have stollen the money from so many people. I have taken 1,000 leva from this man, and 2,000 leva from that one, and 5,000 leva from third person. I do not know what they will do with me in the kingdom-come. He smiles after that and he wants to pass for a hero. This is vainglory. That man boasts with his ailments. Another boasts with virtues he does not possess. He says: I have not done harm anybody; I have helped many people financially. — He is dying of hunger but boasts that he supported this and that one. He boasts with mere triffles. What has he given? — Two leva to one man, five leva — to another, a piece of bread — to a third one. The more he relates, the more he carries away with his benefactions. I am going to retort to such person saying: Do you know what I have done? As many killed people I have seen on the battle-field, I have encouraged and raised back from dead all of them. — Is it possible? How you could raise back from dead so many people? — As much I could raise them back from dead, so you did.it. It means, what am I, the same are you.


An order exists in the world that should be kept by all. It is the Godlike order — the order of the good. Every one might be a carrier og the good. You say: I have not done good to anybody. — You will do good but I shall do good for myself. You are going to the spring with a glass. Dip out of the water and say to the spring: I am drawing from you, I am relieving you. Otherwise, your water will spill and it will get mud. Here is one good thing. Sometimes the water enters the man in a clean place, and other time – in a dirty place. Then, it is preferable the water to spill along the road than to enter unclean person. This is the inner side of the life. This is the spiritual life. Sometimes in his life, the person yields to temptations, trials. — What presents the trial? — When the man comes up against the good and evil, he comes up against trials inevitably but he does not know what is good and what – evil. You say that one man is good and other — bad. — By what do you know them? The bad is not so bad, but the good is not so good. There is something untrue in both cases. And there is something good in the bad man, and there is something bad in the good man. Whether you are good or bad, these are notices. The notice does not do the things either good or bad. If you dress the wolf in a sheepskin, will it become a sheep? Will it become better? If you dress a sheep in a wolf skin, will it become a wolf? There is a saying: „Wolves dressed in sheepskins; and sheep dressed in wolf skins .” These are symbols. Is that wrong that the sheep has put on a wolf skin? Is that wrong that the wolf has put on a sheep skin? If the wolf becomes better, the wolf wins. If the sheep becomes worse, the sheep loses. But if there is no change, it is pointless to put on in someone else’s skin. If the sheep puts on a wolf skin and feels fear, the sheep is not a hero; and if the wolf putting on a sheep skin started to feel fear, the wolf is not a hero. — Very naturally. When the sinner takes the part of the holy, he will be frightened; and when the holy man takes the part of the sinner, and he will be frightened. The common holy man yields to temptation easily and could become a sinner. However, the perfect holy man — never! He stands above the conditions, nothing could tempt him. There are some conditions under which even the holy could be tempted, also there are conditions under which wou could transform the water into wine. I am saying: We do not need neither the wine of a sinner, nor his meal. I prefer to starve three days but I am not going to eat the sinner’s food. I shall pass by him without being tempted by his food.


There is one position that does not excuse the person. Only he who is in the state to do what is unaccessible to the others, he could excuse. For expamle, could the common person make a precious stone? — No, he cannot. But there are high-developed creatures that have differing view points than the common people. Their thought is as pure as a crystal. It stays higher than all common creatures. Then, he who tries to transform their thought into a common one, as the precious stone into a common one, he certainly will fall into a contradiction. Who could afford to transform the precious stone into a common one? He who does not have knowledge he could be mistaken and to accept the common stone for a precious, but who has knowledge, he cannot be mistaken.


Many people come to me and say: Do not think we are bad people. — How do you know what do I think about you? What give you cause to think that I have not a good oppinion for you? When I look at a person, first of all I measure his height. I say: You are 165 cm tall., you are not a giant of a man. Your hands are soft, slight, not for physical labour. You are not for a hammer and hoe. You are 40 cm wide., you cannot work much. You are not very handsom, the features of your face are not very symmetric. There is no symmetry between your forehead and your nose. You say that your father and your grandfather were that sort of people and you look alike them. — I am not interested in your father and grandfather. You were a copartner with them, and this does not give you grounds to attribute all your defects to them. Today you bear inbred features from your father and mother, but four generations ago you were a father of your father. It means, that what you have inheritted from your father today, that you have inserted in him in the past. Therefore, do not oppose against yourself, against that what you have inserted in your fellowman in the former times.


Do not justify yourself with your father and granfather. Say to yourself: This work is mine, i.е. this sin is mine, I shall correct it myself. If you say that you have been created such sort of a man by the God, you are not right. It means, that God has created you such sort of a man to do evil. — No, you created the evil; you have created the fear, the contradictions, and not God. He creates good things, and that you have created, God bequeathed it to you. He adorn people with their own deeds. He has a treasury where he puts that what you have acquired. And when you come on the earth, He adorns you with what you have acquired, indifferently whether it is good or bad. He says: This is what I found in your store. This is why, if you live well, you store the good in God’s stores, and when you come back again on the earth, you will have what to put on. If you know this, do not complain against your life. Courage is wanted from you. Brave is that one who has no fear of his sins. When you see the sin in yourself, catch hold it by the head and tail and ask it where has it come from. — It has come from somewhere. Hold it, until it make a confession. And when I grip the devil who has done harm to me thousand times, I sit astride it. I tell it: Once upon a time you were a master, now I shall be your master, and you – a servant. Have no fear of the devil. He has a whip but do not be afraid of it. Take its whip and lash davil’s back with it.


It was said in the Revelation: „The prince of this world is tied.” Therefore, until you do not tie the evil in yourself, you will serve to the devil always. Heroism is to tie the devil, i.е. the devil in yourself. Under „tying” I understand to tie the eveil in yourself, but when you become one with the God. As you are in a contradiction with the God, the devil will tie you. — When we shall be free? — When you become one with God. You are asking: How we shall become one with the God? — You have two bottles of water. I tell you: The water of these bottles should become one and the same. — How we shall do it? — You shall take one large bottle, you will pour into it the water of both bottles and it will become one. Once the water is mixed, and you will become one with God. I am not talking about the ordinary firm of every person, but about the mutual firm — servant of God. — I want to be strong, rich. — No, you will become a servant of God. It is better to become a servant of the peace, than a master of the anxiety and turbulence. I prefer to be a servant, to owe nobody, than to be a master with large debts. One day that firm will bankrupt. It is advisable to be a servant who never bankrupt than a master who is foredoomed to bankrupt.


Now I am getting out these notions in order an idea to come into your heads. By this could be seen how far gone you are as disciples. But your progress does not depend on you. What you have reached up to now, it is important; if it should depend on achieving something from this time onwards, all is lost. How far is gone a person it could be seen in his childhood. The child bears his/her talents in himself /herself. He/she was given the possibility to develop his talents in the school. One impulse is sufficient to help for their development. If an untalented person enters the school, he leaves it soon. I am talking for you as talented persons. So, there is no need to ask me if you are gifted or not. Every person was been tested out, in order to know himself. You have to know that nobody could hide himself. All is written in the person. The virtues and vices are written in the man – it is open and above board. It is hidden for the man who does not know anything. But for that who knows, it is all open and above board.


This morning I am going to give you several rules. When you get out of bed, wash well your ears. Regard them as big bosses. They represent a very large firm in the world. Larger firm than theirs does not exist. Any of its clerks make a mistake he goes out of the firm. So as not any to make a mistake, take hold your ears slightly and thank for them. When you lose heart, take hold your ears and thank God for them. Tell yourself: Once upon a time, I was worse, I am better now. If you have ear wax in your ears, ask yourself, why the ears wax was collected there. I know what it means. Clean the ear wax, wash your ears well. Then at least a quarter of your difficulties will be eliminated.


Second rule: Wash your nose well. Even you get up in the morning thank God that you have a nose. You have to know that God has breathed life in through this nose and you have become a live soul. Thinking that the Godlike life has passed through this nose, wash yourself with a sacred thrill. You are saying: Where is God? – God comes in through the nose every day. The nose is a door for the Godlike. By means of the air God enters through man’s nose and comes out through the mouth. And when God comes out you will open your mouth and thank. Thank for having a mouth and for your possibility to say the best words. The mouth is a place which could save the man. After that wash your eyes well and thank for the possibility to see by them the most beautiful things.


            The man is an institution financed by four large firms: the firm of the ears – the God’s wisdom, the firm of the nose – human mind; the firm of the mouth – the God’s Love and by the firm of the eyes – the God’s truth. These four firms are included in the Godlike world. If they do not support the man, no work could be completed. You have to understand this matter internally; do not say this to others who could not use it. If you are sorrowful, be pleased with your ears, your eyes, your nose and your mouth. Being pleased this way you will come in touch with the powers acting through the eyes, through the ears, through the nose and through the mouth. If you do not assess the visible things you have how you will assess the invisible ones? You look for God, angels and you do not appreciate the visible in yourself. If you do not know how to manage with your ears, eyes, nose and mouth, angels will not come to you. The angel must see your ears and if he likes them he will stay with you. Afterwards he will look at your nose, eyes and mouth. If he does not like them, he will not have a subject to stop on. Through his ear a man connects with the music of the external world and also with God. This way he hears the silent voice consoling and encouraging him. In this way the life is given a meaning only. The person perceives the blessing that comes by ears, eyes, nose and mouth. The parts of man’s body are blessed!


Read the lecture “The Disciple’s way” from 150—153 page.


People are displeased often with the nature, with that what is given to them. It was given to you much more than what you could use. This is why, everybody may give of that, what is given to him. — How he will give? — Through the eyes, ears, the nose and through the mouth. I am saying that you cannot do a good. — How you cannot? When you see a sick man, hold his hand, take him for a walk on pure air. If you meet a poor man — take him to a concert, to listen to music for a while. He is put out of courage, nothing is a pleasure to him, but while he listens to the music, he will become in good spirits. And you will give a good meal to the hungry man. That is, this all is good. You should not wonder, what good to make to a person? You will give meal to the hungry without thinking that he has no hat and shoes. He might be barefooted and bareheaded; for him it is important to have his meal.


So, you are blessed if you understand why were given ears, eyes, a nose and a mouth. You are blessed if you understand why the sufferings are coming. Christ says: „Woe betides you, Scribes and Pharisees!  — Why? — Because you do not understand the God’s Truth. You are blessed if you understand the God’s Truth. Thank for that.


— The manifested love of the Spirit, the manifested wisdom of the Spirit, the manifested truth of the Spirit bring the complete life of the God, of the United, Eternal God of the life.


22. Morning Lecture held by the Master Beinsa Douno on 26 February, 1933 Sofia. — Izgrev.


You Are Blessed

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