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1933_03_19 Good and Bad Way

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Good and Bad Way





I shall read the 26 Chapter of Mathew’s Gospel.


While you are reading the Holy Writ, you say: We understand the Word of God, and when you read it once, you thought that it is enough. It is not so. — Why? —Because the understanding grows up. Your understanding is one kind today, tomorrow — another. Your understanding will be quite different after years. When you were small children, you had satisfied with little; as adults, you are not content with that little. Why the people of today are not pleased with their life? They were pleased with little in the old time. This is one question that is hard to be given a scientific answer. Any wants to be a master, to reign. This is impossible. This makes sense you to reign i.е. to master yourself, and not to govern other people. Moreover, you are not going to govern all your life. It is just as if to get issued title-deed every day that the field you work is yours. Then, you have worked it for 30 years and you got issued 30 title-deeds. It is not needed.


You listen to the religious people saying: We understand the Lord. We have recognized Him already. — You have recognized Him, but you have not recognized the essential. — What is the essential? — The threads with which you are sewing the garment. It is just as if you have good wool you have spun and woven, but you have not threads, to sew the garment with. — Is not it possible without threads? — No, it is not possible, these threads are the way in which the man[1] walks. Without road you could go nowhere. It leads towards a certain purpose.


You ask me: Why we encounter so many obstacles in our life? — Because you have many desires. Unless you get rid of your desires, you could not achieve the truth. For example, a young maid wants to serve the Lord and thinks to get married at the same time. It is not bad, but she could not get these two things in herself. By this reason she comes up against contradictions. Is it possible the school-girl to study and answer the love letters of her sweetheart at the same time? She will answer his letters but she will leave her lessons behind. In the long run, this school girl will finish a school but not the one she started. If he writes her ten letters a day, for a year she will reply to 3650 letters, but what she will gain? He had written her about many different things. For a house, for cornfields, for clothes, for shoes, for drives, for nice meals. And she had replied him the same way but she had gained nothing from these letters. If the young people could realize what they have gained from their letters, they would never write them. — Why? — Because from the letters only empty words and promises left. And the religious people did the same. And they say: We love the Lord, we shall do for Him everything; we shall serve Him with love. — Empty words! You say: I shall turn somebody towards the Lord at least. — How you will turn him? He is not a purse, to be turned inside out. You will try to turn him but it is impossible to turn him. Turning the people towards the Lord, it is not your business. You are required to do one thing: to find threads for sewing your garment. Otherwise, you will be left without a garment. — Why there are no threads? — Because the young man, in order to go out on a date with his beloved in time, he closed the shop earlier that the appointed time. You could not buy threads and you are sorry that your garment will leave uncompleted. The young man says: When I get married I will open my shop in time and I am going to satisfy the demands of my clients. — For him this reason is satisfactory, but is it satisfactory for you? You will be without new garment due to the personal happiness of this young man.


I say: The personal happiness will not solve the issues. If you suffer all day and someone else is happy what do you achieve from this? Does it give meaning to your life? The personal happiness does not make the person happy. In the old ages, an adept studying the Jewish Kabala reached to number ten. For studying the laws of this number well, he decided to marry ten times. He had married a woman and left her soon. Like that, he had married another nine times and every time leaving his wives. When he left again alone he said to himself: I have learnt nothing from my marriages. Why I had to marry? And you will say that this adept have done a large foolish thing — he had married ten times. — But you get married every day. Either you get married yourself, or the other people marry you. Some day you understand the sense of the day but sometimes you do not understand it. The sun rises and sets, and you are displeased all the day and you think that the other people are happy and only you are not happy. You see that people have got what you have not. How you will reconcile yourself with that contradiction? The people have gone outside in the sun. They are glad but you are leaning against two crutches and hardly walking. People walk freely on both legs and you on four ones are not free and you feel like a disabled one.


Under „a disabled person”, in the broadest sense of the word, I understand the one who has disorders in his soul. He was on the battlefield and returns wounded every time. After that you will say that you are healthy. The world is a battlefield and if you are not careful you might be wounded. Where is the Love there are no disorders. Everyone has possibility to display his love in accordance with his understanding.


A priest told me: If I come once again to the Earth I am not going to be a priest again. As many as 30 years I have burnt incense on people and they remained the same. If you ask them to give you 5 — 10 Leva, theу answer they have not. I have burnt incense to hound the devil out of them but I have not hound out none. If you were me, what you will do? — And I will burn incense on them like you. This is said in figurative sense. In the candela there should be fire. Is it wise the priest to burn incense on one hundred dry trees? Do not burn incense on a dry thought or emotions. It is better to put them in the fire to burn out than to burn incense on them. Many people base their life on dry thoughts and emotions. It is one and the same to think that if you become rich then you will put your affairs in order. This is a wrong idea. You will say that you are not guilty for your dry thoughts and emotions. — You are not guilty! — The guilt is in you as well, as in those ones before you who have not solved their issues. Some solved them, and other could not. The fire in the candela should pass in the human heart — and it will start burning with the sacred fire. Incense should come out of human thought! It is required both from the young, and from the old man.


The young differs from the old by this that he falls from height. Without thinking too much he rushes from some high place and injures himself, becomes a disabled person. Since he cannot come back home, he allows other people to carry him. For him people say that he is grown old untimely. And you say: We grow old. — In my opinion, old is that man, who in his young days has jumped from the height and become disabled. There is sense to jump from the height if you have achieved at least something — more strength, beauty and reasonableness. Why do you need old age which has added nothing to you? You will lean against crutches and will wonder how to cope with them. The young man has gone with crutches and thought that he has made life provision for himself. He says: If I do not need them today, some day I might need them. There is sense to use crutches but inside you. These are the Love and the Wisdom. Leaning on these two crutches means that you have comprehended your life. Until you use crutches outside everyone might beat you with your own crutches.


A disabled man with two crutches under his arms had entered into an orchard to pick some fruit. Gardener caught him and told him: Have you asked anybody to enter the orchard? He took his crutches and beat him. You encounter your own difficulties often and you are afraid. I consider the sufferings from specific point of view. You complaint about your sufferings: I tell you: You are beaten with your own crutches. I think how to set free this man from the blows of his own crutches. I told him: You have made a mistake which you should correct. You have entered the orchard where the gardener used to beat. — How shall I avoid the beating? — You will come into the orchard intended for disabled persons where nobody is beaten. —I did not know, that there is such an orchard, I did see such sign. — Next time you will be careful: if there is no sign, there is beating; if there is a sign, there is no beating. Therefore, I told you: Be alert people in order to see the sign. And then, if you come into the orchard with a sign, you will solve your tasks. — Which orchards are with a sign and which are without? Where the person is received with love and where he is received without love? — You will give an answer to yourself. If you cannot answer to yourself, you will stay in your contradictions as if with crutches.


You ask me: Why Christ had to suffer as well? — The sufferings are necessity. Without sufferings there are no achievements. — Is it possible without sufferings? — It possible without sufferings, too. Paganini was asked: Can you play on three strings. — I can. He appeared on the stage and played on three strings. — Can you play on two strings? — I can. — He played on two strings. — On one string? — I can on one string as well. — What about if there are no strings? — He has answered nothing, but he has not appeared any more. Hence, it is possible to live without sufferings, as well, but you will not come any more to the Earth. The life without sufferings is a life of the dried out fountains. You have started on a journey where all the fountains are dried out. This is the bad way in the life. As you want to drink water, you will change the direction you will set out the right way where all fountains are running. — But there will be sufferings. — It is not possible without sufferings. The right way is the way of living and running fountains. Since you have read the sign „Living fountains road”, you will know, that you are on the right way. Where there are no signs, there is no water. The monuments of dead and dried out fountains stood out there.


So, coming down from the heaven, you will go to the right way where the fountains run. If you do not follow this way, you will suffer. This is called karma. The Hindu talked for the karma, but something left unexplained always. Somebody have beaten you, is it karma? If you have knowledge, you could foresee that they will beat you. In order not to be beaten, you should reconcile the facts. Without resignation, one will beat, after that the other will beat for revenging. This will continue without a break. Two persons do not love each other. One say to the other: You should admit your fault. — And you should admit yours. Both of them are touchy and they do not want to become reconciled. Each of them maintains his dignity. Actually, nobody has dignity. Both of them are servants, workers sent to the vineyard to work there. The dignity is in the work for taking the hoe and to dig with it. Only that man has dignity that has finished the school successfully and has acquired something. Dignity has the believer, the loving who makes way to his faith and love. However, to believe, it does not mean to be blind in the life. If you put your finger under the sewing machine needle, it will prick you. — Why you have put your finger under the needle? — For trying how does the machine sew. — Your fingers do not need such experience. — I want to try the evil. — Why you are going to try it? — I am going to try the love and dislike. — There is sense to try the Love, but not the dislike. It will not bring you anything. Do not make this attempt. To try the dislike and love, this is a big attempt. Enter a room and turn off the lamp, after that turn it on again. By trying the light and the dark, you will understand by yourself, what is the love and what is dislike. Where the light penetrates, there is the love; where is the dark, there is the dislike. If you close your windows alone, in order to stop penetrating the light inside; do not blame others for it. If you open them and you do not remember that have opened them; do not blame others for it. Thank God that He has inserted reasonableness in you and you know when to open and close the window. Thank that your heart is lit and the sacred fire of Love burns in it.


Remember: Whatever is the life, it has some purpose. — What is its purpose? — To acquire the Divine essence and to come to that life that has no beginning and no end. As soon as you come to the beginning and end, you will always have some benefit. — I have big sufferings. — Be glad that there is an end of your sufferings. — What is their end? — Acquiring of reasonableness. In other words: the suffering is useful, if you have become more reasonable and sensible; if you have not become such person, the suffering is useless. — How I shall recognize the end of the things? — By the Love. If you love somebody, you are at the end. When somebody comes to love you, I know already, what will be the end — he will stop loving you. Then it will be your turn — you will love him. So, you will understand why he has loved you. The words I am talking for the love between the people, concerns both for teachers and for students. The teacher teaches his students during the class period — it means that he expresses his love to them. After that he leaves the class and goes home. Must the students cry that their teacher has left them? — No, they should love him now. — How? — By learning the taught lesson. The sufferings of people due to the fact they have not learnt the lessons taught by the teacher. The drunkard does not learn his lessons well and seeks the reason for his ill luck in other people. — No, the reason is in him. He goes to drink from a pub to another until one day he sobers up and understands that all his punishments and sufferings do not come from the God, but from the bartender. The world where we live is a great school. However, many people take the wrong way. — Why do they make a mistake? — Because they do not see any signs. Everywhere they enter — in orchards, in houses, in schools, nowhere is a sign. They start some work — again without any signs. And, at the end of the day, they do not know, who teaches them, what they study etc. Be alert to know where you were enrolled and what you study.


I talk to you often for execution of God’s will. You ask me, what the God’s will is. — To warm yourselves in the sun. — May we warm ourselves in the fire? — You may in the fire as well, but only in the fire of your good friend who loves you. If you warm yourself in a fire of a person who does not love you, you will be in a contradiction. However, this concerns you[2] not the people in the world[3]. Only the sun of life, i.е. the Love solves the difficulties and contradictions. — And people could solve our difficulties. — No, only God in the people solves the contradictions and difficulties. Under „God” I understand the Love. Where is the Love, there no contradictions are possible. — I want to live without contradictions and sufferings; I want to be a learnt man, to know more than my close relatives. — And this is possible, but under other life conditions. There, the devil knows much, but he is unhappy. — Why the devil is unhappy? — Because he has broken his relation with the Divine World. You cannot live outside the God and to be happy. Since you are on the Earth, you will rely on the God and not on the people. The son relies on his father’s wealth. He does not learn and work anything. One day the father dies and does not leave anything to his son. The son is disappointed as he realizes that he has no money in his pocket and becomes a servant.


Rely on the Divine in you, it will help you. If something comes from outside, from your father, thank for it, too. I do not say that you should not rely on the people. We are going to rely on them, too but we do not rely on their wrong views. To escape from the people, it is extremes. Relying on their right views this is a matter of course. Using the experience of other people, this is a common thing. Therefore, be friends with people, have a good look at their life and be taught by it. You should help each other. I have heard the talk between two disabled persons. One said: I was on the battlefield; I fought for my fatherland but I was hard hit; I was injured in the arm and I become disabled. The other said: And I have fought for the people but I was injured in the leg. Both are disabled persons and they ask each other why they have to fight. It is not bad that they have fought. It is bad that they suffer now and they cannot realize their suffering. Today they are said to be heroes, but they are not. They feel sorry that they have been on the battlefield and that they have become disabled for the life.


One father told his child: Son, go to light the fire in the fireplace, all is ready: and the fire wood, and kindling wood. Only strike a match and the fire would be lit. The child took the box of matches but he goes to the barn and he lights the hay. The fire spread the neighbouring barns and causes big fire. Many of present people are such children —instead to light the fire in their fireside, they light the barns of other people. When they realize what they have done, they ask for help other people to extinguish the fire. A sister told me: I do not know, what to do, there is fire burning on my head. I cannot live among the people any more. — You cannot, because you have lit their barns. You se the fire and you do not know what to do. You do not do right. There is something that you do not understand. You get into bad ways in the life, but you think that you are into the right ways. Go back and take the right path. — Am I the biggest sinner? — That is not the issue. Sometimes the small faults produce bad effects. One young sister asked me what are the life’s joy and sorrows like. For understanding me I gave her the following example. The joy and the sorrow are two lakes. If you enter the Sorrow Lake you will suffer. If you come out of it, you will feel small joy. If you enter the Joy Lake, you will feel big joy. Coming out of it, you will feel small sorrow. Therefore, stay far from the Sorrow Lake for feeling small joy. If you are looking for big joy, do not come out of Joy Lake.


When people have not succeeded in their life they will always find something to be an excuse for this failure. The old man says: Well now, if I were a young man, it will be different! The young man says: I am still young; I have to have the time of my life. When I grew old I will think for the next world. — There is no need to think for the next world, but either as a young, or as an old man, you have to lead a good life. The law is one and the same for both of them – for the young and for the old man. This is incorrect understanding of life to think that the old should lead one type of life and the young – another type. If the old man enters the Sorrow Lake he will suffer the same way as the young man. If he enters the Joy Lake, he will be glad as the young man.; the moments of suffering and joy are inevitable equally, both for the young and for the old. Why do Sorrow Lake and Joy Lake exist, do not ask. Why do wealth and poverty exist, do not ask as well. If you do not want to be a poor person, stay far from the poverty. — But it will come to me. — No, the man goes by himself to the poverty; it never comes to the person. If you do not want to become an ignoramus, stay far from the ignorance. The man goes by himself to the ignorance, and ignorance does not come to him. An eminent learned man married for a young and beautiful girl but they did not live well. He has taken to drink with sorrow and he has sold all the books in his library in order to have money for wine. Soon he has lost his knowledge and has become an ignoramus. And contrary, the ignoramus could become a learned man. — How? — He is hard-working, he saves money and buys books. He reads long hours, self-educates and acquires knowledge. It depends on the man if he will become a learned man or ignoramus.


You say: I could easily become rich or learnt man, but how I will acquire the love? — And the love could not be acquired at once. It is like the light. It easy to turn the key of the light, but how long it was worked since that light was achieved. — But the Love comes from the God. — Right, it comes from the God, but time is needed to create in yourself the conditions for Love’s coming. As little is your Love today, thank for it. As little knowledge you have, again thank. Some people come to me to complain that they are not beautiful ones. You are right. In the past you were beautiful, but you have fallen into a deep sleep, and during this time somebody has painted you, he has put such colours on you that have lost your beauty. Now nothing is left but you have to work on you for changing these colours. God has inserted in you cosmetic means and you could recover your beauty with these means. Working on you, you will remove those conditions that make you ugly. The human soul is beautiful. The things that make you ugly are the shadows of the life. Love the Truth with all your heart and you will become beautiful. The beauty is a sign that you beloved the truth. He who applies the beauty for his development, he will be blessed by the God. This means he will become rich, learnt and strong man.


Remember: You have to learn many things still. You want to go in the sky, but the way you are made now, even you go there, you do not understand anything. — What are you going to do there? — We shell be thought by the angels. — Yes, but they do not like people who think that know all. Angles like people with dawning consciousness looking for the truth. They will not come as preachers, to persuade you. There are people appointed for preachers. When the angel came to Zachary to announce him that he will have a son, he does not believe it. The angel did not convince him but told him: You will be dumb until the birth of your son. Until you have faults and flaws, the angels will not take care with you. They are severe, categorical. If they see a dead person, they give orders to bury him; they do not take care for dead. The dead person will pass through sufferings in order to become clean and after that he could rise in the heavens. And Christ had passed through sufferings, because he understood their sense. He was affected for the mankind and he stood their surety. Christ had drunk up the bitter cup, but he understood the deep meaning of suffering. The mankind could not be saved without Christ.


Knowing this, do not become again slaves to the world. You look for happiness on the earth but you cannot find it. There is no happiness on the earth. If you look for happiness, you will find it only in the God. There is no happiness without God, without light. I have heard priests to say: We feel like to take our leaves to the forest and to run away from the people. — No, you will serve the God and you will do His will. There is a beautiful world. The happiness is there. He, who wants to become a member of this world, he should be a hero. Suffering many hardships and passing through all storms, he will reach the harbour and his life will be joy. If you live under the best conditions you will suffer some hardships. Keep the God’s law. God have not stopped loving you. Apparently He might move away from you. His purpose is to make you to think. — Isn’t it possible God to be all our life with us? — The sun does not shine all 24 hours. Despite, it rises in the East and sets in West. The God’s Love is displayed at dawn, but human love at sunset. Then you will light your candle and you will read. This is your love to the God. In the morning the sun will rise again and the God’s love will be displayed again. If you want to live in uninterrupted love, you have to rise in the highest sky, where there is no sunset and where the sun shines all the time. But on the earth, the sun rises and sets; as soon as it sets, the moon appears. The sun light is one type, and the moon light is another.


Now you want to be happy. Since you could not obtain the happiness, you think that the people do not love you. You say: Why the people do not love me? Why I cannot achieve my wishes? — You are not the only man who has not achieved his wished. A day will come when you will achieve them. Do not lie yourself that you will achieve all your wishes and will be happy. Now it is time for work. After finishing your work you will be happy. You work suffering and being glad. He who wants to be happy earlier, he will lose even what he has.


Christ said to Peter: „Assuredly, I say to you that this night, before the rooster crows, you will deny Me three times.” Not only Peter had denied Christ. And also Judas had denied Him, selling Him for thirty pieces of silver. And the other disciples fled. At the end, both Peter and Judas were sorry and remorseful. Judas even hanged himself. And today many of the Christians give up on Christ. They say: We do not want to follow Christ’s Teaching. — This is Judas’s life. — Yes, but after that, misfortune will come also for them. A day will come when even they, like the Christ’s disciples will be remorseful. Until that time, it is required everybody to work on themselves. Get down all your talents and abilities to work. And whatever you do, God will turn it into Good. Be grateful that your eyes and ears are open. Be grateful that you have the possibility to achieve the great aim of the Life. What is the great aim you will understand it when you climb up the high peak. Whichever way you were described the Light Future, you could not imagine it. It will atone for all your sufferings you have passed through. Open your windows so that more light to enter. Light your fire and prepare yourself sop[4]. Wash yourself properly, have a bite to eat and thank for all given to you. — Will the world come right soon? — If all people act this way, the world will become all right easily. Let everyone lights his fire, puts on his clothes and goes outside into the light and everything will be all right.


When you listen to me talking this way, you ask yourself: Who is going to rise into the heaven? — Everywhere, in all countries all over the world, there are candidates for the heaven. You want to know if all of you will enter the God’s kingdom. I shall express figuratively: I am sitting near the fire. The trees are asking me what will happen with them. — It is very simple, all of you will burn. — We are not moving from here. — You will be put into the fire and will turn to wood ash, nobody will ask you whether you want or not. And I am telling you: All of you will transform and not to wood ash. The frozen water will turn to liquid; the cold air will turn to warm air; the seed that did not come up will germinate; the blind will start seeing; the deaf will start hearing; the dumb will start talking; the lame will start walking; the sick will get up from the bed, and the uneducated will acquire knowledge. Let us thank that we are at a school, where the all goods and blessings expect us. What it was until now? You have gone to school, you were given poor marks, D marks, C marks, and you almost have not obtained excellent marks. These are temporary works. F marks and poor marks could be mended. F mark is a horse, get on its back. Poor marks are a pair of harnessed oxen, get on the cart. D mark is a free horse - let it run in the forest. C marks are two pairs of oxen, and the excellent marks – three pairs of oxen that plough up the soil deeper. Then the field bears more. This means, the heart and the mind to start bearing, the ugly sights to be eliminated in the world. You have to free yourself from many things. When you enter the reasonable world you will unite and you will be set free from your faults. One day when you meet on the Earth, you do not see your faults. This means to become beautiful, your faces to start shining.


— The displayed love of the Spirit, the displayed wisdom pf the Spirit, the displayed truth of the Spirit brings the complete life of God, of the United, Eternal God of the life.


(25) Twenty fifth Morning Lecture given by the Master Beinsa Douno, on 19 March, 1933. Sofia, — Izgrev.


[1] Man – the Bulgarian word chovek signifies a thinking and conscious human, without reference to gender. The current translation uses English equivalents such as person and one wherever possible. In certain instances the word man is used instead. The use of man, he, his, him in reference to chovek are used to facilitate the reading of the text, however they should be interpreted as an indication of both the feminine and masculine genders.


[2] disciples –translator’s note


[3] People who are not disciples, not included in Master’s School


[4] sop – (Bulgarian word - popara) bread and cheese sopped in hot water


Good and Bad Way

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