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1943_12_05 The Safe Path


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The Safe Path.


I will read the 23rd Psalm.


Often people speak of truth. Speaking of truth is the same as speaking of freedom and of love. Sometimes you hear people speaking of love like speaking of the apple. The same way they speak also of freedom. Externally all people know the apple but few only know the apple from within. The external knowledge is not essential. You hear people speaking of someone as being successful in life. Which man is successful? What does this mean? I say: Only he who is accompanied by the bread, the water, the air and the light is successful in life. Only he who is united with the bread, the water, the air, and the light can conquer. Show me one man in the world who has vanquished without bread, without water, without air, and without light. - The right is on my side. - When? - When the bread, the water, the air and the light are on your side.


Someone observes things externally and is dissatisfied with life. - Why? - Because he has not the right idea about life. With his thoughts and desires he is annoying God, He is a self-willed s child that no one can satisfy. It is not bad that one is dissatisfied but he must work, he must overcome the causes of his dissatisfaction. It is not your fault that you are discontented. Discontent has its origin since the first men on earth. Today all who surround you are discontented. You must overcome not only your own discontent but also the discontent of those who surround you.


How can we overcome discontent? You must make contact with the light, because God is light. You must make contact with the air, because the breath of God is in the air. You must make contact with the water because it is bearer of life. You must make contact with the bread because it has been said: "I am the living bread which came down from heaven." (John 6:51). People receive things in two ways: through the law and through love. The law is a compulsary way - it is for the children. When one becomes an adult the law must yield way to Love. That which hampers and confinds man is the law. It is confining him in the understanding and application. Where there is the law is also violence and evil. Imagine that you brake a mottle in small pieces which you scatter on the ground. This bottle becomes dangerous for man. If he should walk with bare feet he certainly will be injured. In this sense evil is glass broken in many small pieces which are scattered on the earth. Every thought which is shattered in many thoughts which are dispersed throughout the world without to be applied, without to serve God, becomes dangerous. Every man who does not receive the bread, the water, the air, and the light with love is dangerous. Every man who receives the bread, the water, the air, and the light with love, is safe, is good.


Today all people are asking who will succeed in the present war. Those with whom the bread, the water, the air, and the light are will succeed. Without bread, without water, without air, without light there can be no progress in the life of the individual, the family, the society, nor in the life of the whole of humanity. This must be understood by all people.


- I think. What is your thinking? If your thought is powerful say something and whatever you say fulfill it. You will write a book. What is so special about the fact that you have written a book? - People will read it. - They will read it if they can read; yet if they cannot read what will they benefit from the book. He who cannot read but believes in it will use it as medicine but he will come to the persuasion that this book cannot cure. The true cure for a man is hidden in the bread, in the water, in the air, and in the light. - What is the bread? - The living bread is God. The pure, vital water is God. The pure air and the light are manifestations of God. There is nothing more nourishing in life than bread, more pure than the water, more pleasing than the air, and more beautiful than the light. Go to the North pole and live there for six months in the night and then you will understand what light is. Great is the joy of the soul when after a six months long night it first sees the rising sun.


Therefore if someone says that he is joyous this indicates that he has seen the rising sun after a long night. Only through joy can a man experience the power and the beauty of the divine light. The joy is due to the rising sun in the spiritual world. The light makes man brave and resolute. It uplifts him, gives him wings. At night, when the sun sets, man becomes afraid. Without light space is filled with enemies. Man then feels as if something withdraws from him, he looses his courage and becomes afraid. It is pleasant for a man to walk in the light.


How must one live? Go to the fruit-trees where you can learn. When an apple tree loves the people it bears good fruit. When a young maiden loves a young lad she starts to dress pretty and becomes prettier. She becomes courteous, friendly to all people, speaks with them and behaves nicely. If by any chance love abandons her she closes herself up again and nothing interests her.


At present the whole of humanity is approaching the end of the century. A new epoch is coming which will bring a healthy environment for all people. There is nothing more pleasant for a sick person than to feel that gradually he recovers from his illness and to expect the day when he will leave the bed. Do you know what a power flows into a man when he decides voluntarily and with love to fulfill the will of God? Let us all fulfill God's will with love and without the necessity to be taught and persuaded to do sol If we should constantly be reminded to love God, to fulfill His will we will become bored, - Let us play and sing songs! - This, too, cannot be done only through beeing reminded. For thousands of years people speak about love but what did they understand about it. If they encounter with the mildest trial of love they cannot endure it. How are the good and loving persons distinguished? If he carries a basket full with sweet, ripe grapes and meets someone on his way, he is ready to give him the biggest cluster. He who does not have love in his heart by meeting someone on his path may give him also a cluster of grapes but it will be the smallest one. He will take one cluster and seeing that it is a big one will leave it; take a second, a third one, and upon finding the smallest one will reach out to give it. We must be thankful that he even gives that much. When people compete for the first place they are more generous. It is good for a man to be first but he must have the respective qualities. First is he who caries light in his mind, warmth in his heart, and power in his soul,


I say: If you are first in the physical world you may accomplish the hardest job; if you are first among the learned men you may solve the most difficult problem; if you are first among the good people, you are ready for the greatest sacrifice for your neighbor. A musician is prominent because he can play the most difficult pieces of music. He who plays easy, popular compositions is a common musician. It is good for one to be first but in the opportunities which are hidden in his soul and not when he only sits in the first place. The ignorant man sitting in the first place still remains ignorant. The educated one, even in the last place, remains learned. Wherever he may sit the talented man is always in the first rank. Usually the strong people remain behind and the feeble ones pass toward the front. We can observe the same happening in nature. The small, the weak branches pass toward the front and toward the peaks and the large and strong branches remain behind and in the lower part of the tree. They are the bearers of the heavy wait. In the worldly gatherings the children are in the first place and the adults in the rear. In the spiritual societies the adults are in the first place and the children are behind. The one and the other is good. Delicate jobs are been done with fine, sensitive instruments. The small things are been sawn with small needles, and the big ones — with big needles.


The words "big and small" have a different meaning and not the same as they have had until now. By big is not implied something that is physically big. - Why? - Because the physically big things deminish and the physically small things grow. That which becomes smaller is not big; and that which grows is not small. Is the thirty feet high snow drift which melts during the summer days and disappears big? Is the seed which germinates, grows, and develops giving fruit small? Great power is hidden in the small seed. Where the Spirit of God is present there is present power, too. What good will do to you ten boxes of wet matches? You try one match, the second, the tenth, but not one katches fire. One thought with divine contents is preferable for a hundred thoughts with human contents. The human stubborn and capricious thoughts estrange man from God. After that he prays to God to make him talented. This can be dangerous. To become prematurely talented would say to emerge in a first place like a parasite. The louse, too, emerges to a first place, lays her hitts which sit in the hairs like strings of pearls. It takes long care for someone to free himself of these nitts.


Modern men spend a great deal of their time for hiding things. Not everything should be hidden but on the other hand not everything can be exposed to the sight of the world„ How can you expose your heart to show what processes occur in it? How can you disclose your brain? If you should open your brain you may interfere with the order and system which exist there. Since there is an external and internal pressure in the brain nature has made for it a solid, strong enclosure to protect it from these pressures. The cranium protects the brain from the great pressure of thought. If the processes of thought and the reflection which they cast upon the brain one could observe great rising and lovering of the surfaces of some brain centers. Try to make the stubborn man to say something which he does not want to disclose. Whatever punishment you may use he does not speak out but in the place where the center of steadfastness is there can be measured a slight rising.


Let us return to love as something real. It is not sufficient to say to a man that you love him. A man needs not only words. God, too, needs not only words. To love someone will say to do something real for him. God loved man and created for him the world. He foresaw and created everything which people need. This is love. Love brings for man bread, water, air, and light. All other goods derive from them. You speak about love but what have you contributed to humanity with your love? If the people would fulfill God's will few would be sick, poor, uneducated, and homely. By not doing the will of God people do things through which they compromise themselves.


Most people have two faces: when they turn to God they expose their nice faces - they are well disposed, when they turn toward their fellow men they expose their sturn faces, they are not well disposed. God looks at all people equally. He wants to see if they will show to their fellow men their nice, smiling faces as they show to Him.


St. Paul says: "We shall not die, but we shall change." We all must change but not according to the law of force but by freedom. All people speak about freedom but only a few have the right concept about it. Where do we find a free man? Is there freedom in the a family? When I visit a family I see that either the husband or the wife are oppressed. If the wife is pretty, with nice features on her face, with a kind heart, her husband oppresses her, watches her actions. Occasionally he looks at me to be sure that I would not want to take something from her. I look at both and say: Both of you are good, rational people. Love God, work for Him so that you may gain by His blessing. I say to the husband mentally that he should not be jealous. From his wife's eyes one can judge about her purity. She is just and honest and will never betray him. Your wife is a beautiful book from which it is a pleasure to read. Profit of her presence because she will not remain forever with you. If you think that you can keep this book only for yourself she will leave you soon. I say the same to the wife also. The husband, too, is a beautiful book which the wife must read, if both of them have the desire to become masters their life will be ruined. The husband must see in his wife God. The wife must see in her husband God. In the name of God they must give each other perfect freedom. Without God we do not know how to relate to people.


Every man needs a friend. If you are sick and meet a man who can be your friend you will recuperate. The friend gives something from himself. All people are carriers of God's blessings. Be glad when you meet a man who does not hide these blessings but is ready to share them with all his neighbors. We must be like springs which give abundantly their blessings to all. We must be transmitters of the divine and rejoice that we can perform this service. The other problems are God's. It is him and not us who solves all difficult problems.


- What will become of the world? - This is not your problem. He who has created the world cares about it. At the end everything will work out the way it should. You sit and think what to do, how to finish school, when you will pass into the world beyond. This is of no importance. It is expected of you to study and to be a free student. How can you finish school if you do not learn? You do not think about your own responsibilities but give your opinion that someone does not live properly. If you see that your friend does not live properly do not require of him to live a good life, do not criticize him but turn to God and say: Lord, teach me how to live well. His faults are my faults, too. Whenever I will correct my life he will correct his, also. If you have hired for the store of your friend a bad servant who's fault is it? Change the bad servant for a good one and all affairs will work out well. Do never appoint for your store or for the store of your friend a bad servant.


Modern people do not understand the deep meaning of life because they think statically. They have the urge to live well. In reality something else is expected of them: they must reveal God's love, be transmitters of love. Often people like each other but derive undue benefit of each other. The servant is careful and good to his master with the expectations to be promoted. The master, too, treats well his servant, rises his pay in order to dispose him and have him work better for his store. Both are self-seeking in respect to each other. This is good, too, but true life demands something else of man. If the servant will not work for his master as for himself, and if the master does not pay the servant as for him self both have no love for each other. To work for the others as for myself and been paid by them as for themselves this is the ideal situation in life. In such case there cannot exist conflict between the people. God wants to teach us to understand life in this way.


I say: We must come to know God Who lives in the food, the water, the air, and the light. If you receive the bread, the water, the air and the light and are not contented what else are you expecting? What else can you expect of the fruit which serves you as food for your body? A luminous thought is a fruit which man creates in the mental world; the good feeling is a fruit which man creates in the world of the heart; the good deed is a fruit which man creates in the physical world. Be joyous when someone tastes the fruit of your mind, of your heart, and of your soul, and says: these fruit are good. This is the only way how to interpret the verse which Christ has said: "Each plant which my Father has not planted will be uprooted." Or, Each tree which does not bear fruit according to the law of love cannot be blessed." Therefore, our lives must be directed toward the proper use of the light, the air, the water, and the bread as blessings of life. Few people realize that in the air is God's breath, in the water is life, in the bread is pure spiritual milk. In every external blessing is hidden an inner blessing which must be utilized.


Imagine that God asks men the question how they could improve the world. What will they answer? What will I say if this question was directed to me? I will not speak about the improvement of the world but since I see that I am a large snow drift I will pray to God to melt me so that I may start flowing, Together with me will melt all people and we all will start to flow. As long as we are snow-drifts we will be stationed at one place and will not move. When we melt we will start moving and all around us there will be created new life. Today everyone has shrunk into his shell being afraid that he may be robbed. Exchange is needed among all people, thing must move. If a divine thought comes to your mind do not keep it for too long time. Apply it into work to accomplish something and after that to return back to you. Do not withhold your feelings, too - let them go to work. You, too, do not stay in one place„ What do the military with the soldiers? They train them all day long. As soon as they learn the military arts let them leave them to go back home to help their families. As soon as harvest time comes let all soldiers go back hope to help with the harvest work. The officers, too, can go to harvest. If a man of war can fight why should he not work at the harvest? If he can accomplish the harder work he should be able to do the easier also. Modern men accomplish the harder works and neglect the easier ones. Sometimes happens the reverses they are occupied with the easy things and neglect the difficult ones. It is easy to break a bottle but it is difficult to glue it back together. To collect all the broken pieces and one by one to glue them together is not an easy task.


Make exercises so that you do not loose the order which is required by nature. This summer I could not go hiking and now I feel hardship walking, But I tell myself: I will walk. When I rise in the morning I see that I have lost this habit but I start out so that I may be useful to myself as well as to the others. Some people want to know what I am doing in the mountains. I enjoy the mountain and try to find the reason for the evil of people. I have reached to two conclusions on this question. A man becomes evil when he is given more then is necessary. When someone has received more than he needs he cannot carry it and searches for a man or an animal to carry it for him. This way he creates evil. We burden our mind with unnecessary thought, our heart with unnecessary feelings, and our body - with unnecessary actions. This way a great pressure is created. Man cannot work in the world as long as he himself does not learn from somewhere. What is expected of us now? - The only thing that is expected of us is to reduce our loads. You have put on your shoulders a great load and I say: reduce your load! You worry, I say: Do not worry! I meet a young maiden and she worries that her luck has not come out yet. She was engages several times and the engagement has been broken each time and now she is discouraged, I say to her: Be glad that you are free. To whomever you may have been married would have given you a hard time. Providence wants to free you from torments and you try to tie yourself. You must wait. Your hour has not come yet. Through you will be incarnated souls which will help people. God is saying to a young maiden to wait but she is in a rush, she wants to marry as soon as possible. Her mother and father also hurry wanting to see her secured in a good home. If I was in the place of this young maiden, I would become a servant. As soon as my luck comes I would merry. In this case serving is in place. When I do not need to cultivate the land I will take out my violin and play or I will read a book. The young maidens and lads need musicians to play for them when they dance folk dances. I have observed how three musicians: a violinist, a bag piper and a rebeck player play together and the young people dance the round dance.


I say: draw the moral from everything in life. When you see an apple or any other fruit observe the form and see what you can learn from it. Say to yourself: I want to be like this fruit. Everything that is pretty must serve as an example. When you learn to draw the moral from everything you will start to appreciate even the minutest things. Someone picks up a hair and traws it away saying: this is a hair. Truly, it is a hair but God has worked upon its creation. Look at life with the necessary seriousness. When you finish first grade this will indicate that you have passed through a whole course during which time the earth has made a tour around the sun. This way pass year after year and you accumulate more and more knowledge. Finishing high school indicates that you have gained something.


Study life but remember that without Divine love, wisdom, and truth nothing can be achieved. You cannot understand a person whom you do not love. Love precedes everything It leads man toward true knowledge. Hearing that it is been spoken about love someone may say: You can love someone but first you must know the person, you must be sure that he deserves to be loved or not. It is an art to love a man, to give him your love selflessly without to think if he deserves it or not. Only in this way can you see the results of your love. Every living being deserves to be loved. As long as you measure your love you will observe things only according their form and will fee reserved. Love excludes any form. You love someone because of him himself and not because of his pretty eyes, nose, or mouth.


Two days ago two friends and I were climbing the mountain Vitosha. At one time it started to drizzle, there occurred some dew drops. I had spoken already about the drew drops being God's blessing. As we were climbing a rainbow in the form of a great gate from the west to the east appeared. For two full hours the rainbow was moving in front of us and accompanied us. We climbed, the raindrops were falling softly but we were not afraid of them. We were glad that the rainbow was in front of us saying that there will never again be a flood. The coming of peace and the solving of all problems depends upon us. If we do not shake off the raindrops the peace will come sooner. They bring a blessing to the world. Have you caressed the dew drops to experience the blessing which they bring? This does not happen by obligation but in freedom. The dew drop hides in itself electricity and magnetism which ought to be used wisely. Knowing this do not shake off the rain drops from your coats. Do not fear that your clothes may be ruined. In the opposite, the color of the garmet becomes prettier. It is a different matter if the rain drops are mixed with dust and smut. These ruin the clothes. But the pure dew drop brings blessing. Whoever has a strong sense of smell can sense the aroma of the dew drops.


We continued climbing higher and the higher we went the more we felt well disposed, This way we tasted the blessings of the rainbow and the dew drops. I say: Rejoice in the small blessings which come from God. The great is hidden in the small blessings. Everyone must come to this conclusion by himself.


Do not pass instruction to other what to eat and how to eat but give him fruit and let him coap with it himself. If he values the small blessings he will first look at the fruit, will caress it, will converse with it and after that he will feel free to open this envelop and read the letter which nature has written to him. In every fruit nature has inscribed something beautiful.


There is nothing greater than having God as our father. You say: Abba, Father! He is far away from us and not as the other fathers, God keep far away from us so that He may not scare us. He wants us to be free: everything which we do to procede from love. He does not criticise us, He leaves us free even when we make some mistakes. After that calmly He whispers to us: You have erred but you will correct your error. We must correct out mistakes without to feel sorry! We must be glad that there is something which we can correct. We must be glad when we can do something according to the will of God.


"This is eternal life, that I come to know Thee the only true God." This is eternal life to come to love all people in the name of God, to love what He has implanted in every man. - What is man? - A page from the great, divine book upon which God has written very important things. Every page is in its place. Reading this book when you see that one page is missing you must search and find it so that you may read what God has written on that page. Learn to understand these pages in which God has implanted the eternal blessings of life.


Value every page so that you may understand the Lord's prayer: "Our Father who art heaven, hallowed be thy name." - Where is God's name? - In our minds. "Thy kingdom come," - where? - In our hearts. "Thy will be done." - Where? - In our souls?" And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever, amen!" Temptation comes into the human life when people become negligent. When you do not appreciate the wealth which is given to you, you will be placed on trial so that you may see what poverty is. If you are not satisfied with wealth you will be visited by poverty; if you are not satisfied with poverty to you will be sent wealth. Wealth is one category of trials, and poverty — another. When you become rich you make enemies and start to worry that you may loose your possessions, there will be always someone to cause you harm.


Wealth that is not well understood is a torment; poverty that is not well understood is a torment. Wealth that is well understood is a blessing. Poverty that is well understood is a blessing. Therefore, it has been said: "Blessed are the poor in spirit." How you will understand this depends upon you. Every one will understand and apply this truth in a specific way. Every man applies love in a specific way. In this is hidden the beauty of life. There is not a more delicate problem than that to apply love, and in the best case to apply it in one's own specific way. You can imitate each other but you cannot copy each other. Apply love the way God directs you, in that form that soots you. Divine beauty consist in the harmonious combination of the diverse forms of love.


Let us be carriers of the God’s love! Let us be carriers of the God’s Wisdom! Let us be carriers of the God’s Truth!


Let us be bearers of God's life, of God's knowledge, of God's freedom!


Let us be bearers of the Divine movement, of the Divine teaching and the Divine work!


Let's sing now the song:


I can love and become good,


I can love and become strong


Love and charity will teach me how to become God's servant.




Christ says: "It is given to you to understand the secrets of the kingdom of God," What do these words mean? - When a flower or a tree come to grow it is given to then to understand the secret of the light. - What will become of these plants? What will happen with the other people? We speak of those who have began to grow already, to them light is understood. They must use the light, not turn backwards. You turn back to see what will happen to the world. You will find yourselves in the position of Lot's wife to whom it was said that leaving Sodom and Gomorrah she should not look back to see what happened.


Do not look xo see what happens in the world. God will manage with the world as He knows. - Why not to look to the world? - There are things which cannot be looked at. In the morning you can look at the sun but at noon not. Those things which we can accept and apply in our lives we can see. Yet the things which we cannot accept and apply we cannot look at. - What will happen with the world? - This is non of your affairs. If you love you will be in heaven; if you do not love, you will be in hell. - Am I going to be in heaven? - If you love God you will be in heaven; if you do not love Him you will be in hell. - Is there any other way for entering in heaven? - I do not know, there may be one other way. The only safe way for entering into heaven is love for God, If you do not love Him you will find yourselves in hell. There is nothing more simpler and clearer than that. - Let me perform a good deed. You may but this does not indicate that you will enter heaven, Christ says: "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." Do you think that if you load up yourself with knowledge like a camel that you will enter the kingdom of God? With human knowledge one cannot enter the kingdom of God. There the learned men have a different kind of knowledge. Observe the musicians how they play in a symphony orchestra. They play for hours at a time without making any mistakes. Some play even without a conductor and still make no mistakes. No one has heard how the musicians in heaven play. Their thoughts, feelings and actions are in perfect harmony. If they face a new piece of music they play it right away without any mistakes. The newcomers in the field of music make many mistakes. Among them one finds argumentation and disharmony.


I say: Learn to play so that you may become virtuosos. Play for God. If a woman works for her husband twenty-thirty years and learns from him why should she not work twenty-thirty years for God? Her husband scords her, sometimes he even chases her away, calls her names and she endures all that. Why should she not serve God? You have served for many masters and they all have cheetet you and for this reason you cannot trust even God. You say: We do not know how our new master will behave with us. Many things which the people do are due to misconceptions. They study many things which they already know. They go to the army, learn to march, to turn left or right. Don’t they know all this? They do but still for the slightest disobedience they are put to jail.


Everything that happens in the world is good. In the wholesome life all things are good; only certain things under specific conditions are evil. The whole bottle is not dangerous. Yet as soon as it is broken, its parts scatter and become dangerous. In the wholesome life all things are in their place; as soon as the parts of this life depart aside as separated independent manifestations they become dangerous. The parts of the broken bottle and the individual manifestation of the wholesome life we will place aside as problems. The Psalmist says: "It was good for me that I suffered." If you suffer and do not see the good aspects of the suffering you lack understanding of what suffering is. Today you may not understand the suffering but in two-three years you will comprehend that everything that you have passed through was for your benefit.


Remember: Everything that happens in life is always for the good. Be joyous that you have passed through sufferings which have enriched you with experiences for the new life. Do not be disturbed. If you worry do not become distressed; if you are offended do not become grieved. If you travel nights through woods keep your hand in front of your eyes to that you may not hurt them hitting a branch. When you feel that in front of you is a branch creating a low bridge, bow down a little. Someone may say that he is not used to bow down in reverence. Whatever you meet in your life do not say that you could not do this or that. I may be a rich man and I meet someone who tells me to share my wealth. Immediately I will fulfill his wish asking him: How much do you wish? - He quotes a sum. - I say: Please here it is! He may think that he has rubbed me. He has not rubbed me. If he rubs me he rubs himself but he does not know the law. Now some people rub others and defeat-themselves thinking that they do not rub themselves. In reality if they brive someone they cheet themselves.


Humanity needs a new way of thinking. The people preach the Word in an old way. They say: How much has Christ suffered! They wish to follow His path to be like Him, Many people wish to be like Christ without to have suffered the cross, without to have the nails driven through their hands and feet. I can give no recognition to such Christs. That through which Christ has passed is true heroism. I preach now the teaching: Down with the hails that kept Christ's hands and feet nailed to the cross! Let's put the nails aside and understand resurrection, God freed Christ of the nails and manifested His love to Him. Some people still weep that Christ was nailed to the cross. Let love pass through our hearts and melt that ice that is in them! Christ is even today crucified and nailed. The nails must melt! The hands and feet must be free! Man must come down from the cross and serve God! Dead crosses are no more needed. We need Living crosses that grow.


The true cross is love that grows, that uplifts the human mind, the human heart, the human soul. It frees the dead from their graves. This is love, this is God who manifests Himself, Let's become one with God! Let's receive the love that flows from God and free ourselves of the needless torments. This will say to become immortal. Let's receive love and share its blessings. What is wrong with meeting on ones way someone who is hungry? When Christ passed through the hungry world He shared with it all the good and beautiful fruit that he was carrying. Now, we too, passing through Christs path have what to eat, Christ's path is already covered on both sides with ripe fruit. When He first passed through that path there was not one tree along it. Many have tried to pass on that path and reaching to a certain point they turn back. First Christ passed through this path. Today this path is covered with blessings.


Let us be joyful that we pass on the path which Christ has traced for us. Now our path is even better. Until the time of Christ there was no one to hold the key to hell. The sinful and the righteous went there together. Christ locked the gates to hell so that the righteous do not enter it. Saint Peter holds the key to heaven so that no sinner can go there also. Dangerous place is hell but there exists no more the danger that the righteous may go there. It is dangerous to be trapped in the astral world of delusions.


Let us be joyful that the path on which we walk is safe.


Let us take off our backs the flag of love and lift it high above to be seen. There are no people more courageous than those who live in love. There are no people more fearful than those who live in lovelessness. The greatest heroes are those who live in love. The most faint-hearted people are those of lovelessness.


Until now you all had the desire for this or that nation to become great. Now we have the desire that God may bring peace among the nations and that they may listen to what He speaks to them.


All nations must fulfill the will of God, so that the peace may come in a divine way as God wills.


8th Morning Sermon of the Master held on December 5, 5 AM, 1943, Izgrev, Bulgaria.


(From the volume ‘The new beginning’)



The Safe Path



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