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1921_11_10 The Testimony of Spirit


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Note 3


The Testimony of Spirit



‘But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me’


John: 15; 26.


A Secret Prayer


‘Bless God, my soul’


I will read chapter fifteen of John. I will talk to you about the vine. This vine has three contents. There are vines that have not gone bad. Have you been to a vineyard, have you seen it with leafless vines? You have seen it coming into leaves at other times and finally you have seen it maturing and heavy with ripe fruit. Not all vines have grapes. I will read to you about the vine, which has grapes.


Sing the first line from Love; sing it quietly.


I shall talk to you on line twenty-six of the chapter we read, ‘But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me.’


Spirit – this is the most elevated, the purest, the most sacred. And in this sanctity Spirit brings the conditions of the intelligent human Life. I use the word intelligent, but I could use another word too. In the widest sense, when a human being has the intelligent Life within oneself, such a human being lives as a musician and as a poet. Such a human being is always in high spirits, there is Peace in his or her soul, the world does not worry him or her; nothing disturbs such people. Such people are not petty, they do not dwell on the small things in life, but only on that Great one that God created.


Now, let's assume that somebody brings a hedgehog into your garden; when you reach out to catch him, he will prick you. What do you think; did God create the spines of this hedgehog?


No, this is the art of the hedgehock itself. You may enquire why God placed spines on this hedgehog. The hedgehog created them himself, such is its culture. He needs spines; such is his understanding of life. Subsequently you should not be asking yourselves about his spines, but if you want to study the hedgehog, you should dwell on his basic features: what hedgehogs feed on, how they make their dens, how they raise their young ones, what are his relations with the ones close to him etc. Hedgehogs make good teachers for snakes: when a hedgehog meets a snake, he grips the snake by the tail first, covers his head, the snake coils round him and he swallows the snake little by little until the head is left and finally he swallows the head as well. And when the snake asks him, ‘Why did you treat me in such an inhumane way?’ The hedgehog answers back, ‘Well, how do you catch frogs? Frogs keep crying out and you keep swallowing them. It is from you that I learnt this craft and now this is my first attempt as I want to see how things are.’ I am asking now, when the snake is swallowing the frog, do you think God taught the snake? This is again an art of snakes. When you come to Life, you will first separate all those visible features existing in human life – what was created by the people themselves, in order to arrive at the purely Divine substance. Now, the Divine substance is Spirit.


And Christ says, ‘I will send this Spirit to you.’ Now people live without the Spirit. And you ask why people do not live in brotherly relations. How can they live in brotherly relations? Hedgehogs live the life of hedgehogs; snakes live the life of snakes and so on. And all animals live according to their understanding. There is no Spirit in them and each one has one’s own understanding. When it comes to people, we ask why somebody acted the way he or she did. A person lives according to one’s understanding. Why doesn't he or she live in any other way? The Spirit must come for a person to live in any other way. If the Spirit does not come, the person will live according to one’s own understanding. If you want to change on principle, to start living another Life, the Spirit must come to you. And when He comes, you won’t be asking yourselves whether this Spirit is within you and whether it is Divine. There is only One Spirit – the Great Spirit bringing Light, bringing Wisdom, Truth, bringing everything in himself. He has been delivering all the goods for ages, from times immemorial and there is no second to Him. This Spirit carries everything within himself and He is the discharger of all goods. And when He comes, people start becoming intelligent, geniuses and when somebody comes to visit, they receive this person gladly, treat this person lavishly, they do everything with Love. But when the Spirit departs, they say, ‘Today, I am not in high spirits; do not enter my home! Come some other day!’ Why? It is the Spirit that delivers all the riches, and He is not present now. Quite natural: when I am sick I will say that I am not receiving visitors on that day. Why? Because I am sick. Apart from not being able to receive visitors, I also need somebody who could do me a favour.


Having spoken about the vine, Christ told his students, ‘You will take the Spirit in the first place!’ The Spirit comes only to those twigs that have grapes. Now I do not want you dwelling on the issue whether you have grapes or not. You may put this question to yourselves, but you cannot resolve it on your own. This question can be resolved only by the Spirit. And when talking, Christ, too, pays attention to the fruit. God prunes these vines because of the fruit that is inside the soul. It is our fruit that is important to God, not the external form; not the vine itself, but what comes out of it.


Now, when a mother delivers a child, what does she expect from the child? She expects something intelligent, because it is from the mouth of the child that this fruit comes. If she gives birth to a deaf, dumb, and blind child who cannot speak and has the worst of habits, what does the mother tell herself then? She tells herself, ‘I wish you were not born, I did not need such a child! God gave this child to me to punish me! And she gives birth to a good child with grapes, she turns to Heavens and says, ‘How grateful I am to God for giving me such a good child!’ This is fruit! Now, you who have started, have to know that the fruit is inside. The fruit of your soul is inside.


‘And when Spirit comes’, says Christ, ‘He will teach you’. This is the first thing. Then He says, ‘But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me’. He shall testify whether you do or don’t have grapes, whether your vineyard is developing properly or not. So that all the effort in the Life of a soul, in the Life of a human being on the Earth, has to be directed to a certain fruit. Outside of this fruit one can never be glad. What is it that makes you feel glad? You yourselves are glad if you have a virtue. The virtue living within you was invested there by the Spirit, but it makes you feel glad.


And Christ, representing God’s Love and Wisdom, says, ‘The Spirit that I will send to you, he shall testify for me’. But elsewhere he says, ‘He shall teach you, he shall remind you.’ What shall the Spirit remind you of? The Spirit shall remind you of all the fruit that you have to have in your soul? Because when the grapes-pickers come, what do they do? They stop at those vines, which have grapes, but they pass by the vines with no grapes. And when the Spirit comes he will inevitably stop at a soul that has the grapes.


There are three types of vines: vines that have not yet developed, but have the promise, others that have developed and have a great deal of leaves – this is the second type; and the third one – vines that have set fruit that is ripening and everybody who takes a look says, ‘This vine is close to giving fruit.’ Everybody is expecting it to bear fruit, to try the grapes. And I can tell you the reasons which make you have friends – in order to try their delicious fruit. This is the reason. Why do you want to have a friend? The major reasons are that every human being wants to try the fruit of the Spirit.


Now, so that these vines can develop properly, so that the Spirit can function properly within you, the vines need soil. In other words, three things are necessary in Life: first, soil; secondly, seeds, thirdly, the one who will sow the seeds. If we have the soil but do not have the seeds, nothing will come out; if we have the vine, but not soil, again nothing will come out; but if we have soil and seeds, but do not have a vine-grower who will cultivate the seeds, this is also impossible. So, these three elements: soil, seeds, and a vine-grower to cultivate it are required. Only then can a vine bear fruit. I shall now make a comparison: the soil – this is you, according to Christ’s words. The vine – this is the Word that is invested in you, while the vine-grower is the Spirit that cultivates, the Divine Spirit. Each elevated thought, each elevated desire which are developing within you, which blossom and give joy to your soul are supported by this Divine Spirit.


Now in order for this Divine spirit to come and live in you particular conditions are needed. I shall make a comparison: if you make a house and expect a friend or a tenant to come and inhabit it, he will first examine your house, then he will choose only those rooms that are most hygienic, that have large and nice eastern or southern windows and only then will he say, ‘Your rooms are excellent, I will move in.’ Similarly the Divine Spirit too, when moving into human beings, the Divine Spirit examines whether you have real rooms. The law is the same too.


In the whole of chapter fifteen, Christ determines the conditions needed for the Spirit to come. Love is one of the conditions. Now you will say, ‘This Love! He speaks only of Love!’ I now talk about Love in its third degree. I am not talking about Love as an underdeveloped vineyard, as a vineyard having leaves only, but I am talking solely about Love as a grape bearing vineyard. You can have the love of the undeveloped twigs, but the most important Love – the Love of the third degree – is the one with leaves that are fine and grapes that are ripe. This vine and its excellent fruit show its internal quality. Therefore, Christ says, ‘By their fruit you shall know them.’


So now God also wants to know you all, He wants to try your fruit. You are hiding but He works towards making you give something, making you manifest yourselves. You are not willing to manifest yourselves and you say, ‘The right time has not yet come!’ No, no, the time to show the nature of human beings has come. But you may tell yourselves, ‘What if I give the fruit and it is not as it has to be?’ Everything must come to the surface; the sooner the better, because you will know what you are like. While now you have an exaggerated or belittled idea of yourselves. Which is the best sort of grapes in Bulgaria? The Turks call it muscat, and there is also a sort of grapes in the colour of amber which they chaush.


Now the Spirit needs to be received. Without this Divine Spirit, without these goods your Life will not manifest itself as it should. And when I talk about Love, that you have to free yourselves, I mean Love flowing from the Divine Spirit, but not the ordinary love flowing from people. There is Love flowing from people only, it is like scorched straw and lasts for a day and a half. It is so intensive that those having it say, ‘Without you I cannot live.’ But after a day and half they understand this love and say, ‘I do not want it; it’s not worth it.’ I see contemporary people weeping for their lost love. Christians also have this love; they flare up and say, ‘For God I am ready to do anything!’ But when it comes to sacrificing they say, ‘It’s nonsensical for one to be so idealistic and so ardent, one has to be a little cooler.’


The Scripture reads, ‘As you have lost your first Love.’ And this is the first Love that binds all beings. It warms them like a fire place that needs to be kept alive and never to run out of chopped wood. Do you know how it is kept alive? A friend comes who has lost a little bit behind of your confidence[M1] [1], but she tells you, ‘How beautiful you are, how much I love you, I want to embrace and kiss you!’ You get agitated and you relax. But when she leaves, some time afterwards you tell yourself, ‘I am fooling myself; does she love me or does she hate me?’ On the third day your friend comes again and says ‘my dear’, on the following day again ‘my dear’, until something disappears from your house and you close the door and say, ‘I do not want this dear any longer!’ While the Love I talk about, the Spirit that is coming, He always brings. He won’t tell you a sweet word, but he will bring you a nice book or he will bring you an apple or a pear and will tell you, ‘Eat a little bit to find out how kind the Lord is, so that you can try and see how kind I am!’ While now what is Love? The father comes and says, ‘Do you know what I am bringing to you? A nice doll.’ But dolls can neither be eaten, nor drunk, and after four or five days the daughter breaks the doll. We are being beguiled with such dolls: a story about this, a story about that, the Kingdom of God is promised to us, but you keep asking whether it is so. But when the Spirit comes you will have one live positive experience, you will experience and understand the meaning of Life everywhere and in everything. This is the Spirit. When he comes he will testify, and you will be brave, decisive, you will cope with all people. Because it won’t be you talking; it will be the spirit in you talking. How will he talk? Your soul will be permeated with this Divine Love and when these words come out of your mouth, they will open doors for you everywhere. Thus, those who want to beat you will beat you less. And afterwards they will also turn to the Lord and will start glorifying Him. So, dangerous people we are! Nobody will be left unpunished. They will also come to be servants of the Lord, just the way you are.


You need to get started and prepare your hearts for the Spirit. And now only spirits you have, I can see them: you have many spirits, but I call these spirits ‘soullets’. They are soullets and spiritlets who circle around you. And when this Great Spirit comes all those soullets and spiritlets will serve only This One. While now you often listen to bad things, sometimes these little soullets tell you that you are stupid, that you have stepped aside; they tell you, ‘Mind your life, you have to live a nice life, you are young, you have ruined your life.’ But this ruining is not the teaching of the Spirit; the Divine spirit never ruins one’s life. Only these small spiritlets ruin one’s life. When the Divine spirit comes, He brings in Light, brings in Peace, plants knowledge, and brings health, happiness and bliss. This is what the Great Spirit brings when He comes!


And Christ says, ‘I will send this Spirit to you.’ When? ‘If my words live in you and you live in Me, and if you have the Love of my Father, then I will send the Spirit. If you have my Love, the Love that I love you, when I show it to you, you too show it to the others.’ To whom? Christ does not say to love everybody gratuitously. Can you love a stone? Let’s define ourselves properly: you may love only one intelligent being – the one that has intelligence and brings conscious Life. This one you can love, but the other things you cannot love. Only two conscious souls can come to love each other. You cannot come to love a stone or a bear. I take these images in the first degree… Consequently it is in Love that I understand the intelligent. If it exists, Love also exists. Christ says, ‘You should love the way I came to love you!’[2] He has come to love the Intelligent.


Now, you shall not ask whether this Spirit will come to you or not. If you believe in Christ, then He will come into you. And Christ says, ‘I will send the Spirit to you if you believe.’ In what faith? People have two ideas about Christ: some think that Christ has now come out of God, while others think that He has been before all the centuries of Light, and consequently everything in the world has happened through Him and all people have come out of Him. Hence, He is the most well known Path for people. The first, who you know in the world, after having come out, is Him. It is Him who has sent you to this world and it is Him who saves you. Subsequently, Christ is the First and therefore He says, ‘I am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.’ You say, ‘How can we know Christ?’ You do know Him. Do not dwell on this question, you know Him! If you do not know Him, you have to give, but if you know Him, you have to take. You do not know the person, who has to take from you, do you? However you know well the person from whom you have to take. You know him because he has to give to you. Why do you know your husband? He has to give to you. Why does a husband know his wife? Because she has to give to him. Subsequently, it is in this sense that we have knowing and love. When I say ‘I came to love somebody’, I mean that I have to take from him. And if Christ has come to love you, He has to take from you. Therefore, He knows us. He, without denying this, says, ‘I invested capital, and I shall not allow you to eat it up; I know you and I hold you!’ You argue that you do not know Him, but He says, ‘You do not know me, but I know you.’ And as He knows you, He will send the Spirit to you. Since people have lost themselves along the Path, He will send the Spirit to testify for Him.


You have to implement His law when you know Him. You have to get the meaning and resolve all issues which concern your minds as married women. You are above all interested in family issues. The top question for a married woman is the question about the family: what husband she will have, what children, and after them there come the other questions, the secondary understandings and opinions. A woman is a Queen; the man is the one from whom she has to take, while the children – are those that will be servants. Women have big pretensions, they love children, but they want their husband to be Prime Ministers and the children to be top ranking subjects. She says, ‘My Kingdom’. This is what I have found; this is the great truth. Men realise this and the last eight thousand years they have been fighting to overthrow the rule of women. A husband beats his wife, but she says, ‘Even if you beat me, I am a Queen!’ Although children do not know her, she says, ‘You have to know that you are my subjects, you will recognise this!’ But I am saying again, that these children are the striving of the human soul. A woman is right that she has to be a queen. I like the statement that she is a queen, but I do not like the fact that she does not recognise her husband for a king or the children as princes. If she recognises this, a row will spring from a political point of view. While the Scripture resolves this issue in the following way and reads, ‘You will be kings and daughters of the Living God.’ The Scripture does not recognise women, it does not read, ‘You will be Queens!’ Because the first woman became a queen, it is now the man who is being placed as King, because his authority was undermined. Not the authority of the contemporary men, but the one of the Divine man. I would ask contemporary women: have you met your husband somewhere, what his features are, what distinguishes him. You say that this is not the most important question. And this is why the world is asking how to resolve the major question. Women would rarely know because they consider men as something of secondary importance, they only recognise their children. Once they deliver children, they place their husbands at the end of the line and this shocks them most of all and they are beside themselves with anger.


Now, do you know why I talk like this? You will think that I want to attack you. This is a contradiction within a woman resulting from another influence, because of which she is the most miserable being. Why? Because she argues that she is a Queen without anybody else recognising her as such. She admits it but the others deny it. A husband says, ‘You are a servant, nothing more, you will cook!’ A mother tells her children, ‘You are my subjects!’ But they object, ‘Subjects? You must be kidding! It’s not the way you see it!’ Hence there is an internal discord. Not only outside, but inside as well, in the very soul there is a discord. I go further and I say that you are split-minded internally, there is big fight going on inside you. Sometimes you are pleased with yourselves; sometimes you are not. Why are you pleased, what are the reasons? There is a big internal dissent and this is one of the reasons why a woman is the most miserable being on the Earth. This is why nine tenths of her life is tears only: she hides in her room, she cries, and cries, and cries, and then she will wipe her face and will get out; on the following day – the same, on the third day she cries again and says, ‘What was I hoping for, and what turned out!’ Why? The Spirit has not yet arrived, the Spirit has not arrived, it is the Spirit that has not arrived! But when this Spirit comes, He will recover everything. And Paul says, ‘I engaged you to a man’. To whom? To Christ.


Hence until you recognise this Man, who is the head of humankind and whose head is God, you will have tears anyway. Only at such recognition shall Christ send the Spirit, and this Spirit shall testify for Him. This is the major issue: Christ must come among you; this Man must come inside you! But this fight, existing now too, must be liquidated once and for all when the Spirit comes and you know Him. Who is the head of your life? The Spirit is the head of Life. And when He comes you will break free from the present discords. Then the new knowledge will come, the new understanding of Nature; you will get in touch with the new laws, which are now being established.


And Christ says in this chapter, ‘Everything you beg for in my name, will be given to you.’ You are restless at times. Why? As long as there is the signature of Christ, everything will happen; but nothing happens without His signature.


So, the Spirit is the one who brings all these sufferings. Suffering shows that you are not reconciled completely. As long as you suffer, you have not known your Husband. Do not understand the knowing of a husband the way you know him. I use the word knowing in the following sense: when you go out in the forest on a pleasant May day, when the Sun shines on you when you hear the beautiful song the birds are singing, this is knowing. It causes a great Joy to you, you are exhilarated. Conversely there is also a restricting knowing: as soon as you know your debtor, you restrict him or her; as soon as you find your ox and know him, you harness him, you take the stick and start driving it. Now, why has Christ departed up there to Heaven? He knows that there is harness for him. In this sinful state that we are in we would crucify Him everyday. This is why He has risen so high and waits. He has sent His spirit until people come round. Your mind and heart must be prepared, to come round to the understanding to fulfil Christ’s Will. This is an internal, deep understanding.


Therefore, you are all required above all to unite. When Christ comes all women must become One Woman. You shall not be many women, but One Woman. Now each one of you will say, ‘What will happen to us?’ Women do not know themselves yet. Therefore, the first rule is that women should know themselves.


Tell me what makes one woman different from another. If I compare two women, they all have the same longing: the one wants to marry and the other one wants to marry too; the one wants the dishes to be cooked all right, to be dressed all right, the other one wants the same. All their strivings are the same, there is nothing different, nothing special; life is the same in all the houses. Now, why shouldn't women join hands! In this way they can elevate their spirit. All women, if they join together can elevate it much easier. But now each one of you says, ‘I shall be first!’ This weakness of yours resembles that story which I have referred to at other times as well: a German prince went to a visit to Denmark or the Netherlands. He was supposed to be greeted at a theatre and for this purpose they chose twelve out of the most beautiful women in town. And one had to be chosen out of these twelve women to give him a bouquet of flowers. They decided to put it to vote and twelve tickets with twelve different names were found in the box – each one voted for herself. And now each one of you votes for herself in Christ’s box and there is nobody to give the bouquet. When the box is open there are as many names in there as there are women. Every human being is first, but while performing God’s Will only the Lord is first. He is the beginning of things, and we cannot be first. The one who creates things, He is the First.


When this Spirit comes, He will bring this deep understanding in your souls, what it takes is selflessness. You sometimes say, ‘I have served this husband so much!’ But you have not served the Husband [Man] yet. Paul says, ‘I engaged you to a man.’ I would be glad if you had served, because you would not get older then, your hair would not alter. When this Man [Husband] comes, you should not fly into a fury. Therefore, we allowed a man in today to listen, lest women make a plot of some sort.


So, when the Spirit comes, if you admit this authority to Christ, all the other issues, insults, and doubts shall be cardinally resolved. This is the major issue, which will resolve the other issues. This must be a question of a love for nature, which must be resolved according to the strength of God’s Love and Wisdom. So, this Love has to be so strong within you, that it could sweep everything around like a strong current, not to leave a thing around that can counteract you. When your husband who is on the Earth scolds you, you will say, ‘We are waiting for Christ!’ This husband of yours prepares the path for the Other one. Then I tell you that there is only One Man, and I will tell men that there is only One Woman in the world. When I talk to the men, you will commission a delegate. Thus I elevate their authority, do you understand? And I will then tell them that there is only One Woman and all men should join together because there is only One Woman.


And when this Spirit comes, He will bring what you need. I have spoken many times and I do not want my lecture to be left without any results. Have you asked yourselves what women you are now? Can you give me a description? I had assigned a topic to you ‘What women you are; what makes you different’, and how would you describe yourselves? Now, in the world, in order to describe somebody, you have to either love or hate this person very much and usually you show all of the negative features of this person. Now, you hate these men on the Earth, this I know. Subsequently, the wife says to her husband, ‘Do not believe him, whatever he tells you do not believe it!’ You are right, because how many women have men sold in the history of human culture; how many legs they have broken!


Now, if I tell you ‘I engaged you to one man’, how would you describe Him? That you live with your present husbands is due to this Man, who is above. Everyday He sends them to you every day and tells them, ‘Although they are such people, give them [let them have]? translator’s notes  [there is an implied meaning in the Bulg sentence – my guess is that God told the husbands that although the wives were such people, the husbands should give the wives love [M2] !’ He does not quite see your sins completely and He says, ‘Let them live well, let them be happy on the Earth!’ But are you happy? No, you are not. Not only are you not happy, but your husbands are unhappy and they constantly write books about it.


Now what takes place outside in society, the same goes on inside the family, the same goes on in the soul too! In your soul you sometimes lose this hope, this authority, this consciousness, you lose every love and then you despair and say, ‘Let it go!’ You lose any idea of that elevated substance, granted to the soul, you give up God and you live in the world only to eat and drink. And now, if you, as women, still look for many men, there will be tears, tears, tears. But if you look for the One Man, when He comes to the world you will say to all the present men, ‘Off you go!’ When the woman fell down, the man remained up there in Heaven, and when the man fell down, the woman remained up there. So that, now the true men and the true women are up there, while those who left Heaven and came looking for their happiness here on the Earth are the heroes of the day.


Now, the Spirit of Truth has to come, this salvation will happen through Him. I do not in the least want to make fly at your husbands when go back home. There is nothing to fly at him for. You will be looking to find the like of him; you will be looking for Him until you find Him. Have you read Song of the Songs? Many have read it and they say, ‘This is a wide life!’ You will understand the profound, internal meaning not in the human way, but in the Divine way. And why don’t I disclose secrets to you? Where is your husband? When you come to me I will tell you, ‘Let your husband come with you too!’ But you come only with women, without men? How can a woman be without a man? And the Scripture reads, ‘A woman cannot do [M3] without a man, and a man cannot do [M4] without a woman.’[3] Both are in Christ. A woman, when she comes, wants to have Love with her husband[4]. There must be you, your husband, and one more – a third one. Love can exist only among three persons. Do you know this? Your husband and you will come to me and then we can have love. This is how the Scripture sees the meaning of things. But we do know the love between two. So, do not beguile yourself looking for love between two, you should be looking for it between three. This is what Christ says, ‘When you are together with Me and the father comes, then I will manifest.’ When I talk to you about Love, it takes three persons to love each other. I have not seen two women loving each other. If you can find two women here in Bulgaria who love each other, I would like to see them and to have a picture of them. Not that this is impossible on the Earth, but a woman has to have her own husband and one other - a third one, who will come. Then God will manifest and what you are looking for will come. Only then will the Spirit and Christ come. It takes three persons for Christ to come.


I want you to free yourselves from your illusions: you want to be students, but you are looking for happiness where it is not. If you are looking for happiness – I am telling you where it is – with your husband. But he will place a harness on your head, he will set you in the cart, he will drive you with the stick and he will tell you, ‘Go to the field to plough!’ Your husband is also harnessed. I mean the phoney man on the earth, and I do not want to mention the name of the other Man. These men on the Earth are merely his representatives, his servants. And they do as he orders them to do on the Earth.


Now do you know who He is? You know Him now! A maid comes and says, ‘I found him!’ ‘Yes’, I say, ‘you haven’t found him yet. When you find the one about whom Paul says, “I engaged you to a man”, then that day will be the greatest in your life. This will be resurrection for women and therefore, Christ says, ‘Those who agree with this day, with this understanding, neither get married nor look for a man.’


When delivering a lecture before the men I will tell them that there is only One Woman. Do not beguile yourselves – there is One Man, you have to understand this! You will look for him! You will feel as one soul and thus you will be able to resolve the question of your suffering. The point is to find Christ. Not the historical Christ, not this Christ whom people believe in, but that Christ who says, ‘I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega’. The one who sent you here; who sent his blessing; who has supported you in all of your comings and wanderings in this world and has guided you along the path of Truth. He has always been good, has never frowned, is always delicate and He says, ‘There will come the time of this great outcome.’


Now, the Divine Spirit is coming for women, to wake them up, so that they start looking for this One Man. And now, since there are many men, there are scandals too: a woman says, ‘Why have you taken him?’, while another one objects, ‘What about you? What have you done to him?’ They argue about men all the time. I say, you do not have any men as of yet. Nobody can take away from you your Man, the true Man. He is up there in Heaven. He will be your beloved. He is not called a Man, but a ‘beloved to the soul’. And women are referred to not as the one who sinned, but as ‘my beloved’. So, you will be looking for the beloved to the soul! And when you find Him, your soul will be pleased, it will be happy.


And the Scripture reads, ‘And in those days I will obliterate all of your sins.’[5] When you find your Man, all of your sins will be obliterated, not a single trace will be left of them. The most significant issue is to find the beloved of your soul, for whom your soul is longing. You shed so many tears for Him and you say, ‘What have we remained for? Isn’t there salvation?’ The Scripture says about the day when this beloved will come, ‘I will wipe your tears’, ‘I will remove your shackles’. There will be no tears then, there will be no shackles; your hearts will be healed and there will be no wounds; enlightenment will be there, there will be no darkness; your soul will be elevated and a woman will be a Queen then.


So, you will plant this idea in yourselves and you will ardently pray to acquire the Spirit above all and this enlightenment. And you will tie the black man and you will tell him, ‘Concubines we cannot be any longer!’ Each and every woman has to say, ‘A concubine I cannot be any longer!’ Do you understand? If you say, deep down your heart, that you cannot be concubines any longer, you resolve the issue and then the Spirit will bring Love. The true Man will come and then you will start a new epoch. And then the New Woman will appear. And I would like you to form at least the finger of this New Woman.


Your law is great. You have only to overcome the external oppression, this tribulation and to know what the meaning is. Consequently, if you do find your beloved, anything else ruining your life will disappear. Thus the issue is solved at its basis and we can then talk about education and about Love. If I talk to you about love, about kisses, my words will be understood in an absolutely distorted sense. So far such kisses you have not had. This Man has to kiss you, the one who is pure and in whom you have your beginning. And the point that your present husband has kissed you, this does not qualify for a kiss. We shall be waiting for it, there is still a long time until this kiss comes. And when one receives this kiss, such a person does not stay on the Earth, such a person leaves for one’s Fatherland and leaves this home. Such a person leaves these things that now hinder you and by form such a person is free. Consequently, the soul is something internal. One cannot corrupt oneself externally, because one’s essence is inside. [M5] Sin is not something external internal. Sin is something internal, inside the soul.[M6] 


So, when this Spirit of the Truth comes, He will testify for Me, and you will testify.’ And I would like all of you to testify. Can you testify?


(A voice from the audience): We can.


We can!… Do not confuse your soul with your body, because you now have one body, afterwards you will have another body, but there is something more substantial that distinguishes you. This is the soul, not the body. And when you meet, you have to first feel like souls. The power of Love does not lie in counteraction. If you can endure one counteraction, you have Love. This Love is of the Spirit, this is the Love of your soul. Between God and your soul – this is where Love should start, but not from outside. You mention Love so many times, you kiss, but you still talk about yourselves; you treat yourselves, but your affairs do not resolve. This Love has to start between God and your soul internally. And Paul says, ‘First, the visible’. This is the visible! Some may interpret this expression in the following way: first, this life. I say: the visible – this is God, while the invisible – these are the people. Visible is what God is to me. We shall start with this understanding. Life is within. During Paul’s day these words were right. When descending from above, the visible was down, but now we are staring on the road behind and we look upwards. First the Love for God should appear and then we shall manifest externally. If I have no Love for God, this Love cannot be manifested to you. God, my soul, and the one close to me [my neighbour] – these are three persons and there is Love only there! They constitute the Holy Trinity, God in three persons. They are the manifestation of the Divine Love. The Spirit is the first outflow of God. God, the Spirit, and Love constitute a trinity, and we together with them form a quaternion - the Virtue on the Earth.


Now, the first rule is to start with Love. Women should look for their beloved! You will say, ‘What shall we do with our present husbands?’ The Scripture reads, ‘After you die, you are free of them.’ A woman is tied to a man while he is alive, as soon as he dies, she is free. So, if she returns into the world, he has no right to remarry her. This is not a teaching of mine, Paul says so. According to the moral law, if somebody owes money but dies and then returns again to the world, he has to pay. Such is the moral law! You will tell your present husbands, ‘We shall go to find our Husband, and you go find your Wife!’ You will also say, ‘We, the two of us, have not prospered, therefore, you go to your Wife, and I will go to my Husband!’ This resolves the issue in a cardinal way. What does a husband have to do? He must go to his Wife. Thus you will bring about the outcome and you will resolve this profound issue. When the Spirit comes we have to implement the will of this God who sent us to the earth because to Him we shall return. There is no other way! No matter how long we stay on the Earth, some day we shall have to return to the place where we came from.


And Christ says, ‘But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me’. He will testify for this great Truth bringing Love which brings freedom to women. Women have to be freed first of all! You have to free yourselves and when you find Christ your issue is resolved and you are free. Now, some of you are already close. You aspire to this while you are bringing into effect this profound understanding. When you understand you will be saved forever. This is salvation; this is purification – to be content. To be like what the soul of a woman was originally – content and pure! And it will get purified! When the Spirit comes into her, she will start testifying for the one that is within and without


Now, the Spirit that already works; let it enlighten you, let it urge your soul, your heart, your mind to the resolution of the most significant issue. The other issues you may resolve, but this issue is basic in the Supreme Divine Teaching, a cardinal issue it is. It is this issue that you have to resolve and then you will resolve all the issues one after another.


Let’s have a secret prayer.


We shall read ‘Our father’ in a low voice.


We shall read the good prayer in a very low voice.


Stick to the rule not to allow discouragement now. Now you are closer to the Kingdom of God than you were in the past. You will reflect on this issue. It does not have to be an obstacle to you, but an issue on which the resolution of all other issues depends. Every woman has to resolve this issue without any hesitation; she has to know this! Once you resolve this issue in your soul, when the Spirit comes, the issue is resolved on its own accord. You can work only in this way. You yourselves may resolve the issue, it is not one of the most difficult issues, but it is the easiest issue. But you constantly put it off for later, while it is this issue that you have to resolve first.


‘But this Spirit of Truth, He will testify for me’; and elsewhere it is said, ‘He will teach you everything and will remind you of everything what I have said.’


Next time I shall talk further on. Next time, after a month I will tell women what they have to do when they find this Man [Husband]. The Spirit that is coming will open your minds and will tell you what you have to do then. Women have to take part in all actions in the world. Women impede the world. The fate of the world and the keys to the total salvation depend on you! And now, since you have not resolved the most significant issue, you mislead your sons and daughters. You will call your daughter and you will speak to her about the great Truth inside Life. She has to know the Truth, why should you delude her? There is no happiness; you will be skinned like an ox. Say, ‘May the Will of God be performed!’ The Will of God is performed only according to the law of Love.


Hence, you have to understand me in a very wide sense, not in a narrow sense. You will understand [gain understanding] about your elevation in a cardinal way, fundamentally! Not only you, but all the women in the whole world keep resolving this issue. Those who used to raise this issue would have resolved it, but the world war broke out and they discontinued for a while. They brought up the issue about women’s emancipation. It takes no emancipation, but a cardinal understanding of the issue. The war broke out, men and women intertwined, and now they cannot resolve the issue fundamentally. But the issue has to be resolved. You live in a very important epoch, or as secular people say ‘in an epoch of historical significance’. Now or never! This is the edge of the issue. If you do not resolve this issue now, you will never resolve it.


You have to have an open heart, and not to say, ‘We are not good.’ The Lord will obliterate your sins; He will throw them behind His back and won’t look at them. But the way you are now, you cannot even pray. You now pray to perform God’s Will, but tomorrow you seek one of those, somebody else’s man and you say, ‘Who will feed me?’ Enough, eight thousand years of slavery should be enough! Since it is eight thousand years old, the strap is about to break. It is time for a human being to break once and for all with the strap of evil. It is a great evil from which a human being has to break free and from which one has to part. And then one will turn one’s mind to God and will understand that there is no change, no betrayal in him or her. It is the same human being. It is not a man. It is the Great Spirit and there is no change in Him. He is called the one coming from the benevolent womb, He is merciful, full of Love for those who repent, who perform His Will. This issue you will resolve now! You shall not entertain illusions and shall not say, ‘I am not like the other women.’ I have one request to you: do not entertain any illusions that you are not like the other women.


Try to be like this Woman. I haven’t spoken about the One Woman yet, I haven’t told you what the One Woman is like.


Come on, I congratulate you with the Spirit! You have to attack now and you have to charge and enter. Everybody with the Spirit, with the Word of God! You will resolve the important issue not with your needles pointed ahead, but with the Word of God.


Master’s lecture


Delivered on 10 November 1921


15:00h in Sofia



[1] [whom you no longer trust so much] or [in whom your confidence is a little shaken]

[2] To Editor: if this sentence in ‘’ is a quotation from the Bible, I will need the reference = chapter, line…

[3] To Editor: this is most probably a quotation – unfortunately I see no reference as to book, chapter, line.

[4] To Editor: in many instances the original text reads ‘woman’ or ‘man’ – but it is evident from the context that the 2 words  refer to married people – I translated as ‘husband’ and rarely as ‘wife’ in places where I felt it inappropriate to refer to a woman as somebody’s woman. However, if the convention is ‘man’ and ‘woman’ even though referring to married people – please feel free to substitute at your discretion. In Bulgarian the colloquial style has ‘my man’=‘my husband’ & ‘my woman’=‘my wife’ which I am afraid is not exactly the case elsewhere.

[5] To Editor: perhaps a quotation – no reference though

 [M1]Unclear. What is meant by behind your confidence? {who has lost her confidence} or {who you have lost confidence in}

 [M2]Give them what?



 [M5]Maybe this sentence should be checked again. Perhaps the word externally is meant to be internally.

 [M6]This sentence contradicts the previous one, in addition, sin cannot be internal and inside the soul. {Sin is not something internal, and it is not inside the soul.} or {Sin is external, not inside the soul.}


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