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1936_09_27 He Creates


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Note 6





I will read the first chapter of the “Acts”.


Life is a science which has to be studied. You speak of human life, but do not know it. You speak about the life of Nature, but you do not know it either. Nature’s life is a life of great variety in forms and manifestations. Human life is full of negations, grief and joy, anxiety and misunderstandings, contentment and discontentment. Joy and contentment are rarely found, most of life is grief and discontentment. Scientists, philosophers and Masters have made many efforts to show people how to live. It is hard to teach someone to live rightly. This is a difficult, abstract subject. Life is not something concrete that you can see and touch. One hopes for happiness, and waits for the Kingdom of God to come upon Earth; one wants to go to Heaven and dreams of real Life. Is there anything that one does not hope for? All these are forms of complete Life.


Many people ask themselves if there is another life besides this one on Earth; and if there is, what is hidden in it? Of course there is another world, there are many worlds, but these are levels of consciousness. Focus your attention upon the consciousness of an ant, a fish, a bird, a mammal, a human being and an Angel, so that you can see what big variety is hidden in their view and understanding of Life. Compare the purity of a human being to that of an Angel, and see what a big difference there is between them.


I say: It is spoken now about the coming of Christ, that is, about His descent upon Earth and about His life. Therefore, when it is said that He is coming to Earth, everyone thinks that this will happen as it used to happen in the past. You know how your relatives come to Earth and how they leave it, therefore you think that Christ will also come and leave as they do. This refers to those who have not lived correctly. They are solemnly carried on litters; priests sing and deliver speeches to them. This is a life of aristocrats. However, Christ did not come like ordinary people do, and will not come like them. Christ did not wait to be carried on a litter. He summoned His disciples, spoke to them and ascended before them. Nowadays people wait for Christ to come to Earth in flesh again. It is not a question of whether He will come in flesh or as a Spirit. His coming is a question of consciousness. Why? – Because even those who saw the resurrection and ascent of Christ, still doubted. The one, who has awakened consciousness, never doubts. This person lives in the rapid changes and fears nothing. (Please check if this is what the sentence should mean. Or does it mean {This person lives in the swift transformation and fears nothing}) (Kalina wrote: In the Bulgarian text it is not specified whether it is the changes in life or the transformation within the very person. I suppose it is meant both externally and internally. Please check if it is OK in the way I have corrected the sentence. If you have another suggestion, please write)


What is required of the present-day person? – Fearlessness. In order not to be afraid, one must be acquainted with the inner side of Life, with the changes that occur in Life. Many people are afraid of losing their body. Whatever they do, and however they look after it, they will lose it some day. This is the truth. It is said: “There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body!” The natural body gets lost, and the Spiritual one stays for eternity. Consciously or unconsciously, all people strive to build their Spiritual bodies. This body is also exposed to constant changes, but to fewer contradictions than the natural one. As for the building of the physical body one needs materials, means and workers, just the same for the building of the Spiritual body; one needs materials, means and workers as well. The mother and the father are the main workers for building of the physical body of a child. Once a child comes out of its mother’s womb, it starts working upon itself. Who is the chief worker for creating the Spiritual body, named “not made by human hand”? - God. He has created this body to be a dwelling of the soul. Through this body, the soul grows up and develops, that is why you have to assist it. Thus you will constantly change and will study the laws of Life. If you do not know these laws, you will not come to know yourself. – “Will we know each other in the next world?” – Of course you will know each other. If a dog knows its master, then would not one man know another one? There is something by which a dog knows its master. Therefore, no matter how much one will change in the next world, there will always remain something by which one’s relatives will know one. On Earth people also know each other with difficulty. A child grows up, becomes a youth, grows to adulthood, becomes middle-aged, then gets old, and cannot be recognized by the relatives who have not seen him or her for a long time. One is most easily known by one’s voice, which is the most permanent feature. This is an external mark. Internally one is known by one’s thought, feelings and acts. People do not think, feel and act alike. Thanks to this they differ from one another.


Bear in mind: Life is beautiful and full of variety. Once you come to uniformity in people’s thoughts and feelings, they bore you. Uniformity repulses while variety attracts. If you often hear people saying that you should love each other, you are repulsed and turn away from these people. To love each other, to love each other! What is the meaning of the words to love each other? It means to manifest Life and Love in their variety. Life is beautiful when it is full of Love, work and prayer. To pray does not mean to take the position of a pious person. This is vainglory – you want to present yourself before people as something you are not. A mother will teach her child how it should pray. The child, on its part, says: “My mother taught me to pray.” Once a child learns to pray, when it grows up and becomes adult person, it will still pray. It is important that one does not pray in one and the same way – uniformity is boring. Keep away from it, so that you do not get bored with prayer. One has to be free in all of one’s manifestations. If someone has advanced in one’s development, this person should not impose his own will on the young and tell them what they must do and what they must not do.


What will happen if the young do everything that the old do? A young person differs from an old one who constantly complains that his feet cannot carry his body, and that he cannot think and speak fluently. When he sees his face wrinkled and old, he says: “I’ve lost everything!” Even in this situation, one still hopes and waits for better conditions in Life. What will these improved conditions be for the one who suffers? Whatever the conditions may be, if he does not know God’s Love, he will achieve nothing. Some people imagine God in a certain way, while others do not think of Him at all and do not even imagine Him. I would not like to dwell upon this question, because a dispute will occur among people, regarding who understands Life better and who has clearer vision of things. This dispute can be solved easily: the one, who has a better understanding of Life, can accomplish a lot of things. Thinking that you understand Life without doing anything shows that you are under a delusion. If you understand things, then you will have bigger possibilities and achievements. You will speak about God only after you have done something for Him. Do not speak about your virtues before you have manifested them. Do not consider yourself a singer, before you have sung and while you do not know how to sing. Do not speak about art before you have painted a work of art. Do not say that you are an occult disciple before you can read from the human face, head and hand. The Bible considers it a sin telling the fortune from the human hand, face and scull. You will say that the apostles spoke and predicted many things; you will say that the Spirit spoke through them. One should positively know whether the Spirit has spoken through him, or not. If the Spirit has spoken through him, he will speak as the Spirit does.


How can you recognize when the Spirit speaks? If you go to a sick person and the Spirit speaks through you, the sick person will recover his health. If you enter a home where the family do not love and understand each other, you will bring in a certain improvement to their relationship. When two children, two lovers, or a man and women quarrel about something, the Spirit is not between them. The Spirit reconciles people. The Spirit tolerates no misunderstanding, and no dispute. When people quarrel and argue, it shows that they lead an extremely individualistic life. In individualism everyone seeks for his own rights. The reason for arguments and misunderstandings between people is insufficiency. Everyone argues about little things - always. Suffering, suspicion, doubt, and envy are due to lack of Love. Put Love into someone’s heart and see what happens to him. He will begin to study and work. He will come to love people, and every negative thing in him will disappear. Love brings the new philosophy of Life. How can doubt be cured? – By faith. “Nothing can be done by faith.” – Nothing can be done with the present human faith, but with this absolute faith which the Spirit brings, everything can be done. There is no faith and no sight without the Spirit. How would you believe in things which you have not seen? You will quote the verse: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet still have believed”. How do you understand this verse? For example, you believe in the apostles because they saw Christ. So, you believe because you have a concrete thought, a concrete consciousness before you. If no one ever saw how Christ ascended to Heaven, you also could not believe in it. You cannot have faith in something that has not happened. Generally, one believes in things which have happened and which are happening.


You say: “If only we lived in those times, to see with our own eyes the ascent of Christ!” Very few people had this privilege even in those times. Very few people had the privilege to live in the time when Christ was born, and see Him. How many Jews can boast of having this privilege? A rumour went around that Jesus was born in the manger, but how many saw Him? If you also were living at the time of Christ, what possibilities would you have? Those times were dark. People used to look for God with a candle, but did not find Him. The present century is a century of dawning. People can find God without a candle, but if they are searching for Him. To find God, easy or difficult, is a matter of consciousness. Nowadays this possibility is bigger. – “We saw the Lord.” – Did you come back to life? - “We didn’t.” – If this is so, then do not speak about things you are not acquainted with. It is said in the Scripture: “He who hears the voice of the Lord, will come to life.” He who sees the Lord, will be enlightened. To see the Lord, means to see the reality of Life. He who has seen the Lord, has done away with discontentment. If you have not seen Him and you doubt Him, you live in discontent, you are a poor man. – “I want to become rich.” – Rich in what? – “In faith, and in Love.” – Once you have acquired faith and Love, your discontent disappears.


So, faith and Love are virtues that everyone aspires to. What is Virtue? – Only he can speak about Virtue, who says “I” about himself. An animal cannot say “I”, it lives within the joint consciousness. Whereas humans have separated from community and live as separate, self-dependant beings. According to some people, there is a state higher than the “I“. Some call it impersonal state. To live in the impersonal state means to include all the “I” ‘s while living outside them. Can you imagine what state this is? Think over the impersonal state in order to understand its inner sense. Which state is better – to live in the state of the “I”, or in the impersonal state? I am asking you which one is better – to know only a letter of the alphabet, or to know all the letters? Therefore, the “I” is the first letter of the great Divine knowledge, which will be revealed to you in the future. Is God a letter? – More than a letter. – Is He a personality? – More than a personality. God is more than anything you can imagine.


Now, whatever state you may be in, don’t think that you have come to the highest degree of consciousness. I am glad that you have come to the state of the “I”, but you have to include many more “I” ‘s in your consciousness. Then, when you say that you love your fellow, I understand that you love all these who can say “I” as well as those who cannot say “I”. Why should we love everyone? – Because every living thing is created by God. You meet an ox and ask it: “Where do you come from?” It cringes, and does not reply. – “Who created you?” Again no answer. Then God comes and answers: “I created it.” You ask the ant, who created it, why it has so many legs; it also knows nothing and cannot answer these questions. It only knows that for its present life it needs more than two legs. In this case God also appears and says: “I created the ant”. You ask an animal why it walks upon four legs. It glances towards you and says nothing. You, the human being, also move on four legs when you get on a cart, carriage or automobile. You can also move on two legs – by motorcycle. The power of human beings is not in their two legs but in the position that they take regarding the Earth and the Sun. They are in a position which is perpendicular to the Earth while animals are parallel to it. Their head is connected to the centre of the Sun – this makes humans radically different from animals.


Knowing this, be ready for the moment when the Spirit will visit you. The Spirit manifests Itself like the rising Sun. First it lightens the high peaks and gradually goes down until it lightens all objects. There will remain not a single person on Earth to whom the Spirit has not manifested. This is a question of time and consciousness. The time when the Spirit will visit someone depends on one’s readiness. If you are ready, The Spirit will speak to you; if you are not ready, It will only shine on you and will continue its way. After this, you will wait long for the Spirit to manifest itself again. It comes to Earth periodically.


Now I appeal to the awakened souls and say: Do not lose the conditions! Many people lose conditions because they think that in order that the Spirit may manifest, they have to live exclusively in the Spiritual world. No - whatever you work on, in whichever world you are, the Spirit may visit you. It is important for you to open the door to the Divine within yourself. You might be the last worker in the corn-field, and be visited by the Spirit; or you might be a king on Earth, and not be visited by the Spirit. What may a king expect if he sentences to death dozens and hundreds of people, without having given them a fair trial? A king must convince himself of the guilt of a criminal and after that convict him. Under the present conditions of life, the king has no ability to check things. Whatever the court decides, the king has the right to sign or not sign. This refers not only to the king, but also to all people. How many times a day do you convict your relative without making sure of his fault! Someone tells you that a person named so-and-so, has acted badly, and you believe this and start saying bad things about this person. You say: “This person, named so-and-so, doesn’t know how to pray.” Did you check this? Do you know which prayer is genuine? Do you know which way of praying is right? Someone prays on one’s knees, another one prays raising one’s hands up. It is not important what position you take; it is important that your thought is concentrated, that you are not divided in your mind. Someone prays but thinks about his wife and children while another one thinks about the insult he has been offered.


What does an insult represent? – An impure spot on your garment. If someone has insulted you, then it is not enough for this person just to apologize to you, but he must take a brush, clear water and soap, and clean up the spot which he has made upon your garment. He would say that such is his temper, and that he is a hot-tempered person, that is why he has insulted you. Your temper does not excuse you – you will clean the spot. You have not come upon the Earth to stain yourself, neither have you come to stain other people. Once you have stained yourself, you are going to clean yourself up. If you stain your fellow, you will clean him as well. When someone stains oneself or stains others, he loses his peace and good spirits. How long can one keep his good spirits? You fly into a rage, get angry, take offence, stain yourself – you constantly lose your good spirits. Watch yourself, to see how many hours a day you are in good spirits. In order to keep your good spirits, you have to be awake, to be unceasingly conscious. It is said that God gets angry, too. However, there is a big difference between God’s anger and human anger. A person gets angry when his affairs are not going well and are not in the right place. God gets angry when He places everything in its place. When He is angry, He is working.


You say: “Let’s not get angry”. You cannot do without anger. – “Let’s not be afraid”. You cannot do without fear either. You are scared by a bear, but indeed you are scared by God in this bear and you run away from Him. If you are not afraid of God, you would not be afraid of the bear either. A good person is not afraid of bears. Once, there was a bad man in a village, his name was Ivan. One day he went to the woods to cut down trees and a bear met him. Since he could not manage to climb up a tree, the bear knocked him down and started to trample upon him. It didn’t bite him, but only rolled him on the ground, turned him from side to side and pressed him with its paws. At last, it released him and hid in the woods. Barely alive, Ivan returned home quiet, meek, and unrecognizable. – “Ivan, what has happened to you?” – asked his wife. – “Have you ever been trampled by a bear, do you know what it is like? A bear rolled me on the ground; I hardly survived under its paws.” Indeed, it is not easy when a bear tumbles you about and presses you down. Everyone has experienced its paws. The great grief, this is the bear in the woods. If the bear only rolls you in order to make you meek, you have acquired something valuable. If it hurts you, breaks a bone, or bites you, then you are not one of the advanced disciples. The bear just tramples on and tames the one who is connected with God; while it bites and hurts the one who is not connected with God.


So, if you are connected with God and constantly bear Him in your consciousness, then the wolf and the bear, and the tiger will come before your feet and will glance at you without doing you any harm. If you are not connected with God, if you do not think of Him, then they will cause great misfortune to you. Only thus will one free himself of his own  grievances and sufferings, hardships and misfortunes. Therefore one needs to work upon oneself. Once you are connected with God, even if you suffer, your sufferings will be given meaning. To give a meaning to your suffering means to develop yourself properly, to be visited by the Spirit. To give a meaning to your suffering, means to await the spring with joy. Who does not know that after a dark and stormy night, the sky will clear up and the sun will rise? Who does not know that after the winter snowy days, the spring will come? All of this will turn into good.


You ask why suffering comes. Many explanations to suffering might be given, from which one can understand that they are a necessity for humans. In spite of this, one must not sink into them and lose everything of value in one’s life. Christ has also spoken about sufferings and has shown mankind how to suffer. In this sense, Christ’s teaching came to save the world. For a person, to be saved means to come to know God. Only God can save humanity. One can only save oneself if one knows God. Knowing God is not a one-time process, but a repeated one, i.e. unceasing process – it continues during eternity. You will eternally learn so that you may come to know the greatness of God. This will be Joy of your soul.


It is said in the Scripture: “This is eternal life, that we may know You, the only true God, and Christ whom You have sent.” In this knowledge, God reveals Himself to all people in different ways: in one way - to the good and the righteous, in another way - to the mindful[A] ones, in a third way – to the saints. On the whole, there is not a single being in the world, to which God does not reveal Himself. Besides, He reveals Himself to the beings according to the stage of their development. He looks upon them in a different way, not like people do. They say about a person that he is stupid, and for another one – that he is underdeveloped. That is how you look upon them, but God sees the Good in them. You say: “This is a child, it is unwise.” Today it is an unwise child, but in the future it will become a genius – this is what God sees. Everything that God has done, is good, but very few look at things in this way. Why? – They don’t see clearly. What is the condition of a mother who carries her child nine months in her womb? You will say that it is good. Have you ever carried a child in your womb, so that you may know what it is like? It is not easy to carry a child in your womb for nine months! However, after being delivered of her pregnancy, a mother is delighted that a person is born in the world. Before this, she experiences great fear, she trembles in fear that her child might die or something might happen to it. To give birth to a child is a hard task. In order to give birth to a right thought and a right feeling, you have to undergo great sufferings. Everyone who suffers is pregnant with a certain idea. One passes through great sufferings until one gives birth to it. Some women give birth to a child easily, while others do it with difficulty. Some people think quickly, while others think slowly.


Once, a priest spoke about an interesting experience of his. It so happened that a woman was giving birth to a child in the house he lived in. She was in anguish three whole days until she was delivered of her child. The woman yelled in her room, and the priest yelled after her. He was tormented so much that he could not go to the church to perform his service. After this, he used to say: “Giving birth is a frightful thing!”


You also often grieve and are in torment, without knowing why. Someone else is in torment, but you also have a hard time together with him. That is why it is said in the Scripture: “You shall not covet!” – Why should I not covet? – If you covet, you will pass through hardship and suffering. Until you give birth, you cannot be delivered of them. If you do not want to suffer, you should not covet. Since you have a lot of desires, you will suffer a lot. You will be like the fish which bears much (This is in the meaning of “gives birth to a lot of fish”. If necessary, please suggest a more suitable word). By giving birth, one is delivered from his desires, and by this is delivered from one’s sufferings, too. Here is a particular philosophy of Life that needs to be studied.


Let us return to the question of faith as a necessity for humanity. Without Faith, no Knowledge can be acquired. You will believe, you will be in anguish and will suffer, until you give birth to a bright and elevated thought. Ordinary people give birth to their thoughts with difficulty. But the saints and the Advanced beings give birth to their thoughts easily. When an Angel comes among people, first he is confused; he falls into a tight place. Then he gradually finds his way and gives birth to an elevated thought. Even Christ met great hardships until He managed people. He used to say: “How longer will I bear you?” They often asked Him: “Where do you come from, who are you and what do you bring?” What can a man be? – Either an ordinary person or a saint. A saint knows God and bears this knowing within him. It is said that Christ has ascended to Heaven. Not everyone can ascend. One must have patience and wait till the time comes when the Spirit will dawn on him and vest him with strength. Patience is needed for that! You will wait and believe until the Divine in you ascends up towards Heaven. From this position you can work in life among people. You say: “I saw Christ.” – This is not enough. – “I felt the Spirit.” – This is not enough either. It is important that you take in the Spirit and He speaks to you, and after that you apply everything you have heard and understood.


The power of the human Spirit is hidden in understanding. I do not say that you do not understand, but you should not put things off. There are new things that must be put into practice without any delay. Many people delay things and therefore they suffer. Someone says: “What else should I do? I have read the Bible two or three times, I need not read it any more.” You may have read it a thousand times, but it means nothing. You must read it so that you write down within yourself what you have read. It is not enough just to open and close the Bible, but you yourself must become a living Bible.


Where lies the power of Christ? – In the fact that He can feed a thousand people without having even sixpence. You should aspire to a deep understanding of things, so that God may manifest within you. Be conscious that God lives in you, without wishing yourselves to be glorified. God lives in every human being; therefore you must give Him conditions to manifest Himself. Once you say “I”, you must be aware that God manifests in you. Whether you walk, speak, think or feel – this is not you, but God who lives in you. He teaches you everything. Both a human being and an ox walk, but the difference is great between the one and the other way of walking. Great is the difference between humans’ and animals’ understanding of Life.


People need a new, right understanding. Until you come to that understanding, you will stay in your Jerusalem - you will have patience and wait. A day will come when you will go to the woods where you will ascend and vest yourselves with might and strength. Only in this condition will you work as they teach you from inside. A lot of work is in store for you: you will draw knowledge from the tank and put it back. The work that lies before you is like a tank that constantly flows – it fills and drains. When it flows for a day or two, it drains up and has to be filled up again. However, Divine knowledge is a spring which never runs dry.


Keep in mind: today God is working hard over the human souls, over all living beings. He puts the world to rights. There will be not a single human being left on earth, who is not awakened. All people will be awakened. The difference between them will be only in the fact that some of them will know why they are awakened, while others will not know and will say: “Our sleep time is over!” One day, when they undergo great sufferings and hardships, they will also realize why they have been awakened, and will start working. They, too, have to wake up from the sound sleep of the past. The one, who has awakened and become conscious, perceives the presence of God everywhere. He sees His greatness and the beauty of Nature. He understands the meaning of Life. He lives with his eyes open. The one who has got up, but has not awakened, is blind to everything. Whatever you say to this person, he sees nothing. The prophet says: “You have deprived them of their sight, so they cannot see, lest they should turn towards You and be saved.”


Now I say to you: “Guard yourselves against inner blindness, there is nothing more frightful than this. In order not to get to inner blindness, rejoice at sufferings. He, who has awakened and become conscious, rejoices at sufferings and gives meaning to them. The one who has awakened from sleep but still has not become conscious, has not understood the meaning of sufferings, and becomes embittered by them.


The good of man is in God’s Love.


27 September 1936, Sofia 50




50The morning speech “He creates” is first published in the collection “He creates”, Sofia, 1947.



[A] Here “mindful” should be comprehended in the sense of “intelligent”, “understanding”, “wise”.

Here “good” should be comprehended NOT as the opposite of “evil”, but in the meaning of “blessing”, “weal”, “boon”.


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