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1937_01_17 Study and Serving


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Study and Serving


I will read chapter 9 from the Gospel of Joan, from verse 22 further.


Now I will speak clearly, defined over some things which you have to know. It refers mainly to the old people because all the mistakes are in them. The old people say: They tormented us. – Who has tormented you? – The young people. – It is not true. The old people torment the young, and the children, not the opposite. The fact that it is like that, look what the relations are between the big and the little children in one house. When the mother leaves her home, the big brother fights the smaller one as it says: Early mother has brought me on hands, but from the time you have been here, she has left me. You took my place. The little brother cries and doesn’t understand why it is beaten. Not only do the children cry and don’t know why they suffer but the old people suffer without knowing the reason for their sufferings.


I say: The present people suffer from ignorance. When they think that they know much, they say: Everything may be reached with faith. It is right but only that man believes who knows things. Faith is a condition for the development of the human mind and for the serving of God. And love is a power man works with. If you have love, you are strong and you can work; if you don’t have love, you are weak and can’t work. Hope is an assistant of faith and of love. It makes the smallest works. That is why man has to serve with the faith as a condition for acquiring knowledge, with love – as power for work, and with hope, as an application of the acquired on the smallest scale. Only in this way does he serve God and executes His will.


Some people say that they don’t understand the sense of the circle in life. – If they don’t understand it today, they will understand it in future. The circle is a notion of something, as and the man is a notion of something which has to be educated. You meet one man, well dressed, and other – badly dressed. The clothes are secondary work. It doesn’t influence upon the mind and heart of man. The clothes give only a notion for something but it doesn’t define the man. It is only outside decoration. The clothes don’t make man good or bad. The good man, and with the nice, and with the bad clothes, is always good. The bad man, and with the nice, and with the bad clothes, is always bad.


Remember: Man is master of himself, not with his outside wealth, not with what the other people possess, but with faith, the hope and love in him. So, man is a master only to himself and God is Master of the whole world. When they don’t understand where their rights stretch to, sometimes people want to have their way with everybody. No, you don’t have rights over the others. – Why? – Because their right has been given from God. To be a master of yourself, it is your right, it has been given from God to you. What will you acquire if you take with violence the rights of the others? Some man comes into your home, he wants to teach you how to live, what to do. How may I teach man? For example, I want to teach him on generosity. How will I teach him? First I have to show him what a thing generosity is, how to give and how much to give. What people give, doesn’t show that they are generous. Some man has given money to his acquaintance and he thinks that it is generous. It is not generosity. Some man raises his hand to bless and says: I bless you. It is not a blessing. Another question is if with the raising of the hand you call Divine blessing over man, they both have to acknowledge the power of God. Only in this way does Divine blessing have power. May you say that after you have baked the bread, you have been fed your home? The wheat feeds man. You have only sown and reaped it. The power which you acquire from the bread is owed to the wheat.


Now from all of you one is demanding: to acknowledge what God has put into us. When I have this in mind, I know if I act correctly, or not. There is no why to ask people for it. After I act well, something stirs in me. I hear the silent voice of God which says to me: You acted well. If I don’t act well, I will hear the silent voice tell me: You didn’t act well, you are not just. Why am I unjust, why don’t I act well, He doesn’t tell me anything. – I know how I have to act. – It is not important. You are unjust – nothing more. You have more knowledge than you need. Why do you have to have so much knowledge? You compare to that millionaire who after he had a hundred million, wanted to have 200 million. Why do you have to be greedy?


Today God wants from everyone first to complete His work. According to your confusions and love works, you have abandoned Divine works backwards. The young man, a servant in some house, has fallen in love with the servant-girl, he has become enraptured with her and has forgotten his obligations. And young and old people do the same and remain Divine work backwards. – Who is the reason for not executing your obligations? – Love. – What do we have to do then? After you are a servant, you don’t have to be enraptured. When you become a master, then you may be enraptured as much as you want. If the master sees that his servant has become enraptured with some servant-girl, he says: Is this the work I pay you for? You don’t have right to be enraptured with the servant-girls! It means: If you, an ordinary servant, have the right to love a royal or princely princess? The ordinary man has got no right to dream about the royal princess. What happens really? Only the royal son has the right to fall in love with the royal princess and to dream about her. Every ordinary man may stealthily to take a look at her, to sigh and say: This girl is beautiful but she is a royal princess. If I only try to come close to her, they will beat me. There are exceptions to this rule but it happens rarely to an ordinary man to fall in love with the royal princess and to have access to her. The ordinary, the mortal has got no right to fall in love with the royal princess. He will not be happy with her, neither she – with him. How many men may marry for the royal princess? – Only one. She has her sweetheart. In the kingdom of her father there are millions of subjects. How many of them have the right to marry her? – Few. She will choose only one from them. It refers only to the earth life of people. In Heaven the relations between people are other. When we come to real love, there the relations between nature and life are in absolute harmony.


When love is not correct, the relations are not correct either. If between the mind, heart and will there is no unity, then harmony doesn’t exist in life. Often the disharmony in life is being provoked from the collision between the new and the old points of view. The old points of view, the old thoughts and feelings enter contrary to the new and produce disharmony in man. Everybody has this experience. Everybody has tasted the envy of the old to the new. The old doesn’t believe in the new. If you are a baker and somebody comes to want the keys of your pay-desk, what will you do? Will you give the key to him? You will not give it because you don’t believe him. – He is a moral man. – He may be moral but you don’t know him. If in the house of two young people, man and woman, one young preacher enters with desire to turn them to God, will they believe him? The young man will doubt the preacher. – Why? – He doesn’t believe him. He still doesn’t know the new moral and doesn’t see it in the face of the preacher. I say: Don’t go to turn the young people who love each other. Love already has turned them, there is no reason and you turn to them. God is in them. – they have to believe in Christ and to start to love Him. I repeat: Don’t turn people but awaken them. If two young people are asleep, say them: Get up! After you see that they get up, continue your way. Don’t stop to ask something about their love. Show your love to them. If you want to turn them to God, you will come upon big contradictions.


What is wanted today from people? – Application. Everybody has some understanding which he has to apply. The understanding refers to how he has to be served. – Who has man to serve? – First he will serve to God, afterwards to his fellow-man and to himself. – We have to study, to finish a university. – It is the final work. You will study, will acquire cleanness and holiness, but gradually. The first task is, when you study to serve to God. The remaining things are ornaments, clothes. Have you, when you preach Christ’s teaching, to strive to nice clothes and a hat, to wealth? Many people think that in order to preach, they have to have money. Could people be turned with money to God? Or with knowledge? – Neither with money, neither with knowledge. Man is sent on earth to work for God. It is his first obligation. The knowledge is necessary too, and the wealth is necessary, as a secondary thing. – Who does the mother preach to? – To her children. She has to have two children – two buds. She has to preach them the Speech till they bloom. It is the task of the mother.


It is already time we to work for God, to serve to Him, to satisfy Him. Then our faith, hope and love will increase. The difficulties and misfortunes in our life will disappear gradually. Our life will improve inside. One of the difficulties in human life is owed to the fact that everybody wants to put the other people in their places. It is not YOUR work. They will want to put you in your place too. What will happen then? – Mess. Who may put who in his place? It is the same as some doctors to come one after another to put your eyes in their place. One of them will say: Let us take out the right eye in order so that the left will not be infected. Other will say: Let us take out the left one. For the Third we will say: Let us operate on both eyes. Don’t succumb to this advice. Don’t take out your eyes.


One man from Turnovo felt seriously ill. Some abscess had appeared on one of his legs. He went to the hospital for advice from the doctors on how to cure himself. They examined him and they said that the leg had to be cut to the knee. Otherwise the other leg would be infested. – I don’t give my leg. Why does God need my leg? If he wants some victim from me, I am ready to give the whole of my body. I came to earth entire, I will come back to God entire. I will leave hospital. I will go back to my village, there I will cure myself as I understand. After six months he went into the hospital to see the doctor who had examined him and said: Mister doctor, I am in perfect health. – What happened to the leg? – It became well. God didn’t allow my leg to be cut.


What is wanted from people? – Teaching and serving of God. He, who doesn’t study and serve to God, enters into a collision with Him. He goes to God and he complains from about his brother. Do you know what it means for the son to go to his father and to complain from about his brother? You will say that your brother is bad. Who is the reason for it? – The mother and the father. They have brought him up badly. As you know it, don’t complain from about your brother. To complain from about people, it means indirectly to throw mud in the face of God. No matter in what form the complaint comes, you throw mud over the First Reason of things. God will say nothing to you but you soil His name. – My brother is bad. – Do you know what the word “bad” means? It is easy to say to man that he is bad, that he is a blood-sucker or rich. All the poor people fight over him and accuse him of being a robber. They say that his wealth has been robbed. But there is and other understanding about the rich man. He is a cashier of God. He uses it with His trust. Only one thing is wanted from him: to execute his obligation. He has to know how much to give to everyone. Who ever takes money from the Divine bank, has to be ready to give. But it is impossible in one given moment to help to everybody.


You say: We have to help each other. – In one given moment you may help only that man who stays in such a place where you will pass. He is defined for you. Only you can help this man. He has come on the counter where you work. You will take his check and will change it. – Do you have the right? – I have the right. Christ opened the eyes of the blind man and the entire question was raised: Who has opened his eyes? How has he opened them? The Jews didn’t want to acknowledge that Christ had opened the eyes of the blind man. They said: “God has spoken to Mosey, we know him; He hasn’t spoken to that one, we don’t know Him.” Wonder! The then Jews hadn’t lived in the time of Mosey. How do they know that God had spoken to Mosey? Today they see in themselves a man who performs miracles and don’t believe that God performs these miracles through Him. To the asked questions from them, does the cured man who was blind from birth and how his eyes opened, his parents said: “He is on age, let he alone speak for himself.”


What do we see in the read chapter? – Conflict between the old and the new. The Jews were dissatisfied by Christ because He had destroyed the old order, confused their understandings. What has to be done then? What does the mother have to do when the big brother fights with his little brother.


She has to separate them. She will separate the big brother from the little one and will give him all the conditions for development. The big brother is the old one in world and the little – the new. Therefore, the old and the new have to be separated. They can’t live in one place, to eat from the same food. If they remain in one place, it is enough for the mother to go out for a moment outside and the big brother will fight the little one by all means. I can tell you what the reason is behind it but you will not use anything from it. According to the Hindus it is carma, according to the occultists – fighting between the old and the new.


I will deliver one example for a rich and poor man. One poor man worked for one rich man. The rich man was a big miser, he didn’t like to pay his debts. The poor man kept silent, suffered, but it was impossible to force him to pay. Something unexpected had happened: the rich man had unexpectedly died. According to the then habit people didn’t bury the rich men immediately; they left their bodies on the graveyards and they buried them on another day. Making use of it, the poor man took one stick, went to the graveyards and started to fight the dead man. What happened? From the hits of the stick the dead man got up, looked around and when he saw that his poor man took revenge by fighting with him, said: Don’t fight me any more, I will pay you everything that I owe you. He thanked him and went home. I asked: If you were in the place of the rich man, wouldn’t you be glad? If I wasn’t the poor man, they would bury him alive.


Thanks to the stick the rich man survived. – Why did the sufferings come? – It is the fight in the graveyards. – Why do they fight us? – to pay your debts. If they don’t fight you, you will be buried alive. It is better to be fought a little but to live again than not to fight you and to bury you alive. After you survive, you will invite a poor man to your home and between you will create friendly relations.


It is a law: When love comes, the fight comes too. Say thanks for the fight which comes from God, not from people. When man is tested man, God sends Love. When the mind of a man is being tested, God sends faith. When man is being tested in the physical world, God sends hope. – Why are people able to have wealth? – In order to work. God gives them sheep, bulls, fields, vineyards in order for them to torment and to work in entire days. Otherwise they will become indolent. – We will suffer with this wealth. – You will suffer, you will punish yourself but and you will study yourself. So, God tests the heart of man through love, the mind – through the faith, the will – through hope. To serve to your wealth, to your sheep and bulls, to consider them as private property, it is Divine punishment. You will occupy yourself with one idea, with another idea, and in this way you will acquire knowledge. As a rich man, the mental world will test you. – How? – Through faith. In this way you will acquire knowledge and will increase your faith. People say that God punishes everybody who He loves. It means that love punishes. For that man, who doesn’t understand the laws, love is a punishment; for that one who understands them, love is a blessing. It is terrible if love rises jealousy between people. The sensible man finds ways to manage and with jealousy.


Sometimes one beautiful, wise, good girl lived. Ten young men fell in love with her; everyone of them was ready to sacrifice himself. She understood that if they remained all together, they would start to be jealous. That is why she decided to send them to a foreign country to study. She said to them: I give a hundred thousand leva to each of you and post date it to five years through which time you will gather the most precious stones in the world. They agreed and went to wander about. After five years they came back to her with precious stones and much knowledge. Now, said she, you will travel five years more to gather the most beautiful flowers in the world. They went with joy to gather flowers and to acquire knowledge. In this way she sent them into the world to study until they became 120 year old men. At last they came back to her with desire to receive an answer of whom among them she prefers. She said to them: Now I will come in one retort and you will see what happens with me. She started to melt till she had completely melted and disappeared. When they lost their last hope, the young men started to cry and to say sorry for the lost time for one girl. They said: We learned many things but we lost the girl.


Today many people complain and say: We learned many things but we lost the girl. Said with other words: We learned many things but we lost love. – You haven’t lost love. It has the characteristic to become small and widen. In this case it has been become so small that she has become hidden in your hearts. You suffer because you search for it outside. It is better for your love to be inside you than outside. If it is outside, it will start a conflict about who should take more from it. Everybody will take something from it; one will take a hand, other – leg, third eye, ear and so on. Don’t separate love. It is indivisible. Don’t put God in you with regards to contradiction. Don’t say that this or that brother doesn’t live well. How do you know if he doesn’t live well? You want to live like you. – His eyes move too much. –How do you know it? – He makes his eyes to my wife. – It is impossible. If he makes eyes, he will not be able to see anything. How did you see this? So and you have made eyes. You haven’t looked at God, you haven’t listened to His Speech but you have made eyes to your wife. Then you don’t live well either. People are a wonderful thing! If you enter one art gallery where hundreds of pictures are exposed which present the rising sun, what will you do? You will look at these pictures but you will compare them with the sun of life which rises every day. According to me, people are pictures which represent the rising sun. They give an idea for the live sun but don’t carry life in man. That is why, when the sun rises, I will leave everything and I will go to meet it, to see its first ray. The pictures of the rising sun are not bad but there is no life in them. A rising sun is a great thing! As you know it, don’t occupy yourself with people, but at the same time, people should not become occupied with you. Occupy yourself with the live sun which can give you what you need at every moment. And so, what is wanted from you is learning and the correct serving of God. Put more trust in each other and leave God to correct the works of man. Some man comes to me, he complains about his brother. – Leave this work, God will correct it, keep out of His actions. One day and I wished to correct one mistake, but God said to me: Keep out of this work. I will correct it. Really, if I occupy myself to correct it, I will spoil it more. God knows His works. He knows the fine points of things and corrects them. He, who has made the watch, knows how to touch it in order for it to work well.


One is wanted from man: not to make a mistake. If he makes mistakes, he has to correct them alone. Imagine that two men come to me, one after other. To the first I give one ring from copper, with a beautiful form. He puts the ring on his finger and is glad that he has received something from me. To the second one I give one gold ring with a diamond. He puts the ring on his finger too and is glad of the expensive gift. He shows it to everybody and praises that I have given him such an expensive ring. The first man sees it and takes revenge on my side in partiality – Where is the mistake? – In the second one who hasn’t listened to me. When I gave him the ring I said to him not to show it to anybody, but he hasn’t listened me. He had to hide the ring and just to look at it from time to time.


And so, don’t show your golden ring to people when you want to show yourself as a great person. Strive always to take the last place. It is better than the first place. I always take the last place and I am satisfied. When I catch a tram, I take the last place again. After there are many people, I leave them to get up before me; I get up last. This place is very calm, nobody pushes me. When I get on the tram, I leave everybody to sit down, I stay right. If I hurry to sit, somebody will come and will say: Please, squeeze up in order for me to sit down too. In such cases I prefer to stay right. Keep the rule: Never take the first place in life. Always follow if the big fights the little. The little are not guilty – the old are guilty: the mother and the father. After it is like that, I have proven myself to be guilty too for all the misunderstandings between you. If you argue, I am guilty. If someone has died, I am guilty; some man has become poor, I am guilty; some have become rich, I am guilty; some have felt ill, I am guilty too. Whatever happens in life, I am always guilty. What I have to do in order to remove the guilt from myself? In order somebody to live, I have to let somebody to die. For example the hen has to die in order for his master be able to live. The hen asks me: Why you have put me to live in hencoop, but man – in nice, big house? – Only in this way you will rise. – Till when people will slaughter me? – Till you become man. You have to pass through the stomach of man in order to become like him. First you will pass through difficulties and afterwards you will be blissfully happy. You will be born as man, with two human legs, you will speak as man. – Is it truth? – You will try it. In fact, it still doesn’t prove anything. We don’t know what a Divine plan is. We can’t take the place of God. Whatever we talk, wisdom exists out of human understandings. All the contradictions, as and the good, as and the bad, have its purpose. – Why does the bad exist? It is not important. God said to me: “You will not eat from the tree for knowing of good and bad.” – Why I don’t have to eat, I don’t ask. It is said to me that if I eat, I will suffer. It is enough. The tree for knowing what is good and bad is not for me – nothing more. The snake said to Eva that if she eats from this tree, she will become like God. Why didn’t they have to eat from this tree, it is not known. It is a secret, deeply hidden in man. The deep sense of things is hidden from him. One day, when he reaches the biggest deepness of life, to its philosophy, man will understand why he hadn’t eaten from the forbidden tree. It may be after a thousands years, it is not important. This question can’t be decided today.


Some man says for himself: I am a good man. On the other day he sees bad things in himself and says: Wonder, I didn’t know that I am so bad! I have the desire to take revenge on people. – the works don’t agree with revenge, but they don’t agree with good either. It means that you can’t arrange things either with good, either with bad. The only power which reconciles things is love. After you come to the law of love, all bad disappears. – What does it mean when love reconciles people? Imagine that two men hate each other. The reason for this hatred between them is hidden in the past. The one has robbed the other. The robbed man can’t forgive that man who has robbed him. The last one comes to the distressed one and said to him: Brother, forgive! Sometimes I have robbed you but today I am ready to correct my mistake. I leave my whole treasure at your disposal. Will you hate this man now? You are ready to forgive him. Therefore, in order to be reconciled with God, be ready to sacrifice the whole of your wealth for Him and to become His servant. If you say that you first want to correct your life and afterwards to serve to God, you are going in the wrong direction. That is why you shouldn’t make a noise around yourself. You will occupy yourself to serve God – nothing more. Till now you have been only a master. There is the evil. You will be a servant, not a master. God has served too and continues to serve. Whose mother hasn’t served her child? When it grows up, when it becomes a big son or a big daughter, the mother says: I have served to you till now, from now on you will serve me.


Now you have grown up too, have knowledge, you are already able to serve. You have knowledge like I; you have love like I. You know the good water; you understand the good things. You are dressed with nice clothes, even and not with the most expensive ones. What sense is there to dress in your most beautiful clothes? And you have so many clothes that you have got no opportunity to dress in all of them. If you change your suit every day, for 365 days you need 365 suits. How will you manage with them? It is big Tovar. One thing is important for you: To strive to the knowledge which will be appeared for you in future, and to see in your brother at least one good feature. If you see the good in your brother, you see God. If you see the evil in him, you look yourself. Don’t look at yourself in people but look for God in them. It is a method for resignation with people. You will never be reconciled with man till you don’t see God in him. Therefore, in order to be reconciled with people, you have to see God in them and for them to see God in you. – I don’t know how I have to see God in my fellow-man. – Don’t justify yourself! Everybody knows how to act. After it is necessary to manifest my love to somebody, I complete my work alone. In other place somebody may replace me, to do one job because of me; but on the attitude of love nobody is able replace me. There I complete my work alone.


It is said: “God was in Christ and has reconciled people with Him.” If God is not in us, we never would be reconciled with people. - Is God in you? – He is not. – After God is not in you, you haven’t been reconciled with people. God has to live in us in order to teach us how to be reconciled and how to love each other.


It is said that God is love. What does man represent? – A conductor of God, i.e. of His Love. Man is a conductor only to one part of love, not to the whole love. If I am the red ray of the light, I can play only the role of this red colour but not and to the remaining ones. We will come to the remaining colours – the orange, the yellow, the green, the blue, the violet, there the role of these colours is being played from other people.


Now, as I give different examples, I observe how they deflect on you. If the example is positive and I look at some of you, it is becoming pleasant to him; if the example is negative, it is becoming unpleasant to him. If I pass near somebody and I don’t look at him, he takes offence and says: Why hasn’t the Master looked at me? Sometimes I consciously don’t see because I don’t want to confuse you. Some man steals. Why will I confuse him? When I don’t see him, I think that he puts something in the pay-desk, not takes. – How is it possible? This man steals. I think that he puts something in the pay-desk. If he really takes, he will give the money back soon. This man is not bad. After he has taken one bag, he will take two. After this I correct his mistake by myself. I open the pay-desk and I put two bags instead of one. Who wants to correct the mistake of his fellow-man, has to put into the pay-desk two bags instead of one. It means the verse: You have taken gratis, give gratis!” Keep yourself away from the role of reconciler. It is a prerogative of god. Don’t say that you love. Love is a prerogative of God too. The only right of man is to serve God. I want to teach you how to serve. There is no better thing from man than to serve to God.


Remember: There is no greater thing than the teaching and the serving. Teach and serve! The rest of the works are for God. He will come to you to teach you how to love. He will come to you to teach you how to be reconciled. It is a science which only God may deliver. Christ says: Father doesn’t judge anybody. He is eternal and unchangeable Love.” When people have turned to Christ with the words: “Gentle Master”, He said: “Why do you call me gentle? Gentle is only God. He always forgives.” God never sees the evil in people and says: Man is good. I created him good. If he has made some mistake, I will correct it. Really, God corrects all the mistaken works of people. The bad, the distorted which you see in people will be corrected. – When? – Whenever; early or late, it is important that it will be corrected. Believe in good and serve God. In this your happiness hides. There are no impossible things for God. The impossible for man is possible for God. – Why doesn’t will succeed in life? – Because we strive too much for knowledge, and to big wealth. Afterwards you don’t know how to manage with this abundance. You have to be just!


Some man comes to me, stays more than an hour, wants to take much from one time. – What will he do with what he receives? If he is able to develop it, it is good; if he can’t develop it, he will suffer. Another man comes to me, stays only five minutes but is not satisfied, he wants to stay an hour too. I have decided for people who come to me to stay a little, five minutes. That is why I will accept them or in warm room, as bath, or in much cold. But it is inserted, it is not essential how I will accept my guests. Who has some difficulty, and in warm, and in a cold room to be, he will stay for more time again. It is a side question. For you is important to know how to serve to God. When you serve to Him, He will teach you what love is and what – the teaching is. Love is abundance which reconciles the things. When you have enough resources, you will manage easily with your creditors and debtors. If you don’t have resources, you can’t pay your debts and you will search a way to be reconciled with your creditors. Since the abundance is in God, we have to leave Him to live in us and to manifest Himself freely. After God lives in us, let us say in one voice: Let the Divine will be, not our. Let us all execute His will as he demands. Let us wish to execute Divine will from our hearts! He knows what work to give to everybody. The unity will be in execution of Divine will, the variety – in the work which everybody will make.


Remember: All will be corrected in our world, that is why I wish to you to teach and to serve. There is no better thing than this. Teach yourself well and serve God well. The present world needs from disciples and from servants: To teach themselves and to serve the others. Who or what has been learned, let him apply it. Who or what has served, let him say it. Let everybody feel yourself inside so free that wherever he goes to feel pleasant to teach and to serve God. Christ says: “If you love me, you will keep my orders.” Without love, Divine law can’t be executed. Without love it can’t be served to God. The teaching and the serving are two processes through which love comes. Only love will correct the world. Teaching without serving and serving without teaching doesn’t cost anything. What you learn, you will serve it; what you serve, you will learn. Only in this way we will give a possibility to God to manifest in us and to reconcile people one with another. There is no better thing than two men to reconcile themselves and to start to love each other. In order for two men to love each other, it means everyone of them to have such respect and esteem to the other as to he himself.


People want to be helped without them take the same obligation to the others. In order for other people to help you, you must have absolute faith in God, not to harbour evil thoughts and feelings for anybody. What better than to have the trust of your friend and to always rely on him? To have absolute faith in God, it means in all kinds of conditions of life – as sinful and just, as illness and health, to know that everything will be corrected, will arrange well. What do you expect today? – To come into the new life where love reigns. Where Divine Love is, there all kind of contradictions disappear, all the mistakes are being corrected. The new life understands ending with the accounts of the old life. What the old life is, you all know. It has good sides but it has bad sides too, with which you have to be liquidated. It is said of the new life: Neither an eye has seen neither an ear has heard what God has prepared for those who love Him.” Said with other words: An eye hasn’t seen and an ear hasn’t heard what God has prepared for the souls which teach and which serve to Him.” I wish you to come in the great good which God has prepared for you.


I say: You all are good but you haven’t manifested your goodness; you all are rich but you haven’t manifested your wealth; you all are educated but you haven’t manifested your erudition. Why haven’t you manifested yourself? – You haven’t the conditions. And God hasn’t the conditions to show Himself as Love. Which is the reason for it? You are reluctant to make one little effort, to give the chance for the Divine Love to manifest itself in you. You say: God can do everything. Therefore, He can manifest himself when He wants. But God doesn’t do anything by force. People have stayed in the way of God and are being an obstacle of Him to manifest. This obstacle has to be removed. You can’t you manifest yourself too. There are obstacles to you too. In this state only God can help people. – How? – He comes in Christ and reconciles people with Himself as He forgives them all the sins. After this He says: “Go with peace, live and don’t make more mistakes.” If god doesn’t forgive the sins of people, the carma will come upon them. If it is being put on the back of people, they will sink. Reconcile yourself with God in order to free yourself from the debts, to become lighter and to get out on the surface of the water.


When I speak to you this morning, you wish God to come in you. He will come but on the condition that you will not complain about your difficulties. Why do you have to tell Him that that has offended you, that hasn’t evaluated you. God will hear you but He will not take a part. Here, you complain to me too but I keep silent, I don’t take any part. No matter which side I take, the work will not be corrected. It is important to everyone to be given what he needs. Everybody has to satisfy himself in the Divine way. The hungry man has to be satisfied, the thirsty man has to be satisfied. Only in this way man shows his gratitude. He becomes generous, ready for all kind of sacrifice. If you don’t satisfy man, bitter feelings are being borne in him.


And so, everybody has to be satisfied correctly, in Divine way. The satisfaction is not a mechanical process. It understands the resignation with God. Give place to Christ in you in order to reconcile yourself with God. Then you will not want God to love you because He loves you in any way. Only one is wanted from you: Don’t put hindrances in the way of Divine Love! Only in this way will God manifest himself


Which was the main thought of the today’s lecture? – The Teaching and serving of God. I repeat: Teach and serve to God! Only in this way the resignation will come. Only in this way Love which brings the new life will come. The new life brings the resurrection.


The good of man is in Divine Love.


7. Morning Speech, delivered from Master on 17 January, 1937, Sofia – Sunrise.



Study and Serving

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